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YuGiOh Deck Building Guide

Updated on May 10, 2011

YuGiOh Deck Building Guide

Yugioh TCG has over 3000 cards available, and the card pool is increased by around 500 cards every year, so for beginners, deck building will be the biggest challenge. As a game mainly aimed toward younger kids, most of the players that started when they were young have grown up and gone away to university etc, making it quite rare for anyone to have knowledge spanning back all the way to the good old days when you could run three Dark Magician of Chaos and Mystical Space Typhoon! Honestly, you could! The point? Deck building is all about finding the right combinations of cards, and you need to have knowledge of all the cards to optimise combos. (If you want to learn about good combos, see my other hubpage or see my profile).

Obviously, even if you have lots of time on your hand and a very good memory, it would still take you forever to memorise all 3000+ cards and then pick out the gems from it that may work with something, go and get it somehow and then build a deck. This is when your card rating skills comes into play. When starting deck building, what I usually do for a beginner who has brought along all their cards (a few hundred at a time) is to first put them in separate piles: Monsters, Spell and Trap.

Within Monsters, separate into: good effect ones, strong ones and somewhat useless ones.

For Spell and Trap, separate into: Useful, support and not useful.

A Monster (Black Luster Soldier)


Things to look out for regarding Monsters: For a level 4, if it has around 1800atk or 2000def, they are strong. Level 6, minimum of 2400atk, Level 7+, don’t bother with strength.

With Monster Effects, what is useful? If it gives you something for free usually: Sangan, Night Assailant, Gravekeeper’s spy, Stratos, Diamond Dude, all of the Monarchs, Grand Mole, even Golemn Sentry can be a good pick.

Spell Card (Monster Reborn)


Spells, what is useful? Just look at the limit list, most of them are: Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, Brain Control, Smashing Ground etc.

What is Spell support? These are Spell cards that helps you search through your deck, or do amazing things with your Monsters. E.g. reinforcement of the army (only works if you have a few Warriors), Destiny Draw (if you have Destiny Hero, mainly Malicious), Solar Recharge (Lightsworn) etc. Only use them if you have the right Monster line up. They are usually very tricky to get the balance right, so do test out different Monster line-up vs. Support cards.

A Trap Card (Mirror Force)


Trap, what is useful? Again, limit list; Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute and Crush Card Virus are the key ones. Bottomless Traphole, Royal Oppression, Skill Drain can be very useful against certain decks.

For Support? Same as for Spells, things like Limit Reverse can be amazing to get to use Rescue Cat again, return from the different dimension can win a game instantly for you.

So when building a deck, first have about 100 of your best cards, roughly 50 monsters, 30 spells and 20 traps. Look at which specific Monster ‘family’ have the best support, then start putting away all those that doesn’t fit into the theme.

Including straight one for one search cards (e.g. reinforcement of the army can be counted as a monster, considering you can use it to get a monster), you should have around 20 monster cards. Unless you have lots of Tribute support (Soul Exchange, Treeborn frog + Foolish Burial, Malicious, Gravekeeper’s spy/guard), don’t run more than 2 tribute Monsters. Do a similar mix for Tuners.

Spells / Trap make up the remaining 20. For most decks based around battle, you would want to run Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon, as well as Monster Reborn. You should dedicate at least 5 cards that can destroy a Monster/s, if not many more, depending on how good your monster line-up is. If your opponent runs out of big Monsters, they can’t beat you easily! That is essentially the idea behind the gadget decks.

So final word of advice, play many people, look at how their deck works and see if any of their cards would fit in with your deck. Ask the more experienced players as well! They can give you good advice usually. But, most importantly, testing your deck is the only real way to improve!


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    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 4 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      With monster reborn on the ban list I think a lot of players are developing greta new ways to pull monsters back from the graveyard.

    • profile image

      Warriorman 5 years ago

      Is chaos necromancer a good card

    • profile image

      Warriorman 5 years ago

      Is chaos necromancer a good card

    • profile image

      martellawintek 5 years ago

      hi there lindi it took me ages to find it this is there contact

      and details , just give them a call , mention miss m wintek said you would get him sorted

    • profile image

      martinnitsim 5 years ago

      hi there tom i got it from a mate so here is there contact

      and some info ,ring them if you need them in a hurry ,just say martin netsims give you there number

    • profile image

      Rbo 6 years ago

      i fined if you go over 40 cards its not a major problem, a 2nd or 3rd copy of one of your top monster (ie a monster to use a combo {vampier lord - gennisus)is usefull.

      1 of each in a 40 card deck is only a 1 in 40 chance you will draw that card, and getting both at the same time is realy tuff. 3 in 60 is 1 in 20 chance and getting both is easyer, but you do take the chance that you will get 2 or 3 of one of the cards in stead of 1 of each.

      also having a slitly larger deck means you can have a back up or a second stratagy incase the first fails or you don't get a good (or lucky) draw.

      i still use cards which interact,

      3-5 7/8 star (or higher)

      4-7 5/6 star (totaling 10 at most)

      10-12 4 star attack minded cards

      8-12 defence or efect monsters

      no more than 30 monster cards

      magic and trap do go up and down but no more than 30 in total.

      you need summon, distruction, upgrade (or weeken), draw, defence, and ways to stop your openants stratagies.

      i have lots of decks and test them aganst each other.

      a 40 card deck is small, but if you find its week spot you can beet it most of the time, a 60 card deck gives you extra posabilitys, and back up statagyes (as long as the cards interact)

      multy copies of your best cards, with suport makes a good chance of getting the combo you want. (3 vampire genesis, 3 lords, 3 piramid turtles (lets you special summon vampire lord) 3 call of the mummy magic cards

      that is the bacics other strong zombies, cards to distroy and discard, cards to bring cards back from the grave yard, at least 3 fields (help you and can upset oponents stratages) magic and trap jammers.

      in short a 52 card dech with 27 zombies 12 of them over level 5, and lots of magic/trap cards witch special summon them or send them to the graveyard.

      it doesn't mater to much if you don't get genisus out there as a despair from the dard is almost as powerfull, and is a lot easyer to summon.

      at the end of the day a good draw or some bad luck will end the dule one way or the other.

    • profile image

      killborg410 6 years ago

      well if your making a good deck you should be able to swarm the field, be able to draw what you need and be able to inflict damage at the same time and honestly even the most skilled people can't do that so just know your cards well and have an opened mind to different cards

    • profile image

      tiger 7 years ago

      i found if running a malefic deck put skill drain you can stome the feild with as much malefics as you can and can attack with more than just one of them(couse there effects say only they can attack) also if you have it on the field and a field card and you skill drain gets destroyed the malefics stay on the field you just cant attack also agains six sams put skill drain+powerful malefic+finalcountdown and just waite

    • profile image

      hell kaiser 7 years ago

      honestly i don't care what cards are banned and what aren't i still play em you got a problem with it? so what i don't care

    • profile image

      born2befree1995 7 years ago


      LEVEL 5+ - 9


      DARK HORUS X 2




      LEVEL 4 AND BELOW - 15










      SPELLS - 15












      TRAPS - 6






      can anyone make any suggestions to improve it ??

    • profile image

      recon11a 7 years ago

      my bro says put 10 spells 15 traps 15 monsters that only makes the deck only 40 cards in a deck i put strongest cards in my deck i have blue s. dragon and blue u. dragon and montoge dragon

    • profile image

      Jonathan 7 years ago

      if you are smart just build your deck of how it shows you and include 1-3 the creater cards in your deck plus if you use spellchronicle you can get cards in your grave and get a magic and or a trap once in a while!

    • profile image

      amugiv 7 years ago

      cole taek the 20 crds you no you wunt to put in then meak 2 staks of the uther wons that you tink go good to gather + won of the 2 staks to the frst 20 test it & then swech in the uther 20 to the ferst 20 & test it

    • profile image

      Cole 7 years ago

      I roll with a spellcaster deck with some acceptions like buster blader to polermyzation with dark magician to bring my dark palidan out,and winged kuriboh cause everyone needs one, but im having troubles taking some out to get to 40 rather then like fucking 60.

    • profile image

      amugiv 7 years ago

      seory i miss spald soul rope i also oyle put in mausoleum for mausoleum of the emperor extru deck red d.archfiend flamvell uruquizas stardust d.

    • profile image

      amugiv 7 years ago

      okey iam done building my deck i put in nobleman-eater bug obnoxious celtic guard w.kuriboh lv10 transcendent wings w.kuriboh umi x2 call of the haunted mausoleum terraforming x2 field barrier demise of the land natural tune d.resonator x2 misfortune of nightmare mirage tube magic cylinder dust tornado mystical space typhoon swarm of locusts snipe hunter wall of illusion element soldier aoul rope swords of revealinglight draining shield ordeal of a traveler royal decree guardian sphinx krebons old vindictive magician big eye sabersaurus gemini elf gene-warped warwolf n e sugasgens

    • profile image

      some random 7 years ago

      for ppl who have just started you want to start with mostly 4-star cards with no effect , but dnt get no comfortable with this or else you wont be able to progress to higher levels of dueling,just introduce better cards as you go along ;)

    • profile image

      dakota 7 years ago

      just put in 2 terraforming and one or 2 field barriers

    • profile image

      amugiv 7 years ago

      iam not a begener i just ned a lita help weth thes deck iam not acostum to thes type of deck monster reborn is forbidden & field spells dau (but it is nies to no that somewon is out ther becas thes is not the olye plaes i put thes up & nowon els has replid) (i don't like playing weth forbidden caeds becus sum pepol let you & sum don't liet you paly them)

    • profile image

      Raphael 7 years ago

      Mabye u should put in spells like monster reborn or a field spell

    • profile image

      amugiv 7 years ago

      help me iam building a new deak weth malefic stardust dragon and chacu challhua

    • profile image

      weto 7 years ago

      manero iso edemais

    • profile image

      Atlanta Regionals 2nd Place Winner 8 years ago

      don't bother even making a deck if you're not going to play using the tornament rules.

    • profile image

      ddganitor-xc 8 years ago

      is mirror force the best yugioh card this year?


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