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Top MMO Games Like Runescape | MMORPG Free to Play | Cute Online Games

Updated on November 5, 2015

Looking to Try a New Game?

So you are looking for alternatives to playing Runescape (by Jagex) but you are buried in the hundreds if not thousands now of MMORPGs on the market. Which games are free? Which games cost money? There simply isn't enough time in the day, hell even in the month to allow you to try every single massive multiplayer online role-playing game.

Finding a new game can be a real task but to many of us it's just as important as choosing a new pair of shoes or even picking out a new car.

Why is it so important to pick the right replacement for Runescape?

Simple enough it's an important decision because you will be spending your free time working towards a goal, whether it be monetary gain, level advancement, storyline indulgence, party comradery, or any a hundred different reasons and we don't want those efforts going in vain and to be left without that sense of accomplishment we seek.

What games are out there like Runescape?

Below you will find a list of very well made games that offer not only a free to play option but also give you the ability to spend a little money if you want to in order to advance your toons faster. The games listed below are all by the same company and since they allow for ala carte purchases instead of requiring any upfront purchase or monthly subscription you can customize the game at your own pace, on your own dime.

In no particular order here are the games like Runescape


Iris Online

In Iris Online you will be immersed into a 3D MMO set in a fantasy world with Elves, Humans, and Human-Animal Hybrids coexisting as the 3 dominant races. In this game you can mount monsters, enjoy clean cartoon graphics, and jump into PVP kombat. Iris sports a Tarot card system allowing your character to wear the card in order to customize and advance in different ways. By picking up and using monster drop cards your character will be transformed into a vicious fiend for a short while. Items can be reinforced with magical cards found in Iris as well. Iris also includes a full featured MMORPG experience packed with instanced dungeons, special person vs. person battle scenarios and locations. The cute anime style graphics offer a strong anime feel for those who seek it as well as the 22 dungeon themes offered to appeal to the more adventurous types.

Iris Online Video Review by


FlyFF: Fly for Fun

This 3D all inclusive MMORPG lets players fly on a board or broom once they reach level 20. There is in air combat which you won't find in many games either. The level cap is level 80 and there are more than a dozen different classes to choose from once you are in the game. FlyFF also has an in-game item shop purchase system and gamers looking to find a game where they can take flight may want to call this snazzy cute little MMO home.

FlyFF Video Review by


Luna Online

Luna Online focuses primarily on the social match making system as it boasts a personal profile (that the user fills out) & the players stats system used to recommend parties and groups. You start out with 2 races and various other classes (and later on subclasses), you'll hunt and quest your way to higher levels while enjoying the cute anime styled graphics complimented by the games light RPG mechanics. Once your match is found via the matchmaker you have a special level unlocked for you to spend time together. Also there are more social structures found within like family groups which hold up to five characters and allow you to run things such as a farm and share the rewards from it. This game tries to add a little more reality to your online game-play with it's interactions.

Luna Online Video Review by


Allods Online

Simply a stunning game ported from the old Russian classic MMO. This game allows adventurers to quest, fight and compete in the good old classic RPG fashion. See the video below for more details.

Allods Online Video Review by


Aika Online

Aika has a very unique approach to online gameplay as when you first role your character you start out as a child and as you quest and gain more experience you start to grow up. It focuses on massive realm combat and sports an 6 different class choices, some dependent on gender. Battles can reach upwards 1000 players feuding to the death! The pet system incorperated in this game is "Daughters" where she starts as a child and grows up unique based off of your training and skills. Each players Daughter is truly unique and will have different stats, skills, and specialties.

Aika Video Review by


Rappelz Online

Rappelz has features for both the casual gamer and the hardcore raider in this 3D, third person, medieval fantasy MMORPG. This game has a laundry list of quests, a nice job tree to help develop your character with unique class builds, different job skills, a pet system, and a talent system to support it. This one is a favorite of mine, check it out.

Rappelz Video Review by


Tales Runner

This Korean sports MMORPG has cute anime based graphics, revolves around racing in events like running, swimming, and skiing. Also there are solo missions in 4 different PVP scenarios supporting up to 30 players. Characters are premade and there are 8 to choose from, a farm system recently added to the game, as well as a non-racing area to socialize and raise pets. The item shop allows you to really maximize your abilities on the farm.

Tales Runner Video Review by


Prius Online

Prius Online uses a unique 3 character player system, your main character, the Anima and the Giga. The Anima is your personal companion and you will follow different aspects of her past and story to unlock her true potential and strengthen your bond with her. The Gigas on the other hand get summoned during battle sequences by the Anima to fight by your side. The are mercenaries persay and will provide strategic support. This game has a different approach as it's focus is centered around an emotional connection between you and your companion.

Prius Online Video Review by


Uncharted Waters Online

Uncharted Waters Online focuses on a time in history where exploring was pretty much the thing to do. You will be able to conquer neutral territories, buy, build and customize ships, and even compete in pvp battle with dozens of other players worldwide. This adds to the customization of the game and allows the player to stand out by utilizing the build feature.

Uncharted Waters Video Review by

So how is this like Runescape?

Well in a sense most MMORPGs are going to be "LIKE" all other MMO's what makes them appealing to you is the instant gratification system where you do something and you receive some sort of reward whether it be monetary, equipment based, or experience based. Runescape focuses on letting us level any and all skills you could probably think of and this is great to keep you busy for a while but as you are reading this article you are probably revisiting the reason you are looking for a new game to begin with.

Hopefully you have found what you are looking for and if not at least we got you off to a nice start. If you have any questsions please don't hesitate to post. Also if you are looking for a new game because your Runescape password got hacked follow the link that just appeared for additional instructions.

Of course if you have not found yourself a new game yet feel free to check out the links below to visit the largest database of MMORPG games that I know of or to return to Runescapes website.

Get Paid To Test & Play Video Games


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