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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Part Two: They Can't Hide, Big Brother

Updated on October 17, 2014
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Aiden Pierce is clearly a man with some issues. True, the world is scummy enough that his vigilante ways are somewhat justified, but he's so obsessed with stopping crime that even a whiff of wrongdoing will set him off. Where Aiden goes, They Can't Hide... especially when Aiden is acting as Big Brother to his younger sister and her son.

They Can't Hide

Location: Hideout

Prerequisite(s): Complete Bottom of the Eighth

Reward: 500 XP

- Immediately after finishing Bottom of the Eighth and having a nap, you'll unlock They Can't Hide as your next major mission. Have a look around your room if you wish - there's an audio log, and eventually you'll be able to change your outfit here - then leave again.

- Aiden is apparently obsessed with righting wrongs... and the first step in that is profiling the people near the Owl Motel, lest they show even the slightest hint of committing crimes. You only need to complete one of these small quests to proceed to the next section of the story. You can choose between hacking a woman near the stairs, a man and a woman at the base of the hotel, a man and a woman on the roof, or a group of people out front. All have different stories, but all will ultimately introduce you to solving random crimes throughout the fine city of Chicago.

Aiden speaks to his sister, Nicole, while out on the town in Watch_Dogs.
Aiden speaks to his sister, Nicole, while out on the town in Watch_Dogs.

Stopping the Baddies

This little tutorial mission gives you an idea of Aiden's everyday life. Acting the superhero, he will occasionally be called upon to profile potential criminals and, if necessary, stop them. The process of doing so changes from mission to mission, but generally it follows these basic steps:

- Profile. Hack someone's mobile device(s) and learn of a crime.

- Track down. Head to the scene of the crime. Once the mission is active it will appear as a blue circle on your map.

- Identify. Look for the key players in the crime-to-be. Aiden will usually speak up when you find the right person.

- Prevention / Takedown. Either stop the crime or punish the perpetrator. You'll receive an experience award for successfully stopping a crook, and you'll receive even more if you do so without killing the criminal. In this case, you'll probably have to chase down and knock out your target.

- After completing one of the missions the rest will disappear, and you'll get a phone call. After two phone calls you'll receive a new mission to the north.

Aiden pursues a stalker through the streets of Chicago during the Big Brother mission of Watch_Dogs.
Aiden pursues a stalker through the streets of Chicago during the Big Brother mission of Watch_Dogs.

Big Brother

Location: High Grove, Parker Square

Prerequisite(s): Complete They Can't Hide

Reward: 250 XP

- After completing one of the Crime Detection missions in They Can't Hide, a waypoint will pop up far to the north. Snag a car (yay thievery!) and drive up to the gated front of High Grove. There's a waypoint outside the gated community. Interact with it to begin the mission.

- The neighbourhood's nothing terribly special. Wander the streets listening in on conversations and stealing small amounts of money from people via hacking, if you wish, though the house is your ultimate goal.

- Approach the house to switch waypoints, then enter the backyard via the walkway on the right side. Tender cut scene follows.

- Enter the house when it's done and listen to Aiden chatting with his sister Nicky. During the conversation you can grab some Meds from the bathroom... though you may want to take a moment to trace her call via hacking. Another cut scene follows.

- Aiden will trace the call once you leave the house, tracking it to a nearby car - and the car's in motion. Hop in the empty car outside the house and follow the guy through the city. You can bash his car around with your own if you want, but it's much easier to just wait until he hits an intersection and then hack the street lights so he crashes. Once he's on foot, follow and take him down. As ever, you'll get a greater reward for bringing him down alive.

- Hack the creep once he's on the ground for an audio file. This will complete the mission and trigger another one, Foresight.

- Before you do anything else, make sure you spend any Skill Points you've accrued over the last few missions. It's way too easy to neglect Aiden's progression up the hacking ladder by forgetting to check the menu every once and a while.


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