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What Are The Top Toys For Christmas 2013?

Updated on October 13, 2014

What Are The Top Toys For Christmas 2013 In The UK?

With toy trends changing so much and new toys hitting the market at an alarming rate, how do you know which toy to buy that special child this Christmas?

Here I have listed the most wanted toys this Christmas and I have shopped around to find the best deals on these toys for you. Located at the bottom of this hub, you will find a simple chart detailing all the toys from this list, the best price and the retailer that is selling them.

Being a Mum and Auntie myself, I know how hard it can be to find those wanted toys. I often find the most popular ones are rarely in stock and when I do find somewhere that's stocking them I tend to pay over the odds for them.

So after some careful research, I have found some great deals on the most popular toys this year and I would like to share them with you all here.

When looking for toys for Children, we all look for things that are not going to break after 5 minutes of play. Toys should be of good quality so the child can get months of play out of them. Well at least until the next craze hits the shelves anyway.

The toys also need to be fun for the child and preferably something that stimulates their imagination. Lego was always a popular toy when I was a child, we would spend hours building cars and houses, only to break them up and build something else.

It is no surprise that Lego remains in the top ten wish list for children today.

In fact despite toys changing over time and becoming more technically advanced, it would seem the old ones are still being favoured by children.

This year the top toy list includes a few things from the past such as Lego, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Furbies and Monopoly.

Also in the list are Nerf Guns which remind me of the Ghostbuster guns we had as kids with the foam bullets. Another toy is The Zelfs which are basically modern day trolls.

On average parents spend £100 on their children at Christmas, and with many toys costing less than £25 this year, Children will be finding they have a few more gifts under the tree than usual.

Here are the top 20 toys for Christmas 2013. I wrote this hub in two parts so the top boys toys and electrical toys on the list can be found here

Top Games For Christmas 2013

Silly Moo
Silly Moo

Silly Moo Game

There are some great games available this Christmas that are fun for all the family. The top three on the list are

Silly Moo

Silly Moo game by Ideal, is recommended for age 3 years plus and it is for two to six players.

The aim of the game is to milk the cow by pulling the udders located at the front. Every time the cow drops a pint of milk you score a point, but if she drops out a cow pat then you loose a point. When the cow is fully milked her eyes pop out. The player with the most pints of milk at the end wins the game.

This game is selling at all toy retailers. The most expensive I have seen the game is EBay at £20.50 and the cheapest price is Toys R Us, Amazon and Tesco all selling at the same price of £16.64.

Gooey Louie
Gooey Louie

Gooey Louie Game

Gooey Louie

Gooey Louie game also by Ideal is recommended for ages 5 years plus and is for two or more players.

The aim of the game is to roll the dice to see how many gooey bogeys you need to pick out of Louie's nose. Inside his nose is a gooey bogey which makes Louie's eyes pop out and his brains go flying out of his head. Ewww!!

It is easy to see why kids love this gross but funny game. The most expensive I have seen the game is Amazon for £24.99 and the cheapest I have seen it is The Entertainer for £16.00.

Monopoly Empire
Monopoly Empire

Monopoly Empire

Monopoly Empire

Monopoly Empire is by Hasbro. It is recommended for ages 8 years plus and is for two to four players.

In this game you can own 22 of the worlds top brands such as Beats by Dr Dre, Xbox and Nestle. The aim is build your empire by moving around the board and buying your favourite brands. Every time you buy a brand, you have to slide their billboard onto your empire tower.

You collect rent from other players based on your tower height. The first player to fill their tower with billboards wins the game.

The most expensive I have seen this game selling is at both Amazon and Ebay for £19.99 and the cheapest I have found it is Toys R Us for £13.49.

It is also worth mentioning that Toys R Us have a deal on their Hasbro games at the moment. For every 2 Hasbro games you buy then you receive a third game for free.

Have You Started Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

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When Do People Start Christmas Shopping?

I tend to start my Christmas shopping early to avoid toys being out of stock or over priced. If I see something on sale that I know someone I buy for would like, then I buy it no matter what month of the calendar we are on.

According to research from, a third of people in the UK start their Christmas shopping before September. They also state that a third of shoppers plan to spend less on Christmas this year than they did last year.

So it is just as well that toy manufacturers have released lots of toys under the £25 mark this year, saving shoppers a considerable amount of money.

Popular retail chain John Lewis conducted a Christmas shopping survey on 1,000 of their customers and found that only 16 per cent of them start their Christmas shopping before October. The majority (58%) of customers prefer to do their Christmas shopping in November and December.

Top Tip

Buy all your Christmas cards, wrapping paper, Gift tags and Decorations in the January sales. By this time retailers are trying to shift their Christmas stock so reduce them to rock bottom prices, ready for the new season. Best time to grab yourself a bargain while saving money for the next Christmas.

Top Robotic Toys For Christmas 2013

Blue Teksta Puppy
Blue Teksta Puppy
Pink Teksta Puppy
Pink Teksta Puppy

Teksta Robotic Puppy

Robots have always been a popular choice for children, but they have become even more so since technology has become increasingly advanced.

