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Rainbow Fairy Wings

Updated on October 22, 2017

I Want Some Fairy Wings


I've always wanted my own pair of wings. Not only could I hang with the fairies, but I'm sure that I could possibly fly. Wow. Anyway, just in case I can really fly, I decided to find the prettiest fairy wings I could find. There were so many to choose from that my mind was blown. I soon had a bunch of favorites happily flitting around my brain in living technicolor. It was magical and also reminded me a little of colorful giant birds.


Then I saw the rainbow before me. It took my breath away because I madly love the rainbows. Whether it is a grease spot in a water puddle or a crystal created miracle, I love me the rainbows, I do, yes. As for the real deal made with sun and rain in a joyous mixing of some kind of scientific properties, what could I ever say that would do a rainbow proper justice?

Fairies And Rainbows Combined

As I was saying, I suddenly saw the rainbow fairy wings before me and it was love at first sight. The chosen wings were maddingly close and terrifically cute in front of my wondering eyes. This was the first part of my journey on my road to fairydom. I could suddenly see myself flying and zig-zagging across the heavens in a flash of brilliant color.

I flew far to the land of fairies. It was everything I had ever dreamed. The colors were so intense that they shouted their brilliance at me as I went racing by. The sky called blue to me and the grass called green. Flowers exploded into purple, orange, and indigo. My wings took me straight to the land of fairies.

Double Layered Rainbow Fairy Butterfly Wings

Rainbow Wings
Rainbow Wings

Purple and blue together give me chills - good ones, but chills nonetheless.


Creepy Fairy Insect

Organza Fairy Rainbow Tutu

Leg Avenue Women's Rainbow Organza Tutu
Leg Avenue Women's Rainbow Organza Tutu

Oh yeah, perfect with the rainbow wings I picked.


Fairy tales I Once Heard

Fairy tales i Once Heard
Fairy tales i Once Heard | Source

3 Piece Fairy Dress And Tutu

Leg Avenue Women's 3 Piece  Tutu Dress with Clear Straps And Headband
Leg Avenue Women's 3 Piece Tutu Dress with Clear Straps And Headband

A bit pushy, but it is cute. And fairies have a perfect right to be pushy on Halloween. The rest of the year they are shy.


Proof Of Fairies

Just in case you really need some proof. . . .close your eyes when you are in the garden. You never know what you might see!

© 2013 Linda Hahn

What Color Are Your Wings, Little Fairy?

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