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Adult Fairy Costumes

Updated on November 5, 2014

Womens X-Large True Blue Fairy Costume

This blue fairy dress is lovely. The short skirt is sparkly and cute. The wings though are to die for. They are a pale blue color and not too big and not too small; and they are very well fitting. That is what really takes the fairy outfit from mundane to magical. The wand is star shaped and pretty, not too ostentatious, but an accessory that works. If you are going to dress like a fairy, you want it to look good.

Fairy costumes for adults tend to be on the sexy end of the spectrum. There were a wide variety to choose from; however I was not looking for an R rated version, so I kept right on moving. What I was looking for was something pretty and magical, not slutty so much. My only problem with this dress is that it is a little skimpy and at this time of year (All Hallows) I would freeze my but off. Also how do you get a jacket to fit over those wings?

My solution is a wrap, shawl, or scarf type of covering, anything that grants a bit of warmth. But be careful with those wings, they are fragile and might get crushed on the way to the party, so you might want to remove them when traveling or warming up. I would suggest one of the following wraps to accessorize the blue fairy dress. They are as pretty and delicate as the dress itself; also they are very lightweight, and befitting to the fairy folk.

Old Fairies! Never! Ever!

When are you too old to play fairy?

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Flowers For Fairies


I shall be a Rainbow Fairy today, tomorrow I'll be a Goth Fairy.

Sheer Silver Organza Evening Wrap Shawl

If it has wings, it must be a fairy!

So what if I like to dress up like a fairy? Just around the house a little, mostly in the garden. That is where those fairy wings really pay off. I fit right in with all the other winged creatures out there.

I will soon be taking flying lessons off the top of the picnic table. Keep your fingers crossed.

Where Do Fairies Live?

Where Fairies Live
Where Fairies Live | Source

Kirks Folly Dreamkeeper Sequin Shawl

Kirks Folly DreamKeeper Enchanted Garden Sequin Shawl (White Cloud)
Kirks Folly DreamKeeper Enchanted Garden Sequin Shawl (White Cloud)

I mostly like the name on this one. Either one - Kirks Folly or Dreamkeeper.


© 2013 Linda Hahn

Say Hey, Little Fairy!

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