Gone are the days of robots with chunky buttons that run of cassettes (2-XL) now robots can run of apps straight from your iPhone or tablet. They talk, walk, cry and even dance.

As if that wasn't all exciting enough for the children of today, now robots are designed to act as real life pets with state of the art hand gesture technology.

Which brings me to the top two robotic toys for Christmas 2013.

Teksta Robotic Puppy

Teksta the robotic puppy by Character Options comes in pink or blue. The recommended age for the puppy is age 5 years plus.

Teksta is 8 weeks old and responds to lights, sounds and the child's voice and physical gestures. It has over one hundred physical and interactive play features including a ball to play with and a bone to feed it when it gets hungry.

Teksta barks, cries and whimpers just like a real puppy. It also wags tail, moves ears and walks to you when called. Teksta acts just like a real life puppy with its new hand gesture technology.

The puppy requires 4 x AA Batteries and 3 x Button Cell.

You can create more tricks for the puppy by using the free downloadable app. I have realised by reading lots of reviews on this toy, that many parents are confused by the free app.

Many of them believe that the dog only works with an iPhone or tablet. However this is not true, the dog doesn't need an app to work as it already has over 100 play features. The app just provides extra tricks if required, it is not a necessity.

The most expensive I have seen this toy selling is at The Entertainer for £59.99 and the cheapest I have found it is Smyths for £47.89.

I have also noticed that there are some toy retailers that are selling the pink one a lot cheaper than the blue one, despite them being exactly the same toy minus the colour.

Robo Fish Bowl
Robo Fish Bowl
Robo Fish
Robo Fish

Robo Fish Play Set

Robo Fish by Zuru is recommended for ages 3 years plus.

Robo fish come in an array of colours including a Nemo style clown fish, sea bass and even sharks. Each fish comes with batteries and spare batteries.

The Robo fish instantly activate when placed in water and swim around just like real fish. With the newest aquatic robotics, they replicate the natural movement of live fish. Once removed from the bowl and dried the fish deactivate again.

You can buy these fish and the fish bowls on their own or together as a set. Each fish takes 2 cell batteries and runs (or should that be swims) up to one hour fifty minutes. You can also purchase Robo fish food which contains 12 cell batteries, providing up to 12 hours of play.

The only downside to this product is that the majority of retailers do not allow you to choose the fish yourself, which can be disappointing when children have already asked you for their favourite one. It can also be a little annoying when you are buying for a boy and receive the bright pink fish.

The most expensive I have seen the Robo fish play set (fish bowl, 1 fish, batteries and spare batteries) is in Tesco for £24.99 and the cheapest I have seen it is Asda for £12.00.

The cheapest I have seen the fish sold separately is eBay for £5.49. eBay are also the cheapest for the Robo fish food, coming in at £4.25.

You can also buy the fish food from Toys R Us for £4.99

Out Of All The Toys You Have Seen So Far. Which Is Your Favourite?

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Top 6 Girls Toys For Christmas 2013

Doc Mcstuffin
Doc Mcstuffin

Doc Mcstuffins Doctor's Bag Set

First on the list of top girls toys this Christmas is the Doc Mcstuffin Doctors bag set.

For those of you wondering who Doc Mcstuffin is, it is a popular TV series on the Disney channel, and like so many Disney programmes before, the merchandise is in high demand.

The programme centres around a little girl named Dottie Mcstuffin who idolises her Mother and wants to be a Doctor just like she is. Dottie pretends to be a Doctor and fixes all her dolls and stuffed toys, when Dottie puts on her stethoscope he dolls and stuffed toys all magically come to life and refer to little Dottie as Doc.

Now children can rein act Dottie's adventures with their very own Doctors bag. The bag contains everything a child needs to encourage their imaginative play. The little purple bag comes with

  • Sticker Sheet
  • Toy Thermometer
  • Toy blood pressure cuff
  • Toy Otoscope
  • Toy Syringe
  • Magical light up play stethoscope
  • Toy bandage cuff

The Doctors bag by Doc Mcstuffins is recommended for ages 3 years plus.

The most expensive I have seen this toy is The Entertainer for £20 and the cheapest I have seen it is in Smyths for £13.29.

Flying Fairy
Flying Fairy

Flying Fairy by Flutterbye

Flying Fairy by Flutterbye are recommended for ages 5 years plus.

These gorgeous fairies come dressed in sparkly dresses on stands that also act as chargers. When you press the button on the stand it sets the fairy's wings in motion and she dances through the air as you guide her using your hand.

Place your hand beneath her and raise or lower it to make her fly up or down. She can also move right or left when you move your hand in either direction.

Girls of all ages will love this pretty flying fairy that appears both sparkly and magical.

The most expensive I have seen this fairy is on Amazon for £29.99 and the cheapest I have seen it is Smyths for £23.89.

Monster High 13 Wishes Doll
Monster High 13 Wishes Doll

Monster High 13 Wishes Doll

Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls by Mattel are recommended for ages 6 years plus.

All the dolls are the characters from the new movie Monster High 13 Wishes.

