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Want To Buy A Real NBA (Lakers) World Championship Ring?

Updated on September 23, 2011
2009 NBA Ring
2009 NBA Ring

NBA Ring Anyone?

Now I think this only happens in the movies.

But I guess with the NBA Champs coming from Hollywood (LA) this wouldn't be too far off.

But no, this is real man!

An authentic never been worn National Basketball Association World Championship Ring will go up on sale.

No I guess it will be placed on a world-wide auction in a few months time.

And who's selling?

It will be no other that the newest Los Angeles Laker, Ron Artest. And he has said so without even first seeing his ring which will be awarded to the Lakers Team in a Pre-game Ceremony in their Opening Game against the Houston Rockets on October 26, 2010.

And it is interesting to note that this should have been Ron's first NBA Championship Ring in over ten years of trying to win one and playing for a handful of teams in the NBA.

And what's even more interesting is that he plans to donate the entire proceeds to charity.

Now what can you say to that?

And some people are calling him crazy, well in a way, he might be, but now in a good way.

So to all you True blue Sports Memorabilia Fans, don't miss out on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime event and yes a once-a-lifetime chance.

And you thought I was one of those guys off the street, whispering...

"Hey wanna buy a ring?"

"Wanna buy an authentic NBA Championship Ring?"

"Yes, really cheap."

"Wanna see?"

I'm sure you do!

Check it out, October 26, 2010.

2010 NBA Ring Ceremony

Kobe kissing his Championship RIng which was presented to all Lakers on Season Opening Night October 26, 1010 at Staples Center
Kobe kissing his Championship RIng which was presented to all Lakers on Season Opening Night October 26, 1010 at Staples Center

Now You Can Win The Ring

October 27, 2010

Today, the day after the season opener, Ron Artest will start to not auction his NBA Championship Ring but to actually raffle it off to some lucky ordinary person, just like you and me.

And today you and everyone else has a chance to win it.

And it starts by purchasing a raffle ticket (US$2 each) through Ron's website.

The proceeds will benefit the Xcel University, a charity that Ron strongly supports.

Raffle date will be on Christmas day and so what are you waiting for?

This can be yours for Two dollars?

Ron Artest

Finally, a bad boy to a good one
Finally, a bad boy to a good one


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  • J@ps profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Southern California

    Hello rainpop,

    If you look above, you can see a couple of choices, a replica of the 2009 ring or the 2010 ring. If you click on any of them, I am sure you can browse around's website and you can find more options.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I am looking for a Laker ring for my bf and his size is 13 it will be are 2 years anniversary and he love the Lakers so much. I do not have that much money. Please help me out. From rainpop

  • J@ps profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Southern California

    Yup, he is doing a good thing.

    You are welcome Christopher.

  • Christopher Price profile image

    Christopher Price 

    8 years ago from Vermont, USA

    It would be a grand gesture to donate the proceeds from the sale of what is just a gaudy bauble to a worthy charity.

    A martial arts master doesn't wear his black belt every minute of every day. The knowing you have achieved a certain level in a life dedicated to excellence need not be worn for all to see.

    I say good for Ron Artest.

    Good read, thanks.



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