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VIP Pets - Where To Get The Cute Toys From

Updated on November 7, 2013

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the all new VIP Pets from IMC Toys. We will review the VIP Pets, tell you about the names of each character and what they are like and then we will tell you just where you can get these cute puppy dog toys from. If you are a fan of VIP pets then this page will tell you everything you need to know on the subject.

Each year toy companies all round the world try to find that one special product that is going to be the next big thing. Often toys get released among much hype and promotion and then nothing comes from it, sometimes a toy is small to start then grows in popularity. One such toy company hoping to hit the big time this year is IMC Toys from Spain. Over the summer of 2013 they release VIP Pets, these could well be the next big thing as they really are very cute and could well appeal to millions of little girls all over the world. So without further a do, let’s meet the new toys.

VIP Pets - Alex

The VIP Pets - Adorable Puppy Dogs

So to start with there are six little VIP Pet dogs being released. These cute little puppies come with long hair and each dog comes with a set of grooming tools so you can style them and give them their own unique look. The pets are sold separately and come in nice little boxes. So let’s meet the team of pets.

Alex - Alex is possibly the cutest of the lot, she comes with bright orange hair and she wears a red and green chequered top. Her personality is said to be that of a hipster, meaning she is quite individualistic and has her own unique style. She is also a photographer so always has her camera with her wherever she goes.

Nyla - Next up is Nyla, she has dark fur and comes wearing a yellow headband. She has dark brown hair and lots of it, so great for styling. Her favourite pass time is Yoga so she is always fit and healthy. She wears a bright yellow outfit with a pretty design on it.

Taylor - Possibly the most adorable VIP Pet is Taylor. She is so cute and has long blue hair and wears a light blue outfit. As with the other dogs she comes with a collar which in this case is blue. Her biggest love is sport and she loves surfing and also snowboarding, so she loves to be in the outdoors and active.

Lady Gigi

Juliet - Juliet has bright red hair and this is another one that is wonderful for styling. She wears a pink outfit and she also has a pink ribbon in her hair. She is a romantic at heart and she loves to write love stories and poetry.

Lady Gigi - The most stylish of the group has to be Lady Gigi. She loves the colour turquoise and she loves to throw some shapes on the dance floor. She wears a striped top and wears pink glasses, she also comes with pink dangly earrings that you can swap around.

Gwen - Gwen is the rocker of the group. She plays guitar and loves to sing. She wears a white and pink outfit and she also has a black collar. Her hair is the only one of the pets that has streaks in it, she wears it with white and pink colours in. Gwen looks like the most modern and trendy of the pets.


Prices & Availability

So now you know a little bit about each of the VIP Pets and all their names, where can you get them from? Well the release date for these was mid summer across much of Europe and so in places like Spain, France and the UK they are now available in most good toy shops. However, these have not made it over to the US yet. We would guess it depends upon how well they sell in Europe as to whether or not they head overseas and really take the whole world by storm.

When it comes to price, these are for sale in the UK at around £10, so that really is not to expensive at all. They are not suitable for children under three as they have small parts included. Each VIP Pet comes with some styling and grooming tools so girls can choose from a range of hair styles to give to their new pets.

Although there are only six VIP Pets currently on sale there are more planned for later in the year. IMC Toys have said they are bringing out two new pets at a later date and depending upon how well the first wave sells they are likely to bring out more updates to the range in the future. If these really take off then there is no real limit to where these could go in the future.

Along with the six new characters that have come out you can also buy a VIP Pets Beauty Salon. This will cost you around £20 and it comes with some extra grooming tools and it has a real working shower, which means you can give your pets a wash to keep them looking their best. Again it is expected that if the line sells well there will be more additional items made available.

It is still very early days for the VIP Pets at the moment. Time will tell how successful these become, but as you can see just by looking at the pictures these really are very cute and they have massive potential. In the run up to Christmas 2013 these really could be massive sellers and they could well be one of the most popular toys for the year. On the other hand if they are not promoted correctly they could end up dying before they get started. It will be interesting to see just how well these do in the future.


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