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What feeling does mouthless Hello Kitty can portray

Updated on October 13, 2015

What feeling does mouthless Hello Kitty can portray?

Since Hello Kitty cartoon character was invented by Yuko Shimizu in Japan back in 1974, worldwide craze for this lovely cat character is increasingly staggering, not just among children but also among older generations with passion for cute character. You can find Hello Kitty not just in cartoon shows but also in plush toys, merchandise, restaurants, airplane, credit card, and gift shops. The cute character with distinctive cat-like feature with no mouth symbolizes the kawaii (cute) enthusiast among Japanese which spreads throughout the world. But what does a mouthless cute character such as Hello Kitty can symbolizes in terms of feeling, when Shimizu design this character with no mouth so that it can portrays different feeling all the times? So here are the feelings that Hello Kitty may portray even without a mouth, which is what many people perceived this cat-like cute character feels:

a) Happy

This is the main feeling portrayal for Hello Kitty. It has always perceived to have a happy feeling even without its mouth to show it. Especially when Hello Kitty raises its cute hand as a sign of joy or happiness or when Hello Kitty is playing. This happiness portrayal is one of the useful promotion attraction which makes Hello Kitty a cheerful character to be enjoyed with, and it is obvious with the boom of its popularity all around the world today.

b) Moody

In some cases, like in most plush toys, Hello Kitty not only can be perceived as happy character, but also a moody character. The moody character are in the sense that it is not too sad and not too angry at the same time, it is a balanced between these two moods. These portrayal of character by Hello Kitty are useful for people who are in sorrow or sad anytime, as these cute cat-like character are there to share the sorrow with them, while at the same time being at the same feeling as each other.

c) Sad

This sad character portrayed by Hello Kitty is actually the supplementary from the moody segment mentioned above. Just the difference in this case is that the sadness level is higher than in moody level, especially when the character has its head down, which is obvious not only in plush toys but also in many cartoon shows. As with the moody mood by this cute cat-like character, it can be a helpful companion for those in sad times as it is perceived to have sad character.

d) Joyful

The joyful level shown by Hello Kitty is supplementary of the happy mood mentioned above, just that its joyful character outwit the normal happy character that many perceived. It can be seen when Hello Kitty are involved in playtime in cartoon shows or even stickers, pictures, or even plush toys which shows Hello Kitty playing. This character shown by Hello Kitty is useful for kids who wanted this cat-like character to join in for play and fun time together.

e) Friendliness

A kind, playful, cheerful, happy, and entertaining (to be discussed later) character, it is no wonder that Hello Kitty can be children best friend, therefore it is perceived as friendly character. It goes without saying that all kinds of cute character including Hello Kitty can be children best friend whether they are in happy or sad times.

f) Entertaining

The entertaining character portrayed by Hello Kitty are supplementary from the happy and joyful character points mentioned above. Hello Kitty not only can be an entertaining toy for children, but the cute cat-like character is also can be used for entertaining cartoon lover, young and old, in various form of shows, merchandise, or sponsorship. It is this concept that gives Hello Kitty a large commercialization worldwide.

g) Loving

Not only Hello Kitty can be used as happy and cheerful character (or other character mentioned above), this cute cat-like character can also be a loving character. Hello Kitty not only popular among children, it is also popular among dating couples and even married couples as gifts, particularly Hello Kitty plush toys which carries heart-shaped cushion or Hello Kitty with her partner, Dear Daniel in wedding attire. This perceiving loving character has made Hello Kitty the gift of choice for portraying loving gifts for love ones.

h) Kindness

Supplement to loving characters above, Hello Kitty is also perceived to have love and most importantly, kindness. It is not surprising that Hello Kitty cute character can portray kindness among enthusiast, but the portrayal goes further than that. Hello Kitty is always a kind character based on its cute, loving-looking face and looks. More so when Hello Kitty is carrying a message of kindness and love such as heart-shaped cushion which is already mentioned in loving segment above.

Whatever the feeling people may perceive Hello Kitty may felt, one thing is certain though, this cat-like character can be man best friend just like pets do regardless of its feeling without its mouth.

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