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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirty: A Pit of Paranoia

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

T-Bone is frankly astonished that Aiden managed to steal back his truck, and as thanks for the gift he's willing to get started on the whole Blume hacking thing. First thing's first, though: they need security clearance. Whom better to steal it from than a security chief? But, ah, if only they knew where one was... hiding... is that a helicopter I hear in the distance...?

A Pit of Paranoia

Location: Eastern shore, Pawnee

Prerequisite(s): Complete Hope is a Sad Thing

- Once you finish up the previous mission you'll get into the usual assortment of conversations. When they run their course - and T-Bone mentions something dubious about a helicopter - A Pit of Paranoia will pop up on the far eastern edge of Pawnee. Saddle up. Your destination is a small picnic area out in the wilderness.

- Upon activating the mission, T-Bone will send you on a wild chase in the wake of a helicopter. It will fly west over Pawnee, to a trailer park in the far west of the district. Tag it with a waypoint on the map and follow the path laid out on the roads. You need to be fast to keep up, so consider stealing the bike propped by the picnic area at the beginning of the mission. (That said, you have a fair amount of leeway in falling behind compared to most other chasing missions, and no one will try to stop you along the way.)

Aiden attempts to infiltrate a heavily-guarded trailer park during the A Pit of Paranoia mission in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden attempts to infiltrate a heavily-guarded trailer park during the A Pit of Paranoia mission in Watch_Dogs.

- The helicopter will hover over the trailer park, revealing it as a guarded danger zone. Fortunately, you can hack the helicopter from the fence surrounding the park and use it to surveil the place from above. Do not give in to temptation and start blowing people up! You'll fail the mission! (You can, however, disrupt communications and trigger an audio log in the area. Totally fine. Just hold off on the killin'.)

- You need to tag two possible men as Blume security personnel. One is in the rear of the park, wandering behind one of the larger trailers on his own. The other is on the east side, standing between two trailers. Once you've IDed 'em you'll have to take them both out. Now you can begin killing folks.

Hacking Fun

The two security dudes you need to take down are largely protected from hacking hazards, and you'll need to kill them with a more personal touch. For this purpose you'll have to infiltrate the park, sneak up on 'em, and do what Aiden does best. A fierce gun battle can also work, so long as you start with the southern-most security dude, though where's the fun in that? Despite their lack of vulnerabilities, you can use the helicopter to take out many of the other guards, making your job much easier.

  • The park is teeming with explosive panels. Either wait for guards to fumble into range or Lure them over. Killing other guards this way may also draw out your two targets.
  • In particular, the two guards blockading the park's main entrance have a cell phone distraction and an explosive, respectively. Trigger the cell phone to distract them both, then set off the explosive. You'll take out both, as well as their cover.
  • There are numerous distractions, including pop machines, car alarms, and cell phones which you can exploit. There are many places to hide, making these distractions highly useful if you want to take a stealth approach without killing too many other guards.
  • There are two heavily-armoured guards in here, one of which has a comm system. Disable his comms so he can't call in reinforcements or organize against you.
  • It's also worth noting that some of the area's distractions and traps are not visible from the helicopter's camera. Hop into the ground-based cameras now and then to look for additional opportunities.
  • If you trigger an alert and the baddies start firing on you, you can also hack the helicopter to stop it from attacking for a few seconds.

Aiden prepares to get into a gun battle while skulking through a trailer park in the A Pit of Paranoia mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden prepares to get into a gun battle while skulking through a trailer park in the A Pit of Paranoia mission of Watch_Dogs.

- The easiest way through this area also involves an absolute minimum of bloodshed. After IDing the two security guys, sneak into the compound on the west side and use a silenced weapon or distractions to kill the first dude. Hack him and sneak back out again. That done, head to the west side of the compound and look for a road leading into and along the side of the trailer park, often populated by civilians. Sneak along the fences here until you see a larger fence beside the southern-most building, where the second security guy lingers. Wait for him to walk up to the fence, then hurl an IED over it. Blow it up before he has a chance to run. This will take the fence out, and if you're close enough you can quickly hack the guy and sneak back out the way you came. Only one guard on the way up has much potential to spot you, and you can shoot him or distract him before employing the IED.

- After wiping out the militia members or just plain escaping the mission will end in success. T-Bone will call you up, and when he's done talking you'll get a new mission, Unstoppable Force.


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