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WalkThrough for Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend of Gamevil 06

Updated on December 30, 2011

Chapter Seven: Heavenly Crisis

Quest 01: Mysterious Man

Now we have reached Heaven, we need to follow a path of a Holy Warrior, go to the destroyed Coelraum.

Direction: use the Sky port to the Coelraum.

Quest 02: Heavenly Camp

The heaven has not been totally destroyed, it still has some survivors,now we should go to the Heavenly Camp.

Direction: go N-N to the Heavenly Camp.

Quest 03: Dark Portal

We need to check the Dark Portal to see what happens there.

Direction: go S-E-E to the Dark Portal

Quest 04: Keeper of the Dark Portal

Now the Guard of the Dark Portal has appeared to attack us, defeat him. The Boss Keltura is quite easy to defeat, it is just an upgrade mode of the King Necromencer, but the monsters around him is quite annoying, just take an eye on the HP, the battle will be easy.

Quest 05: Prison Beark

But the Dark Portal has transport us to the prison, and we get caught by the Shatura, luckily Elisa comes to rescue us. Now we need to break the prison.

Direction: go W-N

Quest 06: Dark General Leviathan

We seemed to get into a trap, now we need to defeat the Boss Dark General Leviathan to escape the prison. Leviathan is quite tough to the Slayor, because we can only attack him nearby, and he has a lot of the attack skills. First of all it will summon a Fire Portal in the map, we should destroy this first, since the Leviathan can summon monsters through the Portal, if we destroy it ,all the monsters will disappear. My strategy is to attack the Leviathan only after he finishes one attack, doge the fire balls from him and attack him, never stand on the fire cirle he summoned, this would be deadly. If you be aware of all these, the battle only takes time to end.

Quest 07: Find Elisa

Now we defeat the trap, go find Elisa and talk to her.

Direction: go N-N and we can find Elisa at the end of the path.

Quest 08: Crossroads of Choice

Since we found Elisa, and it is the time we escape the prison.

Direction: go N to be out of the Prison

And there finishes the Chapter Seven, I'm sorry for the late update, since it's been quite busy for me these days.

The Next is Chapter Eight: The Spiral of Fate


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    • profile image

      Hacker 5 years ago


    • profile image

      ladon 5 years ago

      before enter, buff sacrifice, scale aura, wide stance.. then turn on dragon aura.. replenish mana and enter.. the minute the fight start.. attacked with whirlwind lvl 7 and sword wave lvl 10.. that would kill him in an instant ...

    • profile image

      Brianazenonia 5 years ago

      He's so hard slayer lvl 47

    • profile image

      Cool guy 5 years ago

      Lvl 1 killed levithan ranger

    • profile image

      Deathmoon 5 years ago

      For god's sake actually I already escaped from the prison through the so called back door behind the three people.. Because I have played it once. Who knows I escaped from it but it seems like I'm destinied to beat leviathan but actually I don't need to. Just being lazy to fight with this dangerous guy who costs me a lot of origin or life.

    • profile image

      Lv 48 Ranger [Pure DEX] 5 years ago

      Guys... it's too easy to beat Leviathan -.- at least you try few times...

      Why you guys complain about not beating? You have to notice what walkthrough guide talks about. (Warning: look up your build). It is pretty helpful. If you don't listen that ones, you will be screwed up unless you are high level or hacker or richer. I'm not all of them. I'm normal like most people are. It's not hard. Trust me. Listen this warning in guide. It pretty works. If you are frustrated with fire balls, then just dodge like just dash by yourself... If he summons fire whirl ones, just destroy it before too late and you will be screwed up because his summons are also too strong. Also, if he summons big fire circle around, don't bother to dodge quickly. Just be careful otherwise you will get hit by it so hard. Blader can dash invisible through fire. That's no problem for Blader... Slayer, too because hes tanky. Druid is too risky if only get hit but strong dmg. Ranger is pretty great at dodge. I tell you a word: You must be Nuke. Period.

    • profile image

      spirit bear 5 years ago

      i just used fire step and killed leviathan in less than a minute

    • profile image

      conrad 5 years ago

      Does anyone know what the deal is with the mysterious man in eraes town (beginning of game with dupree) when you talj to the woman about mining bronze there is an invisible npc (its off the map) but if you move around it you can see his name....itz driving me nuts! What is it?!

    • profile image

      Lvl50ranger 5 years ago

      mr floop, what lvl were you when you cleared this boss?

    • profile image

      Destiny 5 years ago

      Try buying lots of large elixirs or combining them with the recipe. (requires 3 large hp potions) Only attack the leviathan with skills too. That really helps in a boss.

    • profile image

      Hacker 5 years ago

      One word: Hack.

    • profile image

      Joshua 5 years ago

      Damn la... I am stucked there .. Totally can't do anything now.. Someone HELP

    • profile image

      mr floop 5 years ago

      Leviathan was kind of a challenge. He wasn't a long boss battle for me, but did take a few tries. I'm a ranger and I spammed my thunderbolt 2 (ultimate ranger skill) and other skills til he died. When he did hit me, I usually would die.

    • profile image

      kaito 5 years ago

      hard to beat levi its so strong

    • profile image

      Undeadtoast 6 years ago

      Hey man, all you have to do is go ack to the teleport gate at the original one you used to get to leviathan then go all the way to the end of the place it brought you to. Just keep going right all the way until you reach the part of the map where there is a place you can't access. Then take the rout to the extreme right and you shld ind yourself in a jail cell with 3 other peopl. Attack te door and it will open. Now you can go left and find leviathan again

    • profile image

      Waldi7388 6 years ago

      But very hard is, i used a teleport scroll to town for buy new equipment. Now i cant back to the prison :/ any idea to solve the problem?

    • profile image

      Black Rain 6 years ago

      I cant beat the sorcerer next to portal to the dark realm. Its the anoying mobsters around him

    • profile image

      Kenny 6 years ago

      In my case, leviathan actually killed himself with his fire circle. Try not getting caught in it and drawing him out

    • profile image

      Blazershot 6 years ago

      I can't beat leviathan he just does too much damage to me and his fire circle is too big and I have no where to dodge his attacks help!