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Twyla Doll From Monster High - Thirteen Wishes Release Date

Updated on May 8, 2013

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the new Twyla doll from Monster High. We will tell you little bit about the Twyla character and exactly where she fits into school live at Monster High and then we will tell you a little bit about the Twyla doll from the Thirteen Wishes line of toys. We will also tell you things like the release date, price and where you can get hold of this new Twyla doll from.

Since Monster High first came into being back in 2010, the people behind the story, Mattel, have introduced various new characters to the range along the way. Monster High has become one of the most popular toy lines around the world with thousands of dolls being sold on a daily basis. One of the newest characters to grace Monster High is Twyla. She first came to our attention early January 2013 and we are expecting her to start appearing in the show over the summer months. So now let's tell you a little bit more about her character and her new doll.

The Twyla Doll

The New Twyla Doll From Monster High

So first of all lets fill you in about her actually character. Twyla is said to be the daughter of the Boogey Man. She is quite a shy monster and likes to keep to herself. Her appearance as you can see is that of an opaque blue and she often wears blue colors. The Boogey Man is famed for appearing in children's dreams and giving them nightmares, Twyla prefers to hide under children's beds and give them pleasant dreams rather than bad ones. She also has the ability to turn invisible and hide herself in the shadows at the back of the room. Most of the characters of Monster High have their very own per and this is the case here also, Twyla has a little dust bunny called Dustin. He tends to hide at home as if he goes outside the wind can blow him away. Dustin always looks forward to Twyla coming home and playing with him.

So what about the actual doll. Well Mattel are planning to release this one over the summer of 2013 and so for an exact release date for Twyla we are expecting her to start showing up in July 2013. This doll will be released as part of the Thirteen Wishes range that is coming out over the summer. There will also be other characters released including Gigi, Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Howleen, Lagoona and a Cleo play set. This theme is based upon the storyline of when the ghouls meet Gigi Grant who is the daughter of a genie and she has the ability to grant wishes.

The actual Twyla doll is going to be wearing a pretty little blue lace top with a purplish blue skirt. She also wears some fantastic blue platform shoes and has a nice little blue handbag with some nice detail on it. This doll comes with blue streaks in her hair and we are expecting that is how this character will appear in the actual show later in the year. This doll also comes with a cute little pet and of course in this case that is Dustin the dust bunny, he is adorable and looks like he needs a good cuddle. You also get the usual diary, brush and doll stand that you often get. We are expecting this to be quite a popular release due to it being a brand new character, so when the release date arrives this one will be in high demand and could well sell out in some of the stores, so it might be worth having a look online for this one.

The Gigi Grant Doll

The Thirteen Wishes Doll Range

So along with the new Twyla doll that is coming out, what else can we expect from the Thirteen Wishes line of toys. Well the most exciting one of all is without a doubt the new Gigi Grant doll. She is another new character at Monster High and the main character in the new storyline. The rumour is that Howleen finds a lamp and then discovers that Gigi is hidden inside and she has the power to grant wishes. From here on in the story get very interesting and all kinds of things happen to the ghouls. So the new Gigi doll looks to be a good one and very colorful and so we are expecting fans to really like this one.

Then of course we are getting more new versions of characters such as Frankie Stein, Draculaura and Howleen Wolf. All of the new dolls looks to be quite good although there is nothing that really makes them stand out as that different from previous versions we have had in the past. There is a new Cleo De Nile play set coming out which will feature the doll, some little palm trees, what looks like a mini hot tub and some sun loungers for her to sit on. The range of toys looks like it should be quite popular come it's release over the summer months.

In the past few years Monster High really has become ever more popular. Last year there were various new story lines such as Scaris, City of Frights which fans loved and these also brought us more new characters and more new dolls to collect. In 2013 Mattel are making sure they keep people's interest up and bring out more new ranges such as the Thirteen Wishes line. There are also other new characters and new dolls being introduced all the time. If you enjoy the Monster High story and you like collecting the dolls then we are sure that you will like the new Twyla and Gigi Grant characters. As you can see the Twyla doll looks really good and her cute little dust bunny is just so cute and cuddly. When the Thirteen Wishes dolls get their release chances are that this particular doll is going to be one of the biggest sellers and hence one of the most difficult to track down.


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