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Two Worlds 2: How to get ahead Online

Updated on March 6, 2011

Have you just purchased Two Worlds 2 get online only to discover you mage character sucks, you warrior can’t fight worth crap, and you archer is as effective as the war on terror? Don’t have enough money for a village? Well don’t give up hope just yet for here is your guide on how to easily get ahead online.

(Note this guide is based on the 360 version of the game any discrepancies are a result of this)

(Guide is Ctrl enabled)

Table of Contents

101: Getting Started

102: Adventure is where the Ease is at

103: How to make Gold from Adventure

104: Village

105: Modify or Die

106: Conclusion

101 Getting Started

Alright this probably goes without say but the first thing any player needs to do is create an avatar if you will for your online play. The main character from single player and your multiplayer are completely separate, you will not be able to trade equipment, money, or anything between the two.

Once you are finished creating your avatar you will see the online menu which reads as follows.

Quick Ranked Match: Where you can quickly join a ranked match and compete against other players.

Quick Player Match: similar to ranked but without being ranked. You will still compete but earn no rank points for any victory you achieve here.

Join Custom Match: This is where you can join any match your heart desires (adventures have to be unlocked) be they ranked or player, adventure or duel.

Create Match: This is where you can host a match. It will be very important later for leveling up your character and earning money.

Village: Where you can venture to your village once you have 10,000 Auras.

Leader Board: Where you can view your ranking, the ranking of your friends, and the ranking of everyone else.

As you go through the menu you will first want to join a ranked match right of the bat. You can and maybe you will be pitted against another level 1 player as the ranking system is well set up in this regard. The second thing you are most likely going to want to go to is Village only to your disappointment to find out you need Auras to build and you of course have none. Since your options are few you will be tempted to give up at this point but the gem to ease is hidden for you to find. That gem is Adventure mode.

102 Adventure is where the Ease is at

At first you might not see adventure mode since it is tucked away a bit. Before we cover how to access Adventure mode it should be noted that most levels are locked until you complete the one before. Here is a list of the levels in order.

Way to Vokar

Through the Mine

The Well of Wisdom

Well Crystals

Ka’rath Jungle

The Sarcophagus

The Marshlands

There are two ways to unlock adventure mode. The First is through joining a match in Join a Custom Match. To do so follow these steps:

1) Go to Join a match

2) In the Join a match menu select match type and move over to Adventure.

3) Select the adventure map you want, the best idea is to narrow the search to the map you will want to save you time.

4) Hit the A or X button depending on your console this will begin the search.

5) Select match you want to join.


The Second way is important for the ease and that is create a match. The benefits for joining a larger match are high Exp depending on how many you have in your match (up to 8) but you might want some experience under your belt before joining others.

To do this method follow these steps:

1) Selected Create Match

2) Select Adventure in Match Type

3) Select Arena (Very important Later)

4) Hit A or X to host match

Now you can wait for people to join or you can start on your own. That is the beauty of Adventure you can play it by yourself this way.

Through adventure you will make gold and gain experience leveling up and enjoy a campaign separate from the main story. By playing by yourself you can get plenty of experience and money. The best map for experience is also the map for the least amount of money and that is The Marshlands.

In the Marshlands you will face and endless hoard of enemies and is a good map to play with other people since it requires a defending team (where the leveling is at) and an assault team to go forth and destroy the gates. It is possible to win by yourself especially with magic and summoning spells, so the choice of wether to play this map solo or with others is up to you.

103 How to make Gold from Adventure

The Adventure mode is where you will go to make the gold you need for your village. Yet not all levels are created equal. There are levels that have more loot to be had than others and for lesser effort on top of that. Here is a list to help you.

Way to Vokar- Has a village, Low level loot.

Through the Mine-Have a single vendor, Okay loot.

The Well of Wisdom-Has a town, Okay loot.

Well Crystals-Has a town, most plentiful loot, least amount of work, Best map.

Ka’rath Jungle-Single Vendor, Okay loot.

The Sarcophagus- Great loot, Single Vendor, hard work, 2nd Best map.

The Marshlands- No Loot, No vendor, Best of Experience though.

As you can see from the list the best level is Well Crystals, you can easily pick up over 10,000 Auras in one pass in this level through selling the loot and there is much loot to be had on top of that. The Sarcophagus is the second best map, it has great loot (high level) but the enemies are strong so you have to work harder and that is something you just don’t want to do.

The best way to make money through loot is to play by yourself through create a match. Since you are the only one playing you don’t have to compete for loot and thus can hord it all without making everyone else irritated.

104 Village

The village is one of the most rewarding features as this is where you can make good money, equipment, Potions, and just about everything in between. Now I won’t be covering how to make a perfect village as such a thing doesn’t exist. It is best to check other sites including the games official forums located at the link below.

There are some basics that you can use to better manage your village though.

First pay attention to the upper right part of the screen. There is your village readout. From Left to right it tells you, How Old your village is (in days), What time it is (in your village), The amount of gold in your coffers, How much your village is making (if red you are losing money), and your village happiness.

The important things to pay attention to are your income since some buildings have upkeep it will be difficult to build everything in one village and keep a profit. Village happiness is almost always 100 percent unless your villagers have a demand or monsters are attacking (once a day they do). To solve the happiness problem just find out what they want in the Village Chronicle or kill the monsters.

Now from the village chronicle you can transfer money into your village or out (IE to yourself). To do this open the Village Chronicle (default mapped to B or Circle) or through the menu and selecting open chronicle while over it. From inside the chronicle select transfer Auras (Y or Triangle) and then decide how much money you want or want to put in. Your village does not need money in its coffers if you are turning a profit.

(Note the following may be removed by a patch) Note that when you are in the village ever time it hits 12:00 you get your village profit. Your village is always at 9:45 when you enter by default and you can collect your money as many times as you want.

105 Modify or Die

Well you have come a long way but there is something that stands in your way, Other players and their modified equipment. That’s right other players have modified equipment that can make them invincible and allow for 1 hitting (as of this guides construction). This means in order for you to compete you must do the same or get into a match without modified weapons or armor.

To do this you need to skills Metallurgy and Fusion. You must find the skill books at a vendor in one of the adventure levels that have a town, village, or vendor. Often times they won’t stock the good books at first so you may need to play a bit in order to have access to these books.

To get Gems you will need to ether acquire them in adventure which is pretty easy to do, just kill enemies and every so often one will be carrying one or purchase them from a vendor in your village or an adventure map. For adventure map it is easy as play through the level and every so often they will have new stock, when you see a good one nab it up.

In village you will need two structures. Mages Tower and Crystal mine. Both are expensive to build and the mine has an upkeep of 3000 and the tower has one of 2000 after being fully upgraded (can be offset by sales). Once you have these to structures modifying your equipment is easy.

106 Conclusion

Now that you possess the skills you need you can now easily create an elite killing machine. An avatar with no equal but only through hard work but now you don’t need to work as hard. Enjoy your gaming and thanks for reading.


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