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Apollonir Bakugan

Updated on January 5, 2014
800G Black Darkus Apollonir
800G Black Darkus Apollonir

Just because some newly released bakugan toys are getting hot, it doesn't mean no one cares about older bakugans anymore. In fact, new or old, every bakugan has its own collectible values. Apollonir is one of the retired bakugan toys that is often on the list of children favorites, and surely one of the greatest gift ideas for any occasions.

Apollonir is a legendary Dragonoid with 4 sets of wings and a large body. It is currently rare, and now it barely sells anymore. He is strong and it has many cool parts and details.

650G Red Pyrus Apollonir
650G Red Pyrus Apollonir
500G Green Ventus Apollonir
500G Green Ventus Apollonir
580G Gray Haos Apollonir
580G Gray Haos Apollonir

Apollonir has no evolutions, and is the leader of the six soldiers of Vestroia. I currently have a black and gold 800g Apollonir. The colors on the wings are awesome, and you can see the carved wing patterns inside them. I’ve seen the black, red and white colors, but sometimes they come in green and duel colored. I like Apollonir because of its unique neck and head shape; it even has a working jaw. I would also recommend it as a powerful alley in battle. Apollonir has no owner, like the other six soldiers, but has powerful abilities like burning infinity which takes 500Gs from the opponent, and adds 600gs to his. Occasionally, he activates an ability of a different attribute and is able to connect with the power of the other six legendary soldiers.

500G BakuSwap (Dual Color) Apollonir
500G BakuSwap (Dual Color) Apollonir

Apollonir had been seen in a few of the new Vestroia and old Vestroia episodes. When Dan battled Apollonir in season 1 episode 33, Apollonir lost to Delta Dragonoid, who was on a mission to evolve. “Maximum Pyrus”, increased his fire attack by a large amount, but Dan won with a final ability. Another attempt to defeat Zenoheld in episode 27 was also a loss, but I think these defeats don’t suggest that Apollonir is weak. He is perfectly capable of defeating enemies and has still gotten stronger since his first appearance back in season one. Apollonir has 2 recommended abilities: Neo Valute and Saiam Low. Neo Valute will drop the opponents power level down to Apollonir’s, which is useful if Apollonir has a very low power level. Saiam Low will send the opp. Power level down to Zero! This card is hard to find, but it is extremely helpful in battle.

Translucent Apollonir

680G Sub-terra Translucent Apollonir
680G Sub-terra Translucent Apollonir
660G Darkus Translucent Apollonir
660G Darkus Translucent Apollonir

Apollonir has very detailed wings, neck, and its whole body seems to have strange fire carvings. There is a loose horn at the top of the head, and claws on the body that face forward. Apollonir’s tail is short and shapes like an arrow. I really like it because is more complex than most bakugan. The wings seem to connect, but if you look at the inner half, you will see that the carvings resembled 8 wings, 4 at each side. Apollonir also has 2 feet that must be opened after or before battle. He is easy to open and close since it doesn’t have many parts. Currently Apollonir is retired, you can't find it in stores, though you can still find it online, but generally they are not cheap. I definitely recommend it to anyone who can find Apollonir.


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    • snakebaby profile imageAUTHOR

      Sabrina Yuquan Chen (陈玉泉) 

      10 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      Indeed, Apollonir is the coolest bakugan in my opinion

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      The Apollonir lokks like it can fly.


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