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Tea Sets For Children

Updated on March 20, 2011
Tea set for children from Fisher Price
Tea set for children from Fisher Price

Buy A Childs Tea Set

Tea sets for children are a great way to help initiate creative play. All children like to pretend to be just like their parents and so instead of worrying about your own crockery getting used and perhaps destroyed, it is a lovely idea to buy your child their own specially designed tea set.

There are lots of different Tea Sets For Children in various designs to choose from and you will find that there is a tea set that will suit each age range. Here are just a few examples of what is available to buy online at Amazon.

Fisher-Price Musical Tea Set

This is a beautiful example of a little tea set for children. Fisher Price Toys are always of good quality and made of childproof sturdy plastic that will last forever.

This tea set includes four teacups with matching saucers that are cut with a little flowery design, four white spoons, a sugar bowl and a creamer. They are all in lovely pastel colours and sit on a lavender coloured tray.

The teapot is the centre piece to this set. If you press the lid you will find that it plays a musical tune. The song it plays is very appropriately called “I’m a little teapot”. It also plays a musical chime every time you pour from the pot.

This set is a great gift idea for children aged 24 months to 5 years of age.

Green Toys tea set for children
Green Toys tea set for children

Green Toys Tea Set

If you want to teach your child all about preserving the earth and all about recycling, then this is a perfect choice for you to make.  This is a 17 piece children’s tea set that is made from 100% recycled materials.

The actual plastic used is from old milk containers.  The benefit of using this type of material is that it can reduce greenhouse gasses, which is one way to help improve the planet for future generations.

This toy set includes four blue cups, four green saucers, four yellow spoons, a lilac suger bowl, a blue creamer and a pink teapot with a lilac lid.

Any little girl will be happy to serve tea from this pastel coloured American made tea set.

Children's tea set in a basket
Children's tea set in a basket

Butterfly Tea Set Basket

This is a lovely tea set for a child to happily play with in the garden.  It is a 30 piece set that comes in a very handy wicker basket. 

This is perfect to play at going out for a little picnic. A child can simply take the whole basket out into the garden and set out their picnic. 

Alternatively they can set out all the pieces in their bedroom or playroom and have fun with their friends.  Each piece of crockery has a little design of a butterfly which helps to completely co-ordinate the set.


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