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Where to buy Angry Birds Plush

Updated on May 1, 2011

Angry Birds Plush - The next teddy bear

Rovio proudly released its statistics about Angry Birds.The app has surpassed its own record of 100 million downloads Truly amazing! Tetris already made a similar record years back, even before the onset of the 'app era'. But something that Tetris lacked, which Angry Birds captured is the characterization of life. The angry birds, with their simple design and superb style are becoming more popular themselves with the game apart. With increasing demand for Angry Birds plush toys, I've made extensive survey on the best deals for Angry Birds plush toys wholesale as well as single and read on to know for yourself.

Creaking birds from Amazon

Angry birds plush with sound

They aren't the normal cooing or cawing birs. When you press them, they give out a sound which initially seems like an angry creak but later becomes a cry of a baby. Whatever it may be, a crying child will definitely stop for a moment to stare at it.

Sugestions for use:

Angry birds is one game which both a child and its grandfather love to play. It would be a different sort of an entertainment for kids who come to your home, to see the birds that fly in their dad's mobile welcome them to your home. 

Recommended age:

2 years and above

Angry birds without sound

They may be a few dollars lesser than the creaking plush birds, but to look they have the ame soft and cuddly fur. In Amazon, you can get Angry Birds plush both with sound and without sound for the same cost.

Suggestions for use:

Looks cool when placed at the back of your car. 3-4 birds lined up, when seen through the rear window will tell the world that there's someone in the car who is a gaming freak!

Angry Birds clip-on plush

  • When you are crazy about Angry Birds Plush but find no use for it, I suggest you go in for clip-on Plush. You'll definitely find some use for it.
  • Clip-ons hold your curtains intact without a fuss. They hang strikingly on your backpack and no one can go without notice.
  • Clips easily to key rings, belt loops, backpacks or totes.

It's party time!

Do you owe a treat for your friends? Looking for a way to give friends a memento after an abroad trip? Get these cheap Angry Birds Plush key chains with clip-on from Amazon and gift them as though you took great pains to find it for them. This set of 8 toys has just arrived in AMazon and nobody would know ! 

Recently, a range of Angry blush backpacks have come for sale. Hurry before stocks exhaust!

For more Angry birds

To know about other cool stuffs based on Angry Birds like mobile case, t shirts, etc., check out

"Where to buy Angry Birds gear"


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    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 6 years ago from UK

      Nice one! My 6 year old loves Angry Birds and is already a proud owner of a couple of these... Great marketing idea and children and adults alike will love these cute creations! There is also a new tie in with the animated film'Rio .