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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Thirty-Seven: The Defalt Condition

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden has successfully avoided Defalt's Fixers, and in doing so has seemingly gained the teensiest bit of respect from the rodent hacker. Aiden's not content with that much, though. He wants Defalt's butt on a plate. And now, thanks to T-Bone, he has the prankster tracked down to his day job at the Ambrose Theater. Have fun online, Defalt? We'll see how much you like Aiden when he's charging at you with a baton on his hand.

The Defalt Condition

Location: Ambrose Theater, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete The Rat's Lair

- After fleeing or defeating Defalt's Fixers, a waypoint will pop up to the south, in The Loop. The waypoint is across the street from the very-obvious Ambrose Theater.

- You need to find a way into the Ambrose without attracting too much attention. You can do so either by hacking into the building's security router on the right side of the building, unlocking a side door near the main entrance, or by hacking into the phone of the bouncer who's watching the main entrance. He'll walk away briefly, allowing you to slip in.

- Moments later you'll be on the dance floor. Check the bar on your left for a System Key and the side of the dance floor on the right for Electronic Parts, then pull out your Profiler and start hacking phones. You need to find a signal that will lead you to Defalt. (He's quite naughty. Look at all those hacked messages.)

- There are four specific phones you can hack. One is in the bottom-left corner of the club. The next is in the top-left corner. The third is on the middle-right. The last is available via the camera system; hop up to the second floor and, along with another System Key, you'll find a router that'll take you to a puzzle.

Aiden enters the Ambrose Theatre, hunting for fellow hacker Defalt in the Defalt Condition mission of Watch_Dogs. Hint: he's the dude with the giant rat ears.
Aiden enters the Ambrose Theatre, hunting for fellow hacker Defalt in the Defalt Condition mission of Watch_Dogs. Hint: he's the dude with the giant rat ears.

- This puzzle has five locks, and isn't as bad as it looks. Start by flipping the straight junction to the right of the blue source to horizontal. This will get rid of the first lock, on the top and in the middle of the puzzle. Rotate it to face down / left. Next, rotate the paths leading down from the source and to the right so they flow around and to the side of the lock to the right of the primary lock in the middle. Pop this lock open and turn it vertical. If you haven't already, rotate the bottom t-junction so it faces up, left, and right. This will get rid of the third lock. Rotate that t-junction to face down, left, and right, then twist the elbow junction immediately above the central lock to face up and left. Goodbye fourth lock. That done, rotate the junctions surrounding the central lock so they all flow to the middle. Left should face down, up, and right; top should face left / down; right should be horizontal; and the bottom should face up, down, and left.

- Aw, man, not another one. This insane puzzle has eight locks, as well as multiple blue energy sources. The key here is to only focus on one path at a time and not get bogged down by the vast number of connections.

  • First, the bottom path to the main lock. Twist the central t-junction on the bottom of the puzzle to face up, left, and right. Unlock the straight junction it flows into and turn it vertical. Done!
  • Second, the right path to the main lock. Twist the right-most elbow junction on the bottom to face left / up. Undo the next lock in line and twist it vertically. It will run into another t-junction. Twist the second t-junction below this to face up, down, and left, then change the first t-junction to up, down, and left. Unlock two more locks beyond to hit the right side of the main lock.
  • Third, the left side of the main lock. Start by twisting the center-most t-junction to face up, down, and left. This will flow into a small lock with two other unlock points. Twist the elbow junction below it to up / right and the t-junction above to any position you like to get it open. Turn the resulting elbow junction to down / right, then change the t-junction above to up, down, and left. Change the left-most t-junction on the puzzle to down, up and right, then move down to the bottom-most elbow junction here and twist it to left / up. Then twist the t-junction directly below the main lock to face up, left, and right. One more lock and one more twist later and you'll have your third connection to the main lock.

- Yikes. Jump to a camera by the DJ station. Jump to his laptop... and... there's Defalt. Nice guy, clearly.

- Once Defalt's done expressing himself, the lights will go out. Immediately run through the crowd as best you can, heading for the speakers beneath the DJ station. Climb the stairs and follow Defalt as he flees, scaling equipment boxes as needed. On the way you'll find a G106 and an IED sitting on a box in your path, and an Unstable Chemical Component just before you reach the roof. Defalt doesn't leave you much wiggle room, so don't grab these items unless you know you have enough time.

Defalt, on the cusp of a rude gesture in the Defalt Condition mission of Watch_Dogs.
Defalt, on the cusp of a rude gesture in the Defalt Condition mission of Watch_Dogs.

- On the roof you'll come under attack by Fixers. Ignore them. They won't chase you, and if you run like crazy they also won't hit you. Stick to the right side of the roof and look for a set of stairs straight ahead. Go down and hop off of the roof until you're on ground level. Get a car down here as fast as you possibly can, 'cause one of the hardest mission objectives yet is coming up.

- Now you have to tail Defalt as he tries to flee. This isn't like your typical chase mission for a few reasons:

  • Not only do you have to follow him, you need to be quite close (70-odd meters or less) for an extended period of time to achieve your mission parameters.
  • You can't ram him off the road. For that matter, you can't do anything that will hit hurt, including hacking nonsense. It's more or less a straight chase.
  • Defalt will start to hack things around you if you get too far behind. This includes steam pipes, blockers, and street lights.
  • Defalt hacks your system throughout the mission. You'll occasionally lose any lock on him, forcing you to reclick his waypoint to pick up his path again.
  • He's a good driver. He'll take you through a lot of very narrow areas to try to lose you. Figures.

- Expert driving is a necessity for this mission. Keep on Defalt's tail, follow him everywhere he goes, look for shortcuts when possible, and look for ways to delay him without taking him down. Here are some tips.

  • You aren't supposed to wipe out Defalt, but you can delay him. Smack into cars near him, or try to slide in front and bar his passage. Catch him in a pileup and he'll be forced to sit in one spot while your download completes.
  • Much of the city through which Defalt passes is laid out in straightforward blocks. Keep an eye on his path without necessarily following it exactly and you can cut him off at the next intersection. Sometimes it's quite simple to predict where he's going next.
  • Keep clicking on his spot on the map. Don't lose track of his path. It will peter out occasionally; remember to renew the waypoint whenever this happens. It's too easy to lose him otherwise.
  • Use Focus often and with relish. 'nough said.
  • If you get the opportunity, grab a motorcycle. You probably won't see one along the way, but if you do, it'll make weaving through the city and staying right on Defalt's butt soooooo much easier.

- Once you track Defalt down and get the download you'll be free to wipe him out. Pummel his car with hacks or good ol' fashioned ramming, then, when he flees (assuming he's still alive), move in for the kill. You can take him down fatally or not, it's up to you.

- Once Defalt is on his back the mission will end successfully. This will open up a new mission, Little Sister, which was a long time coming.


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