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WalkThrough For Plants War of Gamevil 01

Updated on March 14, 2012

Plants War is a Realtime mobile action battle arena designed by Gamevil which is my favorite app design company.

In the game we need to use the plants to fight against the beasts in order to protect the earth, this game is quit amazing. Now let's begin our walkthrough.

Stage 1

The very first stage, we can only use the hero leafy and the plant Leaf Blower to play the game. Leafy is the main character of the game, and his attack mode is throwing the mid-range magic bomb to attack the enemies, it has four skills to upgrade during the fight, the first one is Mistic Shot which is a rang single attack to the enemies, the second one is ground slam which is a area attack, the third one is a passive skill called Naiad's Blessing to increase the HP recovery, the last one is the final skill-Tree Meteor which can be learnt only after LV5 and it deals a large damage to the enemy.

And leaf blower is a fast move unit. The purpose of the stage is to kill beasts on the map and destroy their gun turrets and sanctuary. The first stage is quite easy, just combine the attack skills to kill the enemy hero, and we can win the fight.

Stage 2

In this stage the enemy boss will still be the Bear, it needs to be close to us to attack us, so we can keep the distance to him and use the skill to kill it. The enemy units will be the range attack eagles, just use the area skill to clear them all the time, and we can finish the fight in a short period.

Stage 3

This stage the enemies will have one close melee unit and one range unit, the only difficulty of this stage is the amount of the enemy units, we should be careful of our HP, they can easily kill our hero in one shoot together.

Stage 4

In this stage, the boss will become the tiger which is a range hero, it has a quite high attack rate and its skill can easily reduce lots of our HP, so in the beginning of the stage, we should not try to kill it but try to upgrade as soon as possible which means to kill more enemy units, the units will remain the same like last stage but the enemy will have one tower to defense their basement just like us, so we should destroy the tower first. From this stage the game becomes a little more difficult but we can still conquer it easily.

Stage 5

The hero remains the same, but there are 3 melee units and they are quite strong at the beginning of the fight, so do not let them surround our hero, otherwise if the hero got killed we will be hard to win the game. Use the hit and run strategy to beat the units, and save the large skill for the hero.

Stage 6

Two melee rice units and one range bat unit, this stage we can unlock the Tree Protector which has a pretty high defense, so the stage will be quite easy, just let the Protector to take the enemies for us, and use the skills to kill them.

Stage 7

Now the enemy hero becomes an Owl which has a high HP and hard to be killed and there will be one bear melee unit, one mouse melee unit and one bat range unit. My suggest for our team is to use two Tree Protectors and one Seed Shooter to fight against them.

Stage 8

The Owl will take 3 bats range units with it to fight in this stage, I will keep the same team with 2 Tree Protectors and 1 Seed Shooter. Kill the bats first and let our units to deal with the boss, take the chance to use the skill to win the battle. The battle is quite hard, if the Owl goes back to their base, it is almost impossible to kill it. Just destroy their base and ignore the hero.

Stage 9

This stage is even harder, except the 3 bats range unit there will also be one bear melee unit to be our enemy, just keep an eye on our heros HP, and stay near our Tower at the beginning of the battle, and be strong enough then go to kill them all. Be careful of the enemy boss's skill, it can slow us down, so do not get near to the enemies. After we destroy the enemy's tower, there will be a lot of units produced by the enemy base time by time, be careful with their amount.

Stage 10

The Enemy team will be the Owl hero and one bear melee unit, one bat rang unit one eagle range unit and one mouse melee unit. We can still only have 3 units in our team, this time I put the Potato Blower inside our team, it has a high attack power and a good HP. Use the same strategy to fight the enemies, stay near our tower, use the final skill to clear the enemy units and take the chance to destroy their buildings, and win the game step by step.


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    • profile image

      cameron416 5 years ago

      If you're having trouble, trying using the Flameshooter and Stem Skewer units together, both of their attacks can hurt multiple units from a distance so they're helpful. I used Spear Leafy once I got around stage 35, and then used Elite Leafy with them from about stage 50 until around stage 75, and then switched to Beserker Leafy, curently at stage 94 :)

      P.S. : remember you can buy temporary plant points with gold or permanently with leaves, once you get to the stages that make more than 900 coins a battle, it's a good idea to start using coins to buy Plant pts.