Each doll comes wearing a fab outfit along with cute accessories. They also have a diary, hairbrush and their own pet.

Dolls in the collection include Twyla, Lagoona Blue, Gigi, Howleen Wolf, Draculaura Doll, Frankie Stein Doll, Clawdeen Wolf Doll and Abbey.

While looking around for the best deals on these dolls I was shocked to see how much a lot of the eBay sellers were charging people for them. I clicked on some of their pages and was a little confused when I read what some of them had wrote. Some of these eBay sellers were claiming that these Monster high 13 wishes dolls were

"extremely hard to find" and one of them even stated that "due to popularity these dolls are very rare"

The reason I was so confused is because I had just been on five obvious toy retailer websites and found these dolls in stock at all of them and for a lot less money.

These eBay sellers were selling the dolls from £22.00 right up to £39.00. So how did the other stores compare?

  • Tesco - £17.00 (In Stock)
  • Asda - £12.00 (In Stock)
  • Argos - £11.99 (In Stock)
  • Smyths - £11.33 (In Stock)
  • Toys R Us - £10.99 (In Sock)
  • Amazon - £7.99 (In Stock)

It just goes to show that it always pays to shop around.

Ever After High Dolls
Ever After High Dolls

Ever After High Dolls

Ever after high is a school for Sons and Daughters of famous fairytale legends such as Snow White and the evil queen.

There are two types of characters in the series the Royals and the Rebels, and there are approx. 22 Characters in total.

Ever After High was released by Mattel in the Autumn of this year after the major success of Monster High. There has already been episode of Ever After High on YouTube, which have proven to be extremely popular, and there are now plans for a TV show.

The Ever After High Dolls by Mattel are recommended for ages 6 years plus. Each doll comes with a stand, they are dressed in a stylish outfit and accessories, The dolls also come with a hairbrush and a bookmark that shares their story. The dolls also encourage girls to write their own story.

The only thing you need to decide before buying this doll is

Is your child a Royal or a Rebel?

All toy retailers I have checked are selling these dolls at £19.99. Asda come in slightly cheaper at £18.97.

The Zelfs
The Zelfs

The Zelfs

The Zelfs by Character Options are recommended for ages 5 years plus.

The Zelfs come from a secret garden called Zardenia, they are cute little creatures with wacky hair. They actually remind me of the trolls I used to collect when I was a kid, except maybe a cuter and friendly version. Lets face it some of those trolls were just freaky looking.

Each Zelf has a special power and Children are asked to love their Zelf and the power will be revealed to them, although I am not clear on how that part works.

Zelfs come in 3 sizes Little (LIL) Medium and Large. There are lots of coloured hair Zelfs to collect including a glow in the dark one, glittery one and even a pearly one.

LIL Zelfs - LIL Zelfs (which means little) come hidden away in cute little flower pots, these Zelfs can also be used as pencil toppers. There are 36 little ones to collect.

Medium Zelfs - Medium Zelfs come with a comb, a charm that can either be worn by the Zelf or the child and some hairbands to style the Zelfs crazy hair. There are 12 medium ones to collect.

Large Zelfs - There are 6 large Zelfs to collect including a glow in the dark one, a glittery one and a pearly one.

Each Zelf comes with a leaflet telling their name and story.

Children will love these cute creatures, characters include names such as Lunanne the moon fairy Zelf and Howlette the werewolf Zelf. Fab gift for stocking fillers.

Most retailers are selling these toys at the same price. You can buy them at Smyths or Toys R Us for

LIL Zelf - £1.99

Medium Zelf - £5.99

Large Zelf - £9.99

You can also buy a collection tin containing 4 little Zelfs from Amazon for the bargain price of £6.66

Rainbow Loom
Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom is a toy loom that children use to turn colourful rubber bands in to jewellery and other craft creations.

It was created by Cheon Choon ng and his two daughters and become instantly successful.

The kit has become popular worldwide with hundreds of video's being uploaded on to YouTube showing fans newest creations such as Starburst Bracelets, Fishtail Bracelets, Watches, Rings, Cool Animal Charms and even Bags and Watches.

Children nicknamed 'Kidpreneurs' are even selling the creations they make with the loom, earning themselves some extra pocket money.

The kits that are recommended for ages 8 years plus, include a Loom, a crochet hook and 600 colourful rubber bands which enables children to make up to 24 bracelets. You can also buy the colour band packs separately.

Children are obsessed with this new craze in the US and it is expected to fly of the shelves in the UK this Christmas.

Where Can I buy A Rainbow Loom Kit In The UK

While looking around for the best deals on this kit, I noticed a lot of people had asked this very question, probably because some toy shops in the UK don't even stock these kits yet.

The most expensive I have seen them in the UK is in The Entertainer for £17.00 and the cheapest I have found them is in Tesco for £9.99.

How To Make A Double Braid Rainbow Loom Bracelet Design (@AllysBracelets)

Which Is Your Favourite Girls Toy On The List?

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Best Deals On The Top Toys For Christmas 2013

£1.99 - £9.99

© 2013 Zoey


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