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What is a Rotation League of Legends?

Updated on January 8, 2014

Rotation is a word that gets thrown around a lot in League of Legends and a lot of players do not know what rotations are and how to use them for their advantage to win games. The fact of the matter is that rotations are on of the most advanced and efficient tactic in League and using this will not only make you a better player, it will probably win you a lot of games.

lol rotation
lol rotation

One of those games...

Have you ever had one of those games where it seem to go on forever without anyone being able to finish the game. You play for a long time but the enemy team doesn't seem to do anything besides defending their turrets.

Well there is a way to end these games and outsmart your enemy and the way you can do this is by a rotation.

What is a rotation?

Well a rotation is where you push a lane all the way up to turret and then you set up a trap in the enemy jungle and ponce on them when they try to rotate. Doing this gives you the element of surprise and will most likely pick up you the kills you need to start taking inhibitors and even the nexus.

Rotations may seem like they are not needed but they are because a rotation is a lot easier and safer than trying to dive a turret and have a team fight there. Usually this is the number one way that teams throw games when they are ahead.

No one likes to throw games. It is one of the worst feelings in the world to lose a game you were clearing winning because of a couple stupid mistakes.

Do rotations even work?

Yes, absolutely. You may think that in high elo these tactics will not work at all because the players are too smart to fall for it. Wrong. I have used rotations in diamond rank and still pulled it off with pretty good success.

As a matter of fact, Fnatic, a professional team, is well know for using successful rotations and has won a lot of competitive matches by using this tactic.

Don't take my word for it. Try it out yourself. I am going to be telling you how to set up a successful rotation and everything you need to know to make it work.

How to set up a rotation

Ok so the number one thing you are going to need to set up a rotation is vision control. Do not, and I repeat, do not, try and set up a rotation if you aren't certain there aren't any wards where you are trying to hide. A mistake like this can easily turn a good rotation into a bad team fight that can even cost you the game.

  • Vision wards. When you have control of the game and are pushing into the enemy team you have to have a vision ward to set up a good rotation. This makes sure that the bush you are in is not warded and you can easily set up a good pick. People face check their jungle all the time without realizing how risky it is, and it is your job to punish them for their ignorance.
  • Sweeping lends. It is vital that your support and jungler have this item and hopefully upgraded if they can. This can clear out a lot of vision in their jungle and make it perfect to set up a nice trap.

Once you have vision control it is important that you know where the enemy is rotating. They could never come in their jungle if you have not taken the proper steps to bait them there. The key is to know what lanes are pushing and when they are going to defend their other turrets. This way you know where they are going to be going and you can set up a trap when they go there.

Push a lane, make sure there is a big minion wave that someone is going to try and farm and set up a trap along a known path.

Using Baron to set up a rotation.

Ok so baron is one of the most important objectives in the game and it is perfect for setting up rotations. People are forced into contesting a Baron and this is a great time to set up a trap along the way. They usually aren't suspecting you hiding in a bush and coming out and acing them. One thing I cannot stress enough is making sure that you have vision control. This is the key element in any rotation and failing to know if a brush is warded is setting yourself up for a bad, bad rotation. When you don't have vision and they do, they can easily counter your rotation and turn a good plan into a very bad one.

Baron can be a bad call even when you are ahead. It does a ton of damage and if you can't do it before the enemy gets there is is basically asking for the to steal it. It is much better to set up a trap when they try and come check it, then you can easily win a team fight and get an inhibitor, maybe even they game off it. Smart rotations can easily win you the game.


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