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Top Ten Hottest Babes of Gaming

Updated on March 17, 2013

Number 10.

Miranda Lawson is one of the sexiest if, not the sexiest character of Mass Effect 2.She is an informant and has excellent skills.Also her outfit is perfectly fit for her body.Though she doesn't have a major role in the series,she is an important character and a possible love interest to the Shepard...

Miranda :D

Number 9.

Kaileena is a video game character that debuted in Prince of Persia Warrior Within and appeared in Prince of Persia The Two Thrones.She has a revealing outfit and a wears very beautiful egyptian like dresses.She also has a strong,sexy character and has a mysterious past.You love mysterious women,don't you?

Kaileena's true identity

Number 8.

The eigth spot goes to Rayne the protagonist of the Bloodrayne series (2002-2011).With her tight red outfit,sexy red hair and voice, Rayne is by far one of the sexiest video game characters!Also the night dress in Bloodrayne 2 is incredibly sexy!!!Let's hope that in the future there will be more games with her! Go Rayne !!!

Bloodrayne 2 Gameplay

Number 7.

And the seventh place goest to:JILL VALENTINE! Leaving jokes aside Jill is one of the original protagonists and a main character of Resident Evil,a long series of survival horror games.Her sexiest appearance seems to be her skimpy, sexy outfit from Resident Evil 3.Everyone is now happy that her new game Resident Evil Revelations comes in HD for the PC,PS3,Xbox360 and WiiU with improved gameplay and graphics!!!

Resident Evil Revelations console reveal!!!

Number 6.

Sexy , beautiful and deadly are three words two describe NINA WILLIAMS.She is a character that appeared in the famous fighting game called Tekken and its installments.Her strong character and personality make her look even sexier!She also has her own video game Tekken : Death by Degrees.

Nina's Gameplay

Number 5.

Chun Li is the first lady of fighting games.She appeared in Street Fighter 2(1992) and in all of its sequels.Her legs the main factor of her sexiness.She is also very beautiful and attractive, many of her fighting game opponents stating that she is either beautiful or that she has impressive legs.(cough:RYUcough)

Chun-Li Gameplay

Number 4.

Since her debut in Fatal Fury 2 MAI SHIRANUI had many video game appearances(King of Fighters,Capcom vs Snk and many others) She is well known for her big chest as well as for her revealing outfit which she keeps saying that it is a traditional ninja outfit , so respect that!!!

Mai King of Fighters XIII

Number 3.

Ivy Valentine is a character from the Soul Calibur series(2000-2012).Her appearance is definitely hot as well as her personality.She barely wears any outfit aside from 3rd and 5th game :P.

Ivy Arcade Mode in the fifth game

The second place goes to the sexy Tifa Lockhart.She is a character that first appeared in Final Fantasy VII.She is very sexy and has an unforgettable, kind and tough personality as well as an gorgeous outfit made by incredibly talented people.

Tifa Vs Loz...

Number 1.

And the number one spot goes to:Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider series(1996-2013).Lara is an icon of video games and a role model to many girls.She is incredibly sexy,has a sexy outfit and a very sexy british accent.Overall she had had a big influence on video game girls and deserves the hot one spot.Especially with everyone all hyped out about her new game(5 March 2013)!!!

New Tomb Raider Gameplay Demo

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