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Ufc 2010 Undisputed Tips And Strategies Pt2

Updated on July 15, 2012

Many of you will remember how i wrote 2 very popular hubs on this game and its predecessor,ufc undisputed winning tips and the new hub for this years updated game ufc undisputed 2010 tips and strategies. Well with the new version i have come up with a lot more winning tips so rather than add them to the main hub i thought i would create a second tips and strategies hub for you all to peruse.I will be giving some tips on how to get the most points out of sparring as well as tips on how to beat the title defence mode and also tips on getting your submission record looking a little better,as well as some other useful tips to get your online record and overall game skills looking a lot healthier.


As we all know some of us find submissions easy and some of us struggle,me personally i fall right into the middle of that category,mainly because although i know how to perform submissions and know what submission i will perform in whatever particular position i am in,i sometimes struggle to read when my opponent is wearing himself out so hence i perform a submission and he then breaks free of it.What i have found really helpful is using the stamina bar.When you opt to have the stamina bar on it is on not just for the career mode and the single player fights but it also on for the online fights you may have which surprised me as i thought this wouldnt be allowed,low and behold my first online fight and i see through his stamina bar that he is tiring and it is red so i lock on a submission and hey presto my first sub.I must note just in case that you will need to have a high submission offence in the first place to be able to pull off submissions.

Sparring For Maximum Points

At first when sparring i always found it difficult to get past the 30 odd point bracket,but after practicing for what seemed like ages,i have found a couple of foolproof techniques although they do become a little boring and repetitive.Firstly when you start rush your sparring partner and take him down,the best way i found of doing this is to go to the camps and get one of the side slams as these are hard to defend against,don't let him stop your takedown as you will lose points.Once he is on the floor then barrage him with knees,elbows and punches,when he eventually gets to his feet,take him down again and repeat,this should get you between 50-100 points depending on what partner you have.

The second way i was told by one of the people who visit my hubs,Take your opponent down as per the above advice then stand up and rain punches down on your opponent from above,when he gets up,take him down and repeat.This if done successfully i have been reliably told can earn you up to 140 points doing this technique although i will admit i haven't tried this one yet.

Title Defence Mode

Title Defence mode is quite easy but only if you choose the right fighter to begin with,dont just choose your favourite as by the fifth of sixth fight you will be beaten easily.One of the best fighters for this mode is Lyoto Machida because of his virtually unstoppable takedowns,you will need these as you simply cannot stand and trade in this mode as you need to get through 12 fights without taking too much damage,this is why you need Machida as he can unleash his takedowns and you can just let fly with your ground and pound.It starts to get tricky when you get to around the 9th fight but if you can survive the last 3 fights you will have beaten title defence mode.


I cannot stress enough how important swaying is when your utilising a stand up game,when you can sway effectively your counter punches gain a lot of power and this is where you can get most of your knockouts from.whether you are playing an exhibition match or just simply playing a friend online then you need to start practising with the swaying as it will greatly improve your game.



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