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WalkThrough for Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend of Gamevil 02

Updated on December 30, 2011

Now let us go on with the Chapter two of the Zenonia 4

Chapter Two: Man on a Mission

Quest 1: Anya has lost her glow

We need to find a town, go to Adonis Tower.

Direction: go N-E to Adonis Town

Quest 2: Find a Elementalist

Look for the Elementalist in the Adonis Town. Find the yellow question mark.

Quest 3: Restoring Light

In order to restore the light, we need to get 8 liferoot which is located in the Eraes Forest to the South.

Direction: go S to the Eraes Forest Entrance, we can pick up the liferoots on the ground, they are the shinning flowers.

Quest 4: Jessica's Request

Jessica's daughter Ian was kidnapped to the south of the town, go find her.

Direction: go -S-S to Eraes Forest Southwest, we can find Ian lying on the ground.

Quest 5: The Chase

We now need to find the kidnapped kids, the clues lead us to Eraes Forest Path

Direction: go W to the Eraes Forest Path

Quest 6: It's a Trap

It is a trap facing us, we need to defeat the boss: Obliterate Baki. The boss is the stronger mode of the hunter, can attack us in distance, do not use all the combos to attack the boss, because the last combo will pause for a while, and the boss will attack us during this moment.

Quest 7:Noble Warrior

We find the kid, now go back to tell Jessica the good news. Back to the Adonis Tower.

Direction: go N-N back to the Adonis Tower.

Quest 8: A Needle in a Haystake

When we talk to the Jessica, a thief boy steals our money, now we need to find him out. Luke is at the right side of the map. It comes out that the thief boy is a message deliver from the future.

Quest 9: Mark of Ladon

Now we need to follow the instruction from the future to find the Mark of Ladon in the Eraes Forest. Move to the Tree Lane.

Direction: go S-S-W-W-N-N to the Tree Lane.

Quest 10: Ladon's Minion Frodo

When we want to destroy the Mark of Ladon, the boss comes out, it is the Minion Frodo. The boss cannot move but it can attack us from underground all over the map, so we we need to keep moving when a black circle appears under our foot. It will also summon three small monsters to attack us. Just keep running, to not bother the small monsters, attack the boss after he attacked us.

Quest 11: Side Effect

Now we are again appear in someplace we don't know ,go to find a town and meet their elementalist. Go find elementalist of Deva Castle.

Direction: go W-W to the Deva Castle. Find the Elementalist through the question mark on the map.

Quest 12: Joining the Royal Guard

We now need to talk to the Royal Guard at the Northern Guard Outpost

DirectionL: go N to the Deva Castle Barracks, and go inside the Tent.

Quest 13: Chael's Test

Now we are one of the Royal Guards, our first mission is to search the Snowy Region, we need to go to the ice shelf.

Direction: go S-E-N-N-W-N-W-N-N to the Ice Shelf.

Quest 14: Infiltration!

Now we need to kill 5 Obliterate Sasquatch and search the area in 25 seconds. Just kill the monsters, do not care the human enemies, the quest only counts the Obliterate Sasquatches.

Quest 15: Hunting Elruba

Now we have maken the boss come out, defeat the Obliterate Elruba. The boss's attack mode is quite simple, it can only use his fist to attack us, but it really hurts a lot. So take an eye on the HP and bring enough HP potion, we can easily defeat it.

Quest 16: Uncomfprtable Return

Since we have finished our mission, now it's time to go back to the guard base.

Direction: go S-S-W-S-W-S-S-W-N to the Deva Castle Barracks.

Quest 17: Requesting Support

Now we need to go to assist our allies, go to talk to Sven.

Direction: go S-W-N-N-W-N-W-N-E to the Crystal Mountain Outpost, we can find Sven on the map easily.

Quest 18: Infiltrating the Temple

We need to find the mark of Ladon before the monsters, now we should go the the underground cave and find Ladon's Seal

Direction: go E-N-N-E-E-N and we find the Ladon's Seal deep inside the cave.

Quest 19: Dark General Leonard

Fight with the monster Boss, we now need to slay the Dark General Leonard. The Dart General Leonard is quite strong, it has Three attack modes, one is use both fists to attack us, the second one is just like the first one, but it willl attack twice and the range will be a little bit further, the third one is quite strong, the boss will chase us circling, do not let it catch us. Sometimes the boss's attack will slow us down, we should leave it as far as possible when we are debuffed. My strategy is to attack him use the skill right after his attack, but this will takes time and need extra carefulness.

Quest 20: Return to Snowy Outpost

Now we can go back to Elisa and tell her what happened here.

Quest 21: Gathering Information

Now we need to go back to the Guard Outpost to let them know the up-to-the-date information.

Direction: go W-S-E-S-E-S-S-E-N to the Royal Guard Outpost.

Direction: go W-W-S-S-W to the Snowy Outpost.

Quest 22: Clear the Area

This time we need to kill 15 Golems in the area.It is a good time to gain EXP.


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    • profile image

      cchaplin 3 years ago

      cannot go to the forest to the Southwest. cannot finish Zeratus's request to defeat salamanders. the area still blocked. im doing other quest, but cannot go through the area. what should i do

    • profile image

      Carl 5 years ago

      I can't get the stone to move on the mark of ladon quest. Is there a minimum strength level required?

    • profile image

      Ace 5 years ago

      Gabriel, tall to the portal guy and pay him 500 gold

    • profile image 5 years ago

      How to go again on the other town im lv 17 and in adonis town cant go to the other?

    • profile image

      Me 5 years ago

      You have to return 2 town and then tell the mom person. Go back to Baki. He'll b there but dash past him and his minions to the other side and go to the path. Then continue story

    • profile image

      Loa 5 years ago

      Wtf! I have twice defeated Baki and nothing happens. When I leave, he and his guys come back to life! Help!

    • profile image

      drei luis canlas 5 years ago

      my slayer can't defeat leonard but my blader did . uhhhh I'm

      pist right now