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Where to buy Angry Birds gear

Updated on August 22, 2012

Angry birds gear- why is all the hype?


Who are these Angry birds?

Anybody who owns an ipad, ipod touch or iphone would definitely have this wonderful game of slinging birds and smashing pigs, Angry Birds. This game released by Rovio Mobile is all about aiming the angry birds at the pigs hidden inside structures and kill all of them. Further levels uncover newer birds with special abilities. With so many graphically sophisticated, highly budgeted games in the arena, Angry birds, managed to become the largest mobile app success the world has seen ever so far, just because of its addictive levels, comical  style and low price. 

Angry Birds Bedroom

Now Angry Birds Bedding can make your room a colorful gaming zone with birds, pigs and what not!

Angry birds gear- this season's must-have geek gear

With over 100 million download of Angry Birds, the characters have become very popular among i-users. Angry Birds are nothing but another animated character. But how have they made such an impact? The main reason is the fact that it was first released for the prestigious iPhones. So iPhone users considered it a pride to just play and discuss about Angry Birds. It helped others note that they owned iPhones! So, gradually Angry Birds became a symbol of youthful style and fun,the reason why more elders are into playing the game. First the four stylish, angry birds were put on T shirts and then were made into cuddly plush toys. So if you are someone looking for a place to check out these cool angry birds gear with price comparisons, you have reached your destination!

If you're so crazy about Angry Birds or wanna show off that you are a proud iphone/ipad owner who plays the cool Angry Birds, getting a t-shirt would suffice. Later, even if the game gets beaten by some other, Angry Birds will remain a classic. Anyway a t-shirt is always a t-shirt.

Where to buy cheap angry birds gear

If you are a person who doesn't prefer plush toys, iphone or ipad cases are the right thing to buy. Right now I find good deals at two places. One at Toywiz and another at Amazon. Toywiz has good variety of t shirts, but regarding iphone covers and plush, Amazon has the same products with discounted rates. But the problem is, they have too many sellers selling the same product that you have to find the cheap and best one. I had my own doubts when I bought the black angry birds iphone cover. The price was so low that I was skeptical if it would break with a drop. But for $4, the case has taken all my wear and tear and I feel proud to lift the phone and talk!

Fluffy Plush

Angry birds have joined the group of popular characters that were made into fluffy toys like the Teddy Bear, Micky Mouse, Donald duck, Winnie the Pooh and the Tweety Pie. Their shape is round enough to be used as a cushion in sofa. Just get 3 angry birds and line them at the back of your car for the world to turn and look at you!

New to Angry birds? Watch this exciting trailer

This video plays a demo of the angry birds game. If you are someone who just stepped into this page wondering why there is so much craze for this funny app, you can get started right here to find it out for yourself!

Cute Angry Birds Key Straps

Key straps are the cheapest and coolest stuff to show off that you are an angry birds addict. I wish each of the angry bird was given an identity for itself like the Powerpuff girls. That would help fans feel closer to the birds. Even while I write this hub, I can't stop wondering how even guys have grown crazy over angry birds plush and t shirts. Good to see the society changing!

Start playing Angry Birds right now!!!

Excited to try out this game? You can play Angry Birds with your iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, PC or Android mobile. Right now there is an additional game of Angry Birds Seasons where the current season is Halloween. Rovio Mobiles has plans of developing Angry Birds for Blackberry and bada mobiles. Addicts can also expect Angry Birds in animation movies. Will Angry birds be the next Micky Mouse? Let's wait and see!

Click here to meet the angry birds

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      Bobbie 5 years ago

      i love your angry birds games i wold love to collect all birds but mom sead thir to exspensive we cant afored even one so ya but im your bigest fan thank you for raeding this i would love having the birds