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Batman Arkham City Demon Trials

Updated on January 3, 2015

Batman Arkham City Defeating Ra's al Ghul

Batman Arkham City Defeating Ra's al Ghul. Can Batman truly defeat an immortal who is revived repeatedly by the Lazarus Pit?
Batman Arkham City Defeating Ra's al Ghul. Can Batman truly defeat an immortal who is revived repeatedly by the Lazarus Pit?

Batman Arkham City Demon Trials

In Batman Arkham City, Batman must face the Demon Trials in order to obtain Ra's al Ghul's blood and find the cure for his poison. To initiate the demon trials, Batman must drink some of the blood first. This restores Batman's health and also brings him to Ra's al Ghul's domain where Batman is at Ra's al Ghul's mercy. This will guide the bat in transversing Ra's al Ghul's domain, overcoming his challenges and defeating Ra's