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WalkThrough For Plants War of Gamevil 02

Updated on March 14, 2012

Now let us go on with our walkthrough for the dota like game---plants war.

Stage 11

In this stage the enemy boss changes to a polar bear which can use an ice missle to attack us and slow us down. The enemy army will contain three bear melee units which have a pretty high HP. So I use the Tree Protector with the Potato Blower to fight against them. Just be aware not be sourounded by the enemies, and focus on killing the enemy units. Save the skills to wait the enemy boss lost some HP and use all the skills together to kill it, and 1 to 2 times we can win the battle.

Stage 12

From this stage the enemy will have 4 units but unfortunately we will still only have three units, so this means the battle will become harder, especially in the beginning of the stage, our hero is easy to be killed if we stay close to the enemies. They will have 2 bear melee units and 2 pig melee units. The pig melee units are stronger than all of our units, if one vs one, our unit will definitly be killed by them. So we need to use our skill to clean the enemies. What I do is to attack the boss with missile when I see it, and it will go back to let the HP recover, and we take the time to kill the enemy units.

Stage 13

Still the polar bear boss, but this time with one bear melee unit, two pig melee unit, and one red bat range unit which is quite annoying for the fight because its attack can pierce all our units. So in order to win this battle, we need to kill the red bat as soon as possible, put it on the top of the killing list, and follow the same strategy we can win the battle.

Stage 14

In this stage there will be 4 voles melee units, they are quite strong, our hero looses HP rapidly at the low level facing them. So we should let the Towers to help us clear the enemy, just ignore the boss,just missile him repeatly to release the pressure of our units. Then take the chance to destroy their buildings. It only takes time to win the batte.

Stage 15

Just like the stage 14, but has one red bat, and this makes the battle easier, since our level 3 missile can easily kill the red bat, so we can clear the enemy wave faster, and our unit can do more damage to the enemies. Be patient and we can win the fight.

Stage 16

Two voles melee units and Two red bat range units, this is a hard team, our units die fast, and the enemies produce far more units than us. So always save the final skill to clear the enemy, after our hero reach a pretty high level, then the fight become easier. This stage is the first stage I lost, so I beleve the game will beome harder and harder from now on.


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