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Top Ten Best Things About Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Updated on June 28, 2017

Adventure and fantasy go so well together, the fact you can practically have whatever you want in the game is amazing. Dragons, elves, orcs, Nords and much more cover the frozen lands of Skyrim. With lots of things to do and places to explore here are the Top Ten things about Skyrim, they are not in any specific order and they are my opinion so let us get into this.

#10, Customization. Role Playing Games are well known for having loads of customizable things, the way you look and the things you can do, Skyrim is a major player in that. From a variety of races like the Argonian's and Redguard's to special classes like Archer and Berserker. There is lots of ways to customize your character, with the perk tree you can also decide which style of game play suits you best. Are you a healer, swordsman or archer? You can go for one certain theme or go for an all around character the point is there is so many ways to customize your character.

#9, Lots Of Places. Skyrim is a pretty big map, I mean it is a game where you get to adventure around and see new sights so I would hope for it to be big. There are many holds where the Jarl's rule that you can visit, Orc strongholds and dungeons and caves galore. From forests to mountains there is no doubt it might take you a few days to simply go around and find every place there is to visit in Skyrim.

#8, Cool Weapons And Gear. Skyrim is a bit of a step up from Oblivion in the gear department I think, Skyrim has a bit more of detail and what not. From Daedric to Steel there is tons of things to find and many even come with certain enchantments that not only aid you but can be upgraded if the right perk is held by the player. You can find many different swords and axes, helmets and other sorts of armor from all over the map, people sell the items and you can even sometimes steal them from bandits or tombs, you can even craft them if your skill level is high enough. If you have a home you can even set some of your most prized items in armor stands and show case boxes, enjoy.

#7, Good Combat. I will not lie that there will be sometimes where you will die horribly by being mangled by a bear or being burned alive by a sorcerers spell, but that all goes away when you can finally go on a killing spree with ease. Frost Spiders, Bandits, Dragons, Sabertooths, Sorcerers, Assassins, Thieves and much more can be fought inside the great land of Skyrim. Deathlords and Dragon priests can hold a large threat but do not waver, for those who can defeat these strong beings can get some pretty good loot to sell or keep for yourself.

#6, Great Music And Scenery. In many games the surroundings are needed to keep a player interested, if you just walk around a blank room for over two hours you are bound to be bored as hell. The music can sometimes change to fit a certain scene, such as if you are being attacked by a Giant or if the night time has settled down around you. The scenery also plays a big part, much of the world can be covered in snow or have bright colors such as the northern lights that shine sometimes in the sky. With so much beauty you tend to forget that your being slowly dissected by a wolfs claws.

#5, Cool Characters. Just like the number six spot many things can fall upon the NPC's of a game, if many are boring and stale one person can lose interest in the game quite easily. Some characters are more to just fill up a room so they will not say much but many other characters will never shut up. Paarthurnax is one of those few guys who are really interesting, maybe because he is a talking dragon. Some of the guys might have similar voices but many have quite different personalities. It is very interesting to meet a few of them.

#4, Lots Of Quests. Chances are good that nearly everyone you talk to will have a quest for you or will send you to someone who has a quest, there are a little too many at times. You have some really good quests like the ending battles of the main missions and some smaller quests as well, quite a few will simply be fetching quests which can get a little boring but it is still good to go out and find some new loot along the way as you search some empty tombs.

#3, Tons Of Abilities And Spells. As you travel around Skyrim you will find lots of spell books to read and more stones you can activate to use the ability, although you only get one stone at a time. Perhaps hundreds of combined different spells and stones can be used. Spells to summon other worldly creatures, spells to cast damaging elements out of your hands, or maybe just a spell to heal yourself.There are stones that can increase your carrying weight, ones that can give you more experience for certain perk skills. As I said before there is many ways to customize things to your liking.

#2, Decent Main Story. If you do not know the main story of Skyrim I will fill you in a bit, alright? You are the Dragonborn, a being born with the soul of a dragon who when slaying a dragon can absorb its soul and permanently kill it. You find out and are tasked with slaying Alduin, the eater of worlds so to speak who is a near un-killable dragon. The story has you finding some things out and killing some people here and there, although I will say the final battle was a bit of a disappointment.

#1, Lots Of Things To Do. Besides the quests there is many other things to do, you can buy homes and sell items, hunt animals or monsters or mess with the NPC's. There is much to do in Skyrim, you can explore to find more places and participate in fist fights with some other characters. While there might not as much possibilities as in a Grand Theft Auto game there is still loads of stuff to do, just don't try and kill the chicken.


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