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Tribal Wars - Simple Noble/loyalty guide

Updated on July 13, 2016

This is the basis of the whole game, and if you don't get it right, you will be in for a lot of tears, and i lot of swearing at your computer screen. So read on for the basics, to ensure you avoid these easy mistakes.


Nobling is the act of taking a village over in the game 'Tribal Wars'. You use the well named 'nobles' to do this.

A village starts off with 100 loyalty, and if any is lost through noble attacks, it gains 1 loyalty back ever hour, until it reaches 100 again.

Each noble takes somewhere around 20 - 35 loyalty off of the village you attack, so you generally need 4 nobles to attack the village within a short amount of time, however if each noble is below 25 loyalty, you will need an extra one to finish it off. So, i recommend that for a short range attack, you send 4 nobles, and at long range you send 5. This just means if you send a 'train' (group of nobles) to hit a village 100 hours away, you wont be getting annoyed by the report of '1 loyalty left'.

After you have nobled a village, the noble dies, and the loyalty starts rising from 1. So get some support to land after your nobles, otherwise one enemy noble could just take it right back from you...

Another idea would be to use this guide i wrote on T Trains, which is a way of getting a group of nobles to all hit within less than a second, so your target can't get his troops to land after your clearing attack to kill off your remaining nuke, which is a very common technique used.

There isn't really anything else to cover on nobles, just use this, with a mixture of your brains and other guides i have made, and you are well on your way to using some creative tactics that help you in nobling your targets.

Thanks for reading, and have fun!


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