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What Is Marvel Avengers Alliance? (A Newbie Guide/Tricks and Tips)

Updated on January 6, 2013

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a relatively new Facebook/Playdom game that has come out. It is quite incredibly liked by it’s massive population on both sites. Here are 10 general tips in the form of an Overview/Review to help you understand and get through your first days of Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

1. Friends! Friends!

As with almost all Facebook and Social games, Friends will be one of the keys to your success. In this case it isn’t really as important as say, Farmville where you are pretty much screwed if you have no friends that play. Thankfully, if none of your Facebook friends play, you may access the Playdom site version; their community is very well connected with one another and finding help is extremely easy (not to mention, helping others is extremely encouraged by the system.)

2. Burning, Bleeding, Slowed, and Poisoned! Oh My!

Ah. Status Effects, how I love you. One of the things I am amazed at most with this game is simply the staggering amount of status effects one can invoke. I mean seriously, there are an immense amount of status effects that can completely change how the game is played or how the match will turn out or even the number of strategies you can create based on them. When looking at characters or items, make sure to go through ALL of their status effects/buffs/debuffs when making a decision.

3. Health and Stamina.

Each character has their own stats for health and stamina and watching these are important if you want to succeed in battle. Health is quite obvious, if it goes to zero, you are dead; end of story. Stamina on the other hand, is the fuel that allows you to use your skills/attacks. Some weapon and character abilities use a flat amount of stamina per use, but most weapons and skills use a percentage of your stamina. You may rest a turn to recover stamina. Knowing how to economize your stamina and knowing when your enemies will have to rest are very important aspects to strategize.

4. Experience and Training

Doing anything grants you experience points. Sending your heroes out on a flight deck mission? Get Exp! Playing PVP? Get Exp! Doing missions? Get Exp! Your main hero/agent levels up automatically… but your marvel heroes will need to be trained for a period of time to reach the next level once they gain enough experience. Leveling up gains ISO slots and new moves for heroes as well as improving their stats. Training uses Shield Points every time you level up a hero.

5. Class Cycle

There are 5 Classes that work in a 5 node “Rock Paper Scissors” type of manner. Scrappers beat Infiltrators, Infiltrators beat Tacticians, Tacticians beat Blasters, Blasters beat Bruisers, and Bruisers beat Scrappers. Each class has their own specialty and their own stats that they specialize in. Building your strategies around these stats and classes is a very important part of the end game. Generalists have no advantages or disadvantages and are middle road on all stats.

6. Class Advantages

This will be a very brief analysis of class advantages, we will go more into depth in my next article. Whenever you highlight your character in the pre-battle screen, it will show which enemies will resist and which enemies are vulnerable to you. Also, in the middle of battle, when you are selecting an enemy to strike with an ability, it will also show you if the person you are hitting will be vulnerable or not. This is important information because attacking someone vulnerable to you will trigger beneficial effects while attacking someone resistant to you may give them beneficial stats or they may simply take less damage.

7. Visiting

So you actually have friends AND they became your allies! Their picture will show up on the bottom portion of the screen. Clicking on their picture and selecting visit will allow you to “Visit” an area where you can get free useful stuff. Things usually gotten are Silver Coins, S.H.I.E.L.D. Points, “Help Me” phones, Energy, PVP Energy, and event items that can be used in combat.

8. Gifts

Currently there are 8 gifts to give, the most useful being Shwarma, S.H.I.E.L.D. Points, ISO, and I guess anything else you think you would like returned back to you. There is a daily gift limit of 50. The 3 suggestions above are the ones that don’t exactly have “Buyable” counter parts but you don’t need to purchase them if you decide not to. Researching the different advancement trees allows you to unlock buyable gifts in-case you don’t have that many active friends.

9. Item Overview

Item usage comes with a few strange pickups that might not be obvious at first. Item handling in the game within combat is done on your turn, but it doesn’t count as a person. Lets say you have an enemy with counter attack… If you punch him, he will probably punch back. On the other hand, if you use an item to damage him, he will take damage but not counter attack because technically, your character did not attack. Using items will not trigger effects that happen if the player moves, so it is a great way to avoid “Bleed out” damage while still being able to do something.

10. PVP

Player Vs Player Combat is simple enough in concept but there are many, many, many combinations of possibilities with heroes, items, ISOs and strategies. Unfortunately for this guide, changes and patches are constantly being made so I cannot really give any solid info towards it. Season 2 had PvP items take center stage, Season 3 has bleeding, and hero stat count take center stage while PvP items were adjusted to scale HEAVILY by the player’s level thus making them pretty much useless. The main rule here is, to be flexible and adjust with the flow of the metagame.

Overall, I like Marvel: Avenger Alliance. It is a very solid game with potential. Remember it is a free game so “Free Game” rules do apply so expect to keep your head up for events and easy offers to increase your strength.

If you have any comments or extra explanations that I missed, please don’t hesitate to let me know and post below. Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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    • Andy McGuire profile image

      Andy McGuire 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA


    • GamerAinion profile image

      GamerAinion 4 years ago from Miami, FL

      It was fun for a while, yea. PvP Was always fun until you reach the same teams. Countering them for easy wins is always fun too :P

      Kinda lost interest and played other games.

    • Andy McGuire profile image

      Andy McGuire 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I played this when it first came out, but lost interest when I reached the point where I couldn't play until my energy (or whatever) was replenished or I had to pay real money to replenish it faster. It was fun while it lasted though.