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The curse of undeath Warhammer fantasy battle 8th Edition Vampire Counts Lore of the Vampires Lore Attribute

Updated on January 30, 2012

The Curse of Undeath

The Curse of Undeath is the name of the lore attribute for the Lore of the Vampires available to, yes you guessed it Vampire Counts in Warhammer fantasy battle 8th edition. This useful Lore attribute allows you to heal a single wound to the wizard themselves or another friendly model within 12".

The wording of the spell suggest it can only be used to heal multiple wound models who have "lost" a wound already in the game and cannot be used to heal another character (other then the caster) as under the Resurrecting Fallen Warriors special rule a spell must specifically state that this can be done.

Overall this is a highly useful attribute and makes the Lore of Vampires a more promising selection to take your spells from, the effect is present whether you are "healing" units with Invocation of Nehek or raising new ones with Raise Dead, augmenting units or using dark magic to obliterate your enemies with Gaze of Nagash or Wind of Death.

Comparison with other lore attributes

As lore attributes go the curse of undeath is a very useful one, the nearest other lore attribute is from the lore of life (which vampire counts cannot have) from the main warhammer rulebook. It is also similar to the ogre kingdoms gut magic lore attribute though without the risk of suffering a strength 6 hit!

As the lore of the vampires is all in all a solid choice of lore for vampire counts character,this lore attribute certainly adds to the benefit of that. Considering a 3 wound vampire lord (or 4 with curse of the revenant) with a high armour save and potentially a ward save can use this attribute to regain wounds makes both vampire heroes and vampire lords extremely difficult to dispose of (just like vampires are in the movies).

Remember as well that the lore attribute still applies when it is cast as a bound spell this can make the arcane item the book of arkhan doubly useful. It allows the bearer to cast a cheap spell that benefits a nearby unit and heals another wound due to the curse of undeath, it also allows a vampire or necromancer who has taken another lore to use this useful attribute.

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      Vampfan 4 years ago

      Cool bonus for when you cast