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Top Wii Controllers

Updated on April 1, 2010

Nintendo Wii

The direct successor of Nintendo's GameCube, the Wii console is the new and improved gaming console. Wii launches a whole new outlook on gaming with it's wireless controllers that make gaming simple and hend held. The controllers are made of a lightweight material that makes longterm gaming less troublesome.

Wii Remote Controller

The Wii Remote is easy to control by people of all ages and abilities. It is different from any controller before it. Being wireless, the Wii Remote works up to 15 feet away.

The remote will fit in either right or left hand, and is a multifunctional device for various gaming purposes.

The main controller to the Wii console is a simple remote, similar to the design of your television remote control. The remote features bluetooth technology with infrared detection. It, also, features, the rumble of classic controllers, but it has a built in speaker.

When you combine the Wii Remote and the Wii Nunchuk, you are prepared for anything when regards to the Wii console and Wii gaming.

How Does the Wii Remote Work?

Wii Nunchuk Controller

The Wii Nunchuk controller is a secondary controller that adds a special innovation to the next generation of gaming. The controller works with much less physical movement, than most other controllers.

You can use the Wii Nunchuk in conjunction with the standard Wii remote, as some games will need the Nunchuk controller for additional control options. The Nunchuk will connect directly to the Wii Remote

The Wii Nunchuck is perfectly designed to fit in a player's hand.

The Nunchuk controller contains a three-axis motion sensor that is also found in the Wii Remote, but the Nunchuk includes an analog stick and two buttons to help with character movement.

Adding the Wii Nunchuk will definitely add to your gaming experience and open new doors to gaming.

Wii Classic Controller

The Wii Classic Controller was created to recreate the classic Nintendo design that has been the norm for years. These controllers are great for those gamers who just can't get used to the feel of the Wii Nunchuck or Wii Remote. Nintendo had the more conventional gamers in mind when they created this comfortable alternative

Wii i.Glow Wireless Controller

The Wii i.Glow controller has an internal LED light and is custom painted to be aesthetically pleasing. The controlelr is compatible with all Wii games as well as GameCube.

The i.Glow controller is a similar design to the unique Playstation controllers such as the Halo Spartan controller and the various Mortal Combat controllers.

Although, it has a bulky appearance, the i.Glow is made of lightweight material making your gaming experience a little more at ease.

Wii Play with Wii Remote

Wii Play features nine different mini-games that are both addictive and easy to understand, but hard to put away. Each game features a multi-player mode, so you don't have to worry about playing alone. You and your friends can compete for high scores.

Wii Play features:

  • Shooting Range- a point-and-fire game of target practice in the Duck Hunt tradition.
  • Billiards- a simplified variation of nine-ball with realistic physics that uses the Wii Remote as a pool cue.
  • Find Mii- scan crowds to find the right Mii and Mii's
  • Tanks!- command a toy tank on a miniature battlefield in a gauntlet of 100 missions.
  • Other games- Pose Mii, Table Tennis, Fishing, Charge!, and Laser Hockey.

With the the controls of the Wii Remote, anyone, no matter your gaming experience, can master the controls and skills necessary to play the Wii Play.


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