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Bakugan Battle Gear: Airkor

Updated on January 3, 2014
Our Airkor on Phosphos
Our Airkor on Phosphos

Airkor is a new battle gear that causes the wearer to go at very fast speed as it increases the power of attacks. One feature that I really like about Airkor is that it has diamond shaped segments. It has three diamonds on each side that face upwards, and a whip like projectile in the center, two other small diamonds behind it. Airkor was manufactured in dark only, but the diamonds come in three colors: gold, silver, and bronze. I have mine in gold with 50G. We bought it for almost 8 dollars at Target in May on the way back home after a piano competition.

Airkor on Dharak

Closed Form
Closed Form

Different color has different G-power. The gold one has the lowest G-power of 50, but I like it the most because of the color (I'm not a G person); the bronze (copper) version has 60G, and the silver one has the highest of 70G. The attribute symbol is also made different for each color. Airkor also has green and yellow markings on the main body. It looks different from other battle gears, to me it is quite unique. It looked and felt much better than I expected when I got it so I was super thrilled at the time. It opens very easily, but takes little time to close.

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When closed, Airkor has a near square front overall, with a tail at the center. It is hard to describe the look of it in writing, but is shows 2 flexible joints in the two wings at each side. They need to be folded in order for it to close. The side is the diamond shape showing the largest diamond segment with smaller ones hidden inside, all segments flip first and open upwards. Overall, the entire body is not that complicated, yet it surprises you how great it looks and works. It is my very first bakugan battle gear, I was thrilled to see it when we bought it. It is a great battle gear, I would absolutely recommend it to all bakugan battle brawler lovers.

Airkor currently has not been seen in the episodes of gundalian. It looks just like the actual version in the episodes. I don’t know mush about Airkor, but it belongs to Dharak, possibly the most powerful bakugan in existence. My guess is that it is very powerful, even though it has never really been used. In episode 52, there is a glimpse of Darahk wearing Airkor at war against the bakugan. But it was fairly short.

Airkor Comes in Deluxe

Airkor is special because it is one of the few battle gears that may come in deluxe. Deluxe battle gears all have a translucent part somewhere in the body, in Deluxe Airkor, it glows in the center. They are extremely hard to find in stores or online. If you find one of these rare collectibles, I would strongly recommend you to buy them right away. The DNA code to bakugan dimensions is at the bottom of the battle gear.

I just discovered that Airkor comes in a Deka version! What a pleasant surprise!

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