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Top Browser MMORPG Games 2013

Updated on August 21, 2012

Top Browser MMORPGs -Which Games Are the Best?

When it comes to MMORPGs, the browser-based ones are considered more for casual players than hardcore gamers. Nonetheless, browser MMO games are quite entertaining and well worth checking, especially if you factor in the fact that all of them are free-to-play anyway.

Perhaps the most popular one nowadays is Runescape (RS) by Jagex. RS has been around since 2001 and has a big following on the internet today. For those who are looking for other great MMORPG games like Runescape, here are my thoughts.

Top 3 Browser MMORPGs 2012-2013


For everyone who has ever played browser MMO, this one is pretty obvious. It's the first game you think of when you try to come up with a list of the top MMORPGs you can play on your browser. Runescape has a large virtual world full of monsters and loot that is fun to explore. In addition, there are so many skills to level up that the player will never get bored of playing.

Drakensang Online

This game was launched just last year and since then has attracted over 5 million registered players. Not bad for a new game! Drakensang Online has beautiful 3D graphics that are very attractive for a browser-based game. The gameplay is very smooth and I am a fan of their combat mechanics.

Crystal Saga

A more colorful and casual game that might just be one of the best no download MMO games around. Crystal Saga has cute anime-style graphics and casual gameplay that is quite fun. It plays more like a solo adventure than the other two listed here but its very fun so its worth trying out.


Which browser MMORPG is your favorite?

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What are the characteristics of a good browser MMORPG?

Here are my thoughts about what makes a massively multiplayer online game one of the best:


This is the first thing that all people look for in games. But having great graphics does not mean that it should be all 3D and in hi-definition. Keep in mind that these are browser MMORPGs and this makes the games extremely limited on how good the games can look, so do not be so picky.


Is the game easy to play? Is it simple enough for you to just pick up and play right away? The best ones should be easy enough to understand that you can immediately start playing it.

Characters and Items

A sign of a good MMORPG is when it has a nice selection of starting classes or jobs to choose from. One character choice should not be better than the others, there should be a balance that makes every class and/or job equally great.

In game items are usually not that great; usually if you want the really nice items and equipments you need to spend real world money to get them. In a truly great game these items are actually quite decent.

Is the Game Engaging?

Good MMOGs contain a lot of side quests that provide players with an escape from all the grinding just to level up their characters. MMOs are not known for having a great storyline, but if you manage to stumble upon one that has quests that are above average then you have a great game.

Number of Players

The reason why you are playing an MMORPG in the first place is because you want to interact with other people from all around the world. If a game only has a couple of players then it will only bore you.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      RuneScape is creaming all the compettion as always :)))))))))))))))

    • profile image

      Mmo bomb 

      5 years ago

      Ok i Can tell u right now rs is the best with over 15 mil free active accounts and over 3mil subscribers RuneScape definetly beets all these games.

      Dont belive look up RuneScape on the wiki.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Come on guys drakensang is shit rs is great its got lots of new stuff and has made loads of updates Think about:

      What has got better graphics RUNESCAPE or Drakensang

      What do u do there? Drakensang - bash click bash clikc bash click

      RuneScape- Whatever u want Fish Cutwood and more.........

      What is better - RUNESCAPE IS NO.1 FOREVER

      Drakensang is shit. Thats all ive got to say I Play RUNESCAPE.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It's a really good article. Plus, you should also add how much does it really ''appreciate'' the fact that f2p people play this and the cost of items. By the way, Runescape is okay, but I think they should just stick to the old ways they had it before. Now, most of the players are bots. They really need to do something about that

      Peace :)


    • Vigilantics profile image


      6 years ago from Nowhere, OK

      Good article. I think one additional parameter for browser games is how it loads and which browser add-on component(s) it requires. Some games really should simply go client-based while other games, like the now-defunct EE (Earth Eternal, if I'm not mistaken), were done extremely well in my opinion.

    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 

      6 years ago from Texas

      Runescape isn't that bad of an MMO, I liked it but I never got hooked on it. And honestly I can't wait for Elder Scrolls Online. That game is going to be amazing, and after Mists of Pandaria I don't know how much longer WoW is going to be on top. I hope ESO takes it down. Great Hub. Voted up. Useful. And I'll be sure to follow along for some more great hubs.


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