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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: OTR: Case 3

Updated on February 6, 2012

On this edition of Walkthrough, we are covering the third case of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. We have survived the Outbreak, we have put an end to one of the conspirators, now is the time to confront Stacey and get some answers.

Day 1, After Case 2. Return to the Security Room of the Safe House to end Case 3-1. After telling Stacey what you've found out, she still tells you CURE is innocent and TK must be behind everything. Just then, something appears on the monitor and it seems guys are moving equipment underneath the Palisades Mall. With this as your only lead, You are off.

Case 3-2. Make your way to the Palisades Mall, the entrance to the Underground is on the 1st Floor, Eastern end of the Mall on the south side. Once you are there, run down the staircase and into the loading bay, this will trigger a cutscene. Instead of fighting three mercs, you engage in another round of journalism.

Remember, you need to hold down both right shoulder buttons to go into camera mode. Scan around and take pictures when the yellow PP symbol appears over the merc's head, there are two in this sequence. Don't worry about getting close, they ignore you.

Once this is over, a merc spots you and TK starts to leave by train. Hiding behind a pillar, Frank is safe from the gun shots. When they start leaving, Frank runs with all his might and dives into the back of the train (I was cheering as I needn't do that annoying motorcycle chase mini-game again!) and starts the next sequence.

Like the original, you need to kill 6 mercs as you head to the front of the train. There are plenty of healing items around to help you survive this. Examining the door at the front of the train gives you a cutscene similar to DR2; you question TK, he uncouples the front car and escapes. After a cutscene with Stacey calling you on your bluetooth receiver, you get the Underground Access Key.

Once you are back in control, you'll be at the South Plaza Station. Take a cart and drive it east down the tunnel until you are under the Atlantica Casino, there is a platform on the north side. This is the only zombrex that remains at the same location. Once you have it, climb the ladder to the Silver Strip and end the case.

Next time, we will jump into Case 4. Until then, good luck in your zombie-killing endeavors in Fortune City.


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