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An 11-Year-Old's Review Of Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time

Updated on September 11, 2014

What Is The Best Video Game For 11-Year-Old Boys?

I asked my son to find out today. He was bargaining for some internet time (Seriously right now? I am in the middle of Squidooing.), So I took advantage of the quest before me about reviewing a video game. I don't really play video games, but my son sure does. Like its his job or something.But today when he asked me ever so nicely for internet time, and I responded "whats you favorite video game?", he looked at me with these eyes pleading like he already knew what I was going to say. Then I asked him. Very nicely I might add~ to write me a review of his favorite video game and why. He smiled a little in a sly way, and took off to his room. He actually wrote me a review. About a half hour later he came back to me with a full page review of his favorite video game. At least I had time to finish up the edits I was working on.

This is what my 11-year-old boy had to say about the what his favorite video game is and why:

"I like Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time the most. I like it because it has adventure, free play, and fighting. Its about a guy called a Lombax and there is only one other Lombax left. He goes on an adventure to find his best friend and on the way he meets the other Lombax and they help him find his friend. But the Lombax he finds wants to use a machine to go where the other friend is. The machine was created to maintain time. The second Lombax wants to use it to go back in time so he can use it to save the Lombax race. At the ends he learns that the machine was not meant to alter time but to keep it. At the very end the first Lombax gets reunited with his friend and then the galaxy is destroyed. You have to play the game to understand it more. "

I read over his review, feeling proud that this was what he produced on short notice and in just under a half hour, and without a single complaint. I flipped the page over and asked a few more questions of him, hoping I wasn't pushing my luck. But I could tell he really wanted his internet time.

  1. Does it have a 2 played option? Depends on which game you have. This one does not.
  2. Any cheat codes? Not Sure, I didn't need any.
  3. Was it hard? It depends on which difficulty level you have it on and your gaming skill.
  4. Can you play online? Depends on which game you have.
  5. Are there any expansions packs? None that I know of.
  6. Would adults like this game too? Depends on the adult. Most parents would approve of their child playing this game, but not all parents would want to play it themselves. Most adults aren't into games and they have work to do.

I kindly gave in and let him have his internet time while I read his review again, planning out how to go about putting this into a lens. I love that my son is always interested in what I am doing and wanting to participate with me in my squidooing. His last question for me as he walked out the door after his internet time, was "mom, can I have the money if my page does good?" "Of Course" I answered.

11-year-olds video game review
11-year-olds video game review

A Parent's Review Of Ratchet And Clank:

Out of all the video games my son could be playing or have as a favorite, I am really glad its this one. While its not the most wholesome of video games, this one had a great story line that kept my sons attention. He obviously learned a little lesson about friends and trust and using things for their intended purpose. Not only that, now knowing that this one is his favorite, it makes more sense to me. He never traded this game back to the store for more credit. When he has friends over he often plays this game with them. I don't always appreciate my son sitting in his rooms playing video games, but it is moments like these that help me find a little hope that he is not completely frying his brain.

Ratchet And Clank Video Game Series For Young Boys

As my son has informed me Ratchet and Clank is a series. Here are a couple of the others ones that we own.

Do your kids love Ratchet and Clank as much as mine?

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