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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Four: Backseat Driver

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden may be a Fixer, but hacking isn't his only job. He's also a top-notch driver. Unfortunately, this means that questionable fellows like Jordi occasionally rope him in to perform delivery jobs that are highly dubious in the eyes of the law. Ahh, the fun of dipping into the dirty side of Chicago life...

Backseat Driver

Location: Parking lot, The Loop

Prerequisite(s): Complete Backstage Pass

- After completing Backstage Pass, a waypoint will pop up several blocks to the west of your location. Hop in your / a car drive on over. You're looking for a parking lot on a side street, one that's nevertheless highly populated at most times of the day.

- Approach the mission. The moment you try to begin it, Aiden will get hacked. He decides to deal with the Fixer rather than proceeding with the mission while exposed. A new waypoint will automatically appear on your map.

Aiden pursues a Fixer he has IDed during the Backseat Driver mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden pursues a Fixer he has IDed during the Backseat Driver mission of Watch_Dogs.

Fix the Fixer

- Head directly east of the back street, beneath an overhead bridge. The waypoint will lead you to a park. This is where your hacker is waiting, and as soon as you enter the area he'll begin picking away at Aiden's tech. You need to find him before he completes the hack and gets away. Make sure you park your car somewhere handy - you may need it in a moment.

- Your opponent, 2XTheTap, is wandering around the park. You need to open your Profiler and have a look for anyone who's acting suspicious in the vicinity. The Fixer is lingering near the building on the edge of the park, pacing back and forth. It may take a few passes to catch him with your Profiler. He looks different every time you play this mission, but he's always a man.

- If you center on the Fixer and profile him successfully he'll try to run. If you're likely you'll catch him before he gets in a car. If you're not lucky you'll have to engage in a high-speed pursuit through the city. Either way, you need to kill him, so don't worry too much about subduing the guy.

- You won't fail the mission if the Fixer gets away. That said, you gain Notoriety for successfully stopping him. Do your best to bring him down. Regardless of your success or failure, you'll unlock Online Contracts. Access the app on your phone to complete the mission. (If your gaming system isn't online you can't partake in this missions. Fear not, however - just checking out the app will allow you to continue the campaign.)

- Back to the original task!

Aiden, escorting some questionable company, hides in the back alleys of late-night Chicago while avoiding the police in the Backseat Driver mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden, escorting some questionable company, hides in the back alleys of late-night Chicago while avoiding the police in the Backseat Driver mission of Watch_Dogs.

Backseat Driver

- Return to the original waypoint. Now you can begin the mission. Upon triggering the mission the game will turn the time to night automatically, and Aiden will get a call from his client.

- Grab a car and head to the next waypoint. It's located on the small island that connects Parker Square with The Loop. As soon as you hit the island the police in the area will trigger a series of ctOS scans, each appearing as a green circle on your map. You need to avoid these circles while driving north across the island. Don't freak out if you get caught in one... but don't linger inside it for too long, either.

- The next waypoint is in a back-alley garage. Hack the garage open for a cut scene. That done, you'll hop inside a car and have to weave your way out of trouble.

- The island is now locked down by cops, and they're both stationary and in motion while searching for you. You need to drive to the waypoint in the far south without being IDed as the target. Given the amount of resistance you're facing this may seem trickier, but it's easier than it looks.

- Watch_Dogs does not play like, say, Grand Theft Auto. Rather than escaping the police you're much better off evading the authorities. Have a look at your map before going anywhere. There are three labels: the blocks are barricades, the flashing dots are police cars, and the helicopters... are... you know. You need to avoid all three to get out alive. This entails sticking to back streets, avoiding the main avenues, and occasionally shutting down your car to avoid suspicion.

- In this case, your best chance of escape is to head to the west side of the island. There's a long strip of back roads and parking lots over here, and you can safely plow through the fences between the lots on your way to the south. Only the helicopter is likely to spot you, and all you have to do to avoid its gaze is to a) stay away from the searchlight and b) shut down the car if you're spotted. Immediately shut down the car. Continue inching your way south until you leave the target zone.

- Once you've escaped the police dragnet, get on the southern freeway and follow it east until you're back on city streets. Head to the waypoint on the map and you're home free. A cut scene will bring the mission to a close...

- ... and if you wait for a little while, a new one will pop up: Open Your World.


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