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Top Toys For Christmas 2013 Part 2

Updated on October 8, 2014

Top Christmas Toys For Christmas 2013 Part 2

Here is the second instalment of my first hub, that listed the top games, top robotic toys and top girls toys for Christmas 2013. If you haven't already read the first part then you can find it here

Now on to part 2, where I list the top electronic toys and the top boys toys on the market this Christmas. I have also added my favourite movie toy which I have a feeling will be a big hit with the kids this year.

As part 2 is on boys toys, I thought I would let my own three boys take a look at the list and give their own opinions on the toys. You can read what they all had to say further down.

As always each toy listed has a brief summary and tells you the retailer that is offering the best deal on that toy. At the bottom of the hub you will find a simple chart clearly showing the toy, the best price and where to find it.

Now for the top 3 electronic toys on children's wish lists this Christmas..........

Furby Boom


Top Electronic Toys For Christmas 2013

Furby Boom

Furbies first hit the market in 1998 and children everywhere went mad for these furry little creatures. In fact they were the first domestically aimed robot to sell.

Now 15 years later, and Furbies are back in the top toy list for 2013.

Furby Booms by Hasbro are electronic robotic pets. They are approx. 15cm tall and come in 6 new funky colours and patterns.

The Furby Boom combines physical and digital play and is recommended for ages 6 years plus.

The Furby starts of talking Furbish, but the more the child talks and interacts with their Furby the more English it will speak. Also the Furbies personality is shaped by how the child treats it.

The furby also dances to your childs music. They can pet it, tickle its tummy and pull its tail.

If they pull and hold the tail for ten seconds, their Furby will go to sleep.

The Furby Boom comes with a free App that lets the child interact with it. The App is optional and is compatible with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone's that have ios 5.0 or later.

Use the App to name the Furby and it will respond to its name. Your child can also monitor their Furbies wellbeing including its cleanliness, hunger and happiness.

A cool feature is the child can get their Furby to lay an egg on their device and then watch the egg hatch into a little Furbling which they can then play with.

The App also allows the child to play lots of games, translate furbish and give their Furby a shower or take it to the toilet.

The most expensive I have seen the Furby Boom is in The Entertainer for £59.99 and the cheapest was eBay for £46.00 or Asda Direct for £48.00.

InnoTab 3S Blue
InnoTab 3S Blue | Source
InnoTab 3S Pink
InnoTab 3S Pink | Source

InnoTab 3S

InnoTab 3S by VTech is recommended for ages 3 years plus.

This multi functional touch screen tablet that comes in blue or pink, will be enjoyed by children ages 3 to 9.

The InnoTab boasts a 5 inch touch screen and motion sensor. It also has a pop up, on screen keypad and a stylus.

Features include child friendly Wi-Fi so your child can safely surf the net. It also allows them to easily download games, music, videos and eBooks from the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator.

Your Child can also explore the e-books in an interactive way, with features such as character voices, animation and vivid graphics to keep the child engaged. Children can also interact with the story characters.

The InnoTab 3S has a 2MP rotatable digital camera that records videos and takes photo's. Children can then customise their photo's using over 55 cool special effects and stamps.

Another cool feature, is your child can stay in touch with you through their InnoTab by sending and receiving text messages to and from your smart phone.

Other features include G-Sensor, 2GB of memory and Micro SD card for extra memory. Media Players for MP3, Photo's and Video's. Kids Connect App plus a Bonus Game and eBook. Art Studio and Colouring Book App. 1 Free Downloadable App from the Learning Lodge Navigator.

InnoTab also comes with a rechargeable battery pack, USB Cable and a demonstration video cartridge plus an installation CD.

The most expensive I have seen this InnoTab 3S is in Argos for £89.99 and the cheapest I have seen it is on Amazon for £59.99.

LeapPad Ultra Green
LeapPad Ultra Green | Source
LeapPad Ultra Pink
LeapPad Ultra Pink | Source

LeapPad Ultra

LeapPad Ultra by Leapfrog is recommended for ages 4 years plus.

The LeapPad that comes in pink or blue, boasts a 7 inch high resolution screen. It has been designed with feather light responsiveness for a child's touch or stylus based play. It is also Child tough-durable and has been drop tested. You can swipe from page to page just like an iPad.

The LeapPad has lots of great features, including front and back camera plus video recorder, an MP3 Player, 11 custom Apps including an enhanced Art Studio where your child can create colourful pictures and cool effects.

You can rest at ease knowing there is child save Wi-Fi, where they can use Leapsearch to browse only the safest videos and images from the web.

LeapPad Ultra is compatible with the Leapfrog Library where your child will find hundreds of child approved Apps, Games, eBooks, Video's, Music and much more besides.

The LeapPad Ultra that holds an impressive 8GB of storage can be played with game cartridges or by downloading Apps directly to the LeapPad.

It also has a built in lithium ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to 9 hours at a time.

The most expensive I have seen the LeapPad Ultra is Argos for £109.89 and the cheapest I have seen it is Amazon for £71.19.

Which Was Your Favourite Electrical Toy From The List?

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TMNT Secret Lair Playset


Top Boys Toys For Christmas 2013

TMNT Secret Lair Playset

It is strange to think that as a child. I loved the Ninja Turtles, and now here we are in 2013 and they are popular once more. My 9 year old son is actually asking for the very toys that I asked my parents for as a child.

Well not exactly the same, as toys have obviously become a lot more advanced these days and this newest toy from Flair proves just that.

The Turtle Lair is recommended for ages 4 years plus. And although quite pricey, it is a sturdy construction that stands over one meter tall. Providing hours of imaginative play for any Turtle fan.

The lair includes over 20 different features such as rope swing and ladders, a periscope to see what is going on below, floors that fall out, a spring loaded projectile, a zip wire for launching figures, a Shredder punch bag and a missile launcher that really fires.

There is also a manhole cover entrance and Donatello's computer Lab.

The 12cm Turtle Figures are recommended for this play set which are sold separately by most toy retailers.

The most expensive I have seen the Lair Play set is The Entertainer and Toys R Us for £99.99 and the cheapest I have seen it is in Tesco, Argos, Smyths and Amazon all for the same price of £79.99.

Nerf N-Strike Elite CS18 Blaster
Nerf N-Strike Elite CS18 Blaster | Source

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike CS18 Blaster

Nerf brings yet another fantastic product to their highly popular range, with the CS-18 Rapid Strike Blaster recommended for ages 8 years plus.

The CS-18 which has motorised rapid fire, fires 2.3 darts per second, making it the fastest firing Nerf Blaster ever. The lightweight design is fast and easy to load.

First load the 18 elite darts into the see-through clip, then attach the clip to your blaster. Hold the acceleration trigger to power up the motor and then pull the launch trigger to see your darts fly up to 75 feet.

Included with the CS-18, is see through clip, tactical rail, 18 Elite darts and instructions.

The CS-18 requires 4 x C Batteries (Not Included) and is compatible with the N-Strike clip system.

The most expensive I have seen this toy is in Tesco for £33.49 and the cheapest I have seen it is on EBay for £23.99 or Asda Direct for £25.00.

Lego City Coast Guard Patrol Play Set
Lego City Coast Guard Patrol Play Set | Source

Lego City Coast Guard Patrol Playset

The great thing about Lego is it never really goes out of fashion. Children love building things with Lego and then playing with their creations using imaginative play.

The Coast Guard Patrol which is recommended for ages 5 years plus, looks like a fantastic play set. With 449 pieces, your child is sure to have some building fun with this Lego.

The set includes 3 sharks, 6 minifigures (Pilot, Captain, Crew Member, Rescuer, Man & Woman). A Dog and a Crab.

Other features include a coast guard patrol boat and a dinghy that really floats on water. 2 water cannons. A Submarine launcher. A Submarine with spinning propellers. A Helicopter with spinning rotors.

A Lighthouse with rocks. A Walkie talkie, a hat with head phones, two life jackets and two life preserves and much more.

The most expensive I have seen this Lego set is The Entertainer and Argos, both selling at £59.99. The cheapest I have seen it is Toys R Us and Smyths both selling at £41.39.

Tree Fu Tom Sapstone Belt & Holopax
Tree Fu Tom Sapstone Belt & Holopax | Source

Tree Fu Tom Sapstone Belt & Holopax

The Tree Fu Tom Sapstone Belt and Holopax is recommended for ages 3 years plus.

Tom is a little boy with the power of 'movement magic' called Tree Fu. With this power, Tom can transform in to a tiny magical super hero and travel to an enchanted kingdom called Treetopolis which can be found in a tree, in woodlands at the back of his house.

Now your little one can be just like Tom from the popular CBeebies show, with their very own glowing belt and holopax.

When the child puts on the magic sapstone belt and starts to move about, the belt will start glowing. The more you move, the more it glows. With the hollopax on their wrist, they are ready to do some Tree Fu just like Tom. Tree Fu Go!

The Tree Fu Tom programme was created in conjunction with the Dyspraxia Foundation, to encourage movement to Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder.

The movements are similar to the ones that are used by a Occupational Therapist to help child development.

The most expensive I have seen this set selling is in The Entertainer for £15 and the cheapest I have seen it is in Toys R Us for £11.24.

Spyro | Source
Shroomboom | Source
Skylanders Starter Pack
Skylanders Starter Pack | Source

Skylander Giants

Skylanders creates interaction video gaming. The cool Skylander figures can be used to enhance gaming by granting additional powers and abilities.

Skylander Giants manufactured by Activision is recommended for ages 6 years plus.

Each figure is a protector of Skyland that has been frozen by an evil Tyrant and banished to earth as a toy. When you place the figure on the portal of power (bought separately) you will see the character appear in the game. Cool Eh!

There are lots of Skylanders to collect including characters like Spyro, Shroomboom and Double Trouble. Skylanders is available to play on Wii, Xbox, 3DS and PS3. The good thing about the characters is that they are not tied to any format, so for example, you can play them on the Xbox at home, and then take them over to your mates house and continue playing with them on their PS3.

Before you start buying the figures, you need the portal of power. A Skylander starter kit can be bought for the Xbox, Wii, PS3 and 3DS. The kit includes everything you will need to begin playing.

The figures are selling at most toy retailers and gaming shops. The cheapest I have seen them is Amazon for £6.95 or eBay for £6.99.

Introducing The Nerf Rapidstrike CS18 Blaster (@NerfSocomReviews)

Which Was Your Favourite Boy's Toy From The List?

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My little monsters enjoying Halloween
My little monsters enjoying Halloween | Source
TagaMoto Set
TagaMoto Set | Source

My Children's Views On The Top Toys 2013

As I was researching all the toys on this years list, two of my children kept looking over my shoulder convinced I was looking for their Christmas gifts.

My 6 year old spotted Teksta the Robotic Puppy which can be seen in part 1. He got so excited when he saw Teksta on the screen "That is sooo cool" he cried.

So I began showing him the other toys on the list and some he loved, and others he didn't. Which then gave me the idea of asking my three boys for their views on the toys. All the toys on this list are for children, so who better to give their views than a child. Here is what they had to say....

Alfie (Age 6)

Alfie loves toys that contain goo or slime. He also likes toys that are based on his favourite characters, and enjoys playing with interactive and creative toys too.

Alfie loved Teksta the Robotic Puppy, he watched the review video and said

"Wow, its like a real puppy"

He liked that you could play with Teksta and feed him, and that he moves and wags his tail like a real pet. Alfie was very excited to see Teksta in action on the video and has not stopped talking about it since.

Alfie also liked the Furby Boom, he said "It looks cute and funny" I don't think he understand how the Furby laid eggs on a iPad, but he thought the feature was "cool" none the less.

Alfie already has the InnoTab 2, so the upgraded InnoTab was definitely something he was drawn to. The reason Alfie likes the InnoTab so much is because his Brothers have Tablets, and he feels more like them owning one of his own. Plus I have the assurance that everything on it is suitable for Alfie's age group.

Surprisingly, It was one of the cheapest toys, that Alfie liked best of all. He was fascinated with the Gooey Louie game and has already put it on his Christmas list. He was laughing at the video, and found the whole concept of the game both fun and exciting.

When I asked Alfie why he loved the Gooey Louie Game so much, he replied

"Because you have to pick out lots of snot from his nose "

That about sums it up really!

When I asked Alfie if there was anything he would like for Christmas that was not on the list, he said he would like a TagaMoto Set.

TagaMoto by Hexbug is recommended for ages 4 years plus.

They are road sets with micro sized cars that are powered by high-tech innovative movement, as well as a new code reading system. The cars zoom around the roads powered by the Hexbug Nano motion technology.

These sets retail between £14.99 and £29.99. Toys R Us are currently offering a free gift when you spend £30 on Hexbug toys.

Binatone Walkie Talkies
Binatone Walkie Talkies | Source

Ryan (Age 9)

Ryan likes science based toys and action figures and play sets. Ryan is also a huge Sklanders fan, and he loves building anything and everything with his Lego.

Ryan also liked the look of the Teksta and the Robo fish. He said that he liked the idea of having pets that wasn't real pets so he could keep them in his own bedroom.

When Ryan saw the TMNT Secret Lair he said: "That is Wicked, I would like one of those"

(WICKED = Really Good in child language.)

Ryan is a fan of the Turtles action figures anyway, so when he saw the Lair he was instantly taken with it. When I asked Ryan what he like about the Lair, he said

"It looks massive, I can put all my figures in there, it looks just like the real one, I love it."

As you can probably tell, Ryan was very enthusiastic about this great new toy.

Ryan also liked the Nerf CS-18, he already has a Nerf gun and likes the new features on this one.

"Its great that this one is the fastest firing one ever. I like that the clip is see through and you get more darts to fire."

Ryan has since added the Nerf CS-18 to his Christmas list.

As I said before Ryan is a big Sklanders fan so it was obvious that he would like those. He already has a few of the figures and has a long list of new characters he wants for Christmas, there really is so many to choose from.

Ryan likes the Lego City Coast Guard Patrol Set, he enjoys building things that he can play with after, so this set is ideal for him. Ryan said...

"This set has loads of pieces and looks fun to play with, It's cool that the boat and dinghy float in real water too"

I asked Ryan if there was anything he would like for Christmas that is not on the list, and he said Walkie Talkies. This surprised me a little, as it is not something I have heard him talk about before, and because I had a few Walkie Talkie sets as a child as well.

I think Walkie Talkies are a great gift for Children, I had hours of fun with mine many years ago.

After looking through lots of reviews, I found that the Binatone 100 Twin Walkie Talkies seem to be very popular.

The Binatone Walkie Talkies are recommended for ages 8 years plus, and has an impressive 2 mile range. Other features include 8 channel combinations, channel scan function, belt grip, low battery warning and an adjustable volume control.

These can be found in Toys R Us for £19.99

Tech Deck Neon Ramp
Tech Deck Neon Ramp | Source

TJ (Age 13)

TJ likes anything to do with computers. He loves making animated videos, mixing music and playing on his Xbox. He also enjoys playing family board games, but only when he wins ha-ha.

TJ liked the look of Monopoly Empire, he said

"I like that this Monopoly is more for my age now, its cool that you can own Dr Dre Beats and Xbox "

TJ also likes the new Nerf Rapid Strike CS-18. He said

"There is not many toys for my age but Nerf is for any age so that's cool, I want one of these because their faster and the darts fire really far, and I know Dad and Ryan will want one too."

So it looks like our house will become a Nerf battlefield this Christmas!

I asked TJ if there was anything he wanted for Christmas that was not on the list, and he said the Neon Tech Deck Ramp and Glow In The Dark Skateboard. TJ collects Tech Decks and has them all displayed on a shelf in his bedroom.

Tech Decks are recommended for ages 9 years plus and are finger sized skateboards that you can do cool tricks with.

This set is on sale in Argos at the moment for £8.99

Stuart The 20cm Talking Minion


My Top Movie Toy For Christmas 2013

Despicable Me 2 is already a big hit with children everywhere, and with the new movie being released on the 25th November, I foresee the fun and cute Minions being on a lot of Christmas lists this year.

Although not on the official list, I felt I should add it as many friends I have spoken to have already purchased one for their child, 2 of my boys have also asked for one, and while researching the toy, I noticed it is the top selling Despicable Me 2 toy in 3 big toy shops.

Plus its so cute and funny, I think I may just want one for myself.

Stuart The Talking Minion

Minion Stuart by Thinkway is recommended for ages 4 years plus.

He stands 20cm tall and features over 45 minion sayings. He also talks in his original voice from the movie. Stuart also has movable arms and feet.

Press his pocket or move his head to hear Stuart talk with funny expressions. Quickly press his pocket 6 times to activate his LOL mode where Stuart will giggle uncontrollably.

Stuart the Minion is so cute and entertaining, any Despicable Me fan will love him.

You can buy this cute Minion from Smyths or Argos for £29.99

Introducing Stuart The Talking Minion (KidToyTesters)

Have You Started Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

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£14.99 - £29.99


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