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9 Top Tips For Winning Plague Inc.

Updated on September 6, 2014

What is Plague Inc.?

Plague Inc. is a highly addictive strategy game for Android and iOS where you have to try and infect and kill off the Worlds population before they find a cure and eradicate the Plague.

It was created by one-man developer Ndemic Creations back in 2012.

It has a free version which has lots of features and a paid for version that gives you a little more control over the virus.

There are lots of great add-ons to purchase like the Planet of the Apes one where you try and destroy humanity and allow the apes to evolve and take over the world.

Top Tips

  • Don't let the plague's symptoms evolve to early (Does not work on some levels)
  • Use hard to detect symptoms first
  • Make your plague drug resistant
  • Make the Plague hardy to all climates
  • Make it transmittable by air and water
  • Don't waist DNA points on unnecessary mutations
  • Get everyone infected before the plague is noticed (Does not work on some levels)
  • Don't let the Plague kill until everyone is infected (Does not work on some levels)
  • Use Gene Modifiers (Paid Version)

How To Create A Winning Plague.

There are many different levels and each one has its own unique requirements. However the basic strategy is about the same for all.

A winning plague is one that on some levels infects everyone before it is detected and starts killing its victims. It is a plague that is kept under control by the player and not allowed to evolve to quickly.

Have you ever won a Plague Inc. Level on Brutal?

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