      PPS : remember to try and do the achievements because once you complete them, you can go to the homescreen, click "achievements" and claom rewards from the

    • profile image

      LazyBrown 5 years ago

      How can i Unlock New arena?. . .bcoz i defeats all stage 1 to 50 but it still Coming soon

    • profile image

      Jonny 5 years ago

      Level 100 already with berserker, to easy with that beast.

    • profile image

      Pats 5 years ago

      Anyone try cannon leafy and compare it to berserker leafy? I wonder if one is better than the other.

    • profile image

      Nozy 5 years ago

      Just bought splash leafy with leafs earned. Pretty good character if you ask me. : D Still in level 26 T^T

    • profile image

      Gamer 5 years ago

      Sorry, not the muscle leafy. I meant the berserker. The new one that costs 20,000 coins. Expensive, but truly worth it.

      One move deals damage automatically whenever he is hit. Another is the earthquake that the original hero has, but this one stuns enemies for a few seconds, giving you a chance to either run away or finish them off. Also, the passive skill is where berserker leafy gains health whenever it deals damage. The last skill lets the leafy attack harder and faster, but his defense goes down too. I prefer leveling up the earthquake and health regeneration first.

    • profile image

      Gamer 5 years ago

      Its a pretty big challenge getting to level 50, but after that you can get the muscle leafy which is useful til around level 70. Thats when things start to get hard again. I havent spent any leaf yet. Its just all about the strategy: movement of the hero, choosing which skill to upgrade and when, and knowing when to use each move. Also, i use different units depending on the units that they have. If my hero is a close up fighter like quick leafy, i have units that can strike from a distance so that ill be in the front taking the hits. That way my units will pile up and help beat the stage.

    • profile image

      Cameron 5 years ago

      I hate this game the emeies are too strong and they can level up and they can heal themselves

    • profile image

      Zak 5 years ago

      Well i can just guess, since there are normal heroes and we have their upgreaded form like leafy/elite leafy, quick leafy/fighter leafy, spear leafy/knight leafy. I think the 2 new characters will be the upgreaded forms of splash leafy and muscle leafy.

      I just guess we will see when an update come.



    • profile image

      ikaika 5 years ago

      anyone no's what are the comming soon chracters going b?

    • profile image

      Zak 5 years ago

      I beat the game all levels and all difficulties.

      As Jeff said above you can get stuck, but if your patient, you can get leaf from the random draws at the end of each lv, I got enough to buy a Fighter Leafy. It works perfectly. I got some stat point drops and pulled up his def from 8 to 19(maxed) and its atk from 45 to 56. This leafy is pretty strong when its def is enchanted, and a great help to beat the game.

      And thx Gamevil for thoose tons of fantastic games ^^.

      Good luck everyone beating the game.



    • profile image

      fausto 5 years ago

      I beat it level 39:-)

    • profile image

      Jeff 5 years ago

      I cannot beat stage 39!!! So frustrating! I've tried every setup, character and pets. Granite, I haven't bought any characters/pets with leaf, I'm thinking its near impossible to beat 39 and up without using a character you purchase with leaf! I suppose though, that's how quite a few of these games are. They suck you in with a free download, offer great gameplay, then you get stuck at a certain point unless you purchase special items/characters...

    • profile image

      Kenix 5 years ago

      How can you past level 26 it"s so hard and I waste 54 health packs and still died

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      What are the points you get at the end of each stage? And what do they do?

    • profile image

      13.C 5 years ago

      Why are there so many random links?

      The tree meteor skill is a ranged area attack, it can wipe out all the enemy's units if used properly.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      I find that quick leafy works very well if you increase his defense. You can get stat points for free from some random drops. I am on stage 26 and have died very few times.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      where do you get leaves in game? aside from the random box every cleared mission? and what does doing infinity stage get you?

    • profile image

      FF 5 years ago

      Use lots of potions :/ its getting harder from 21 onwards lol

    • profile image

      Gor 5 years ago

      How do I defeat stage 21?