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Xbox or Wii which is better

Updated on May 5, 2013
Which is better XBOX or Wii?
Which is better XBOX or Wii?

Choosing which games system to buy is by far the most important decision a parent has to make (just kidding :-)). No lets be serious it is important, although it may not be on par with say marriage or buying a house none the less it still requires some thought process and planning to decide which console Xbox or Wii you should splash out on. Otherwise the much loved kids soon become moaners as the new games console is not delivering what they expected.

Before deciding on which option to take you need to ask yourself a few questions, the answer to these will help in determining which games console Xbox or Wii is a better choice for you and your family.

Xbox versus Wii questions you should consider

Just like when you want to buy a car or washing machine you would review and consider its features, total cost of ownership and so on. In the same way you should do the same for deciding on the best games console to buy.

Xbox or Wii making the right choice
Xbox or Wii making the right choice

Great Deals on XBOX's

Depending on the outcome of the above basic questions you should be in a better position to do an Xbox and Wii comparison.

Which Games console did I select?

In my opinion Xbox 360 without the Kinect device, is family unfriendly. The games on the Xbox seem to be mainly targeting the older children. It does provide games that kids can play such as the Lego series, Guitar Hero, and other games like Kung Fu Panda. Most of the games on the Xbox in comparison to the Wii however, have more mature content they games tend to be more orientated toward simulated warfare and similar content. You get a huge selection of shooting games such as Halo, Crackdown 2 and so on. Numerous games contain a lot of bloodletting, profanity, and sexual content. If that tickles your imagination and is the type of game you want to play and expose your family to then the Xbox is a good machine to buy.

The Xbox has a good feature which is not completely available on the Wii, each gamer has a specific profile. When playing games achievements can be earned by each person, and his/her progress in a given game is saved with that particular profile. I also like that profiles can be saved on a jump drive and moved from one location to another. A person can subscribe to an Xbox Live account, this is a paid service where gamers can play online with other players around the globe, and access downloadable content online.

The addition of Kinect to the Xbox platform has been tremendous! Your whole body is the motion controller. It scans your body and follows your movements. Even the simplest of games end up being a great workout. It’s a great way to get off the couch and get your body moving. The whole concept was developed by games researchers trying to move computer game fanatics to become more active rather than play sedentary games on the Xbox all day.

Banned XBOX advert

The computer games industry has not been the same since these motion sensing devices were introduced, a new breed exercise, fitness and sports games have been developed that take good advantage of this technology to mobilise games players to be more active.

I selected the Wii as it provided me with what I was looking for, I wanted a games console that I and my family, for game playing and sports and fitness workouts.

Nintendo Wii - Get Involved

The Wii has a much larger selection of children’s and family-friendly games. Many of the Wii’s games use motion sensitive controls. The Wii has 2 remotes. There is the regular Wii-mote, which is wireless and then the nunchuck which plugs into the Wii-mote. The nunchuck can add to what the gamer can do in terms of movements when playing a game, but the connection chord between the nunchuck and the Wii-mote can be a nuisance. You can setup a profile for each gamer, but progress in the game is saved on the Wii console itself unlike the Xbox.

The Wii in comparison to the Xbox is better for the whole family, due to the range of games available that appear to be less gore and more what a game should be when it is being played by youngsters. The Xbox with Kinect is also a great choice, but is probably the better choice for the age 16+ gamer crowed, as the games are tailored to a more mature audience, and offer greater challenge.


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