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Water Slip N' Slides for Kids

Updated on May 14, 2010

Slip and Slide

The Slip and Slide is a pretty traditional outdoor water toy for kids. They have loads of fun it seems, and all it really is, is a piece of plastic with water running on it. It's fairly simple, but it's so much fun.

Even teenagers and adults can have a good time with on the Slip N Slide; but the main problem that adults and teenagers will run into when playing on the Sip N' Slide is potential back problems, which is why the manufacturers really only recommend the water toy for kids. There have been a few reports each year where a teenager or adult has used the Slip N Slide and reported neck injuries and bone fractures, quadriplegia, or paraplegia, so it's just not advised for older children, teenagers, or adults to use a Slip 'N Slide. So, even though you may think it's fun to run and slide on the Slip 'N Slide, let's let the little kids play on them instead.

When shopping for slip and slides for kids, there are many that you can choose from, below you'll find some of the more popular kids slip and slides on the market. Make sure that you check out all the features- sprinklers, pools, and even dual slip and slides.

When shopping for a Slip N Slide for your younger sibling, family member, friend's child, or your own child, there are a few options that you can choose from, the more popular Water Slip N Slides are the traditional single slides, those with addes water sprays, and the double Slip N Slides.

Slip N Slide Splash Factor Big Wave

The Splash Factor Big was is 18 feet long, so it's an extra 2 feet longer than the traditional Slip N Slide, and it has a monster splash at the end with added gushers that shot water into the splash zone. It even uses Hydro-Glide technology creates water pockets so that kids slide easier and faster.

Slip N' Slide Spiral Splasher

This 18 foot slide has a spinning vortex of water, which makes for an even bigger splash when your child slides to the splash pool at the end. There is Hydro Glide Technology that creates pockets of water so that the slide action is even faster, making the overall experience more fun.

Slip N' Slide Nascar Triple

This is a great option for the Nascar fans, particularly of the south. With this design, more than one child can slide at the same time, making it more friendly and more of a game, as not one but up to three kids can slide at once. The length is 18 feet, which gives your kids more room to see who will finish first, as they slide with the Nascar slide boogie boards that are included.

Slip N' Slide Wave Rider Double

Two kids can slide, side by side with this one. With only 16 feet to race, it's still double the fun, since you're not sliding solo. The Wave Rider Double Slip N Slide has self filling water bumpers and a bumper spray action that sprays into the splash pool at the end.


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    • Bat eyes profile image

      Bat eyes 7 years ago

      I used to have a slip and slide!

      They were always very fun!

    • Ashley Joy profile image

      Ashley Joy 8 years ago

      It gets extremely hot here so a slip and slide is the best way to cool my kids off.

    • amy jane profile image

      amy jane 9 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks for outlining the options for slip n slides. I promised my kids one for this summer, so now I have no excuses! :)

    • Montana Farm Girl profile image

      Montana Farm Girl 9 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      Great info, plus it brings back so many memories. Seems at least 3 or 4 in our neighborhood, at any given time, had a slip and slide. Besides the hours of great fun we had, the thing I remember most, is sliding along the cool water, and scraping myself with a rock that seemed to always be laying underneath!!! It was rarely a smooth ride!! :-)