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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: OTR: Case 4

Updated on March 19, 2012

Welcome back to Walkthrough. We're jumping right back into the zombieland of Fortune City. Last time, TK got away and Frank was left with little answers. However in the midst of rescuing survivors and stopping psychopaths, TK reveals his hand.

Day 2, 1:00 PM. You need to be in the Security Room of the Safe House to start this Case. Frank, Rebecca, and Stacey speculate why TK would let the zombies loose. Their discussion is cut short as an explosion somewhere in the city rocks the room. Turning to the monitors, mercs are robbing the casino vaults. Rebecca is going out to investigate.

Case 4-2. Like the original, the Americana, Slot Ranch, and the Yucatan are the three casinos being robbed. The main difference is the amount of mercs at each location have increased as well as introducing mercs to place they weren't before.

Enter the Americana First as it's the closest. There are seven-eight mercs in the casino: two-three are to the right of the east entrance and five are to the south by the casino vault. There will be two outside the vault room, one in the doorway, and two inside the vault room. I usually use Knife Gloves in this encounter. But after this first merc encounter, I have 1-2 Merc Assault Rifles as they do decent damage and you can easily replace them as you continue this case.

After destroying the drill, answer Stacey's call, telling you there are more mercs. Don't forget the money case nearby and the other one behind a nearby desk. By the cashier's counter, get the Security Key #083 near the door.

Head to the Slot Ranch Casino. The Casino Vault is on the east side of the Stage Area. One Merc is in the Stage Area, three outside the vault, and three inside the vault. Destroy the drill and get another call from Stacey. There's a money case leaning by the wall near the vault.

Heading to the Yucatan, there are two mercs between the conveyors. There is another two mercs in the southern Food Court.

Inside the Yucatan, there are two mercs waiting just inside. One merc inside the kitchen of the restaurant. The casino vault is just south of the elevators. Two mercs are outside the vault room and four inside. Destroy the drill, get the call of Stacey and find out that the Atlantica Casino is being robbed. There is a Money Case on the wall opposite the vault.

Leave into the Silver Strip. Like the original, they are robbing it from the outside. If you have the SUV, use it to run all the mercs over. If not, make sure your healing items are well-stocked and you have 2 Merc Assault Rifles. There's about eight mercs at the sight. Take out about 1-2 Mercs, then find cover and heal. After the mercs are taken out, all that remains is destroying the armored van and bring an end to the case.

The cutscene goes pretty much unchanged. With TK angry, his grand plan has been foiled and retreats back into shadows. Frank saves Rebecca from the exploding van. Now it's time to make her source, she wants you to make her at Bennie Jack's in the Americana Casino at 12:00 AM.


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