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Zombowling, Free Zombie Bowling Game

Updated on January 5, 2011
For more free undead games, visit:
For more free undead games, visit: | Source

Zombies are big right now. In fact, they're so big that we're probably better prepared as a civilization for a zombie outbreak than an Ebola epidemic. That's just how we roll as humans. Zombowling is the perfect game to play if one of the weapons in your zombie destroying arsenal is an explosive bowling ball.

Do I have your attention yet? If not, you might want to get yourself checked for ADD - or Ebola, whichever appeals to you the most.

A simple online game that plays the way it sounds, Zombowling is a bowling game in which a perfect triangle of zombies congregate at the end of a bowling alley and wait for you to explode them. Zombowling is undoubtedly easier than real bowling. In my first game I managed at least four strikes, which I largely put down to the explosive power of the bowling ball.

I also learned that it's best to have the ball hit the second row of zombies if you want a strike, not the pointy tip of the zombie pyramid. Whether this translates to real life bowling or not, I couldn't tell you. I leave real world matters to the experts.

But enough about me, what about Zombowling. How are the graphics? Is it immersive? Will it be a changing day in your life? Yes, maybe and spaghetti.

I found the controls very simple to use. This is because the only real control in the game is pointing your mouse and then clicking and dragging in a more or less straight direction. It is possible to put a spin on the bowling ball by sort of making your mouse twist when you release the ball. You know what I mean. The results of the bowls seem a little erratic, but I'm willing to put that down to poor technique and not poor game play or poor physics.

Graphically, the game is quite charming. Not so cluttered as to be confusing, not so sparse as to make one feel as if one is indulging in a budget experience. I also enjoyed the soundtrack such as it was, it created a carnival horror ambiance most appropriate for the game.

There are three separate game modes to play, classic, which is your typical bowling experience, long shot, which is vaguely similar, and power shot, which starts with just one zombie pin to down and grows exponentially over time until you lose your sense of self identity and become one with the soulless, groaning horde.

Play Zombowling!


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