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Toy Tractors – Ride On Toy Tractors For Children

Updated on April 3, 2011
John Deere electric ride on toy tractor
John Deere electric ride on toy tractor

All About Ride On Toy Tractors

Children have a great fascination with the outdoors and ride on tractor toys will give them even more chance to come up with their own fun and games in the garden or on your front drive way. If you are looking for a toy tractor as a gift idea you will find a wide choice between toy pedal cars and tractors that will enable children to gain exercise while they play or you can choose the electric toy tractors which are also fun and functional.

Here are some examples of what you can buy online from Amazon today.

John Deere Electric Toy Tractor

If you have a child that loves everything about tractors, you could consider buying your little toddler one of the many John Deere ride on tractors that are for sale. One example is the John Deer Utility Tractor. This is a solidly made electric ride on car for kids that will definitely keep children entertained for hours on end.

The battery powered vehicle will hold up to 55 pounds so would be suitable for toddlers. The battery enables this toy tractor to look and sound just like the real thing. The child can switch it on by putting the key in the ignition just like a real vehicle and they will hear real life sounds of an engine starting up. The lights will flash on and off and the little scoop that is featured on the front can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.

The traveling speed of this tractor is approximately 2.25 mph and it is suitable for hard surfaces.

This means that it is perfect for playing in areas such as the patio or in front of your garage on the driveway.

The sturdy construction of the wheels means that this is a completely safe toy for children to use and it is recommended for toddlers aged between 24 months and 4 years.

Toy pedal tractor
Toy pedal tractor

Toy Pedal Tractor - Kettler Cat Kid Tractor

Here is another example of a great ride on toy tractor for kids. It is the Kettler Cat Kid Tractor and it is sure to capture your child’s imagination for creative play.

This little toy is suitable for children aged 24 months to 4 years old and has functional features that will keep children happily entertained while getting lots of fresh air and exercise outdoors.

There are two different ways in which a child can collect different types of materials in and around the garden.

They can use the front loading scooper to pick up things like sand, dirt, leaves or snow. This can then be transferred into the rear trailer. This is a detachable trailer so a child can get busy hauling stuff from one place to another with great ease and efficiency.

The wheels on this tractor are sturdy because they are made from long lasting rubber which also has durable treads to ensure a good grip on the surface

This pedal tractor does take a little time to assemble but once you have put it together you will surely reap the benefits by watching the fun that you child will have as they play contently.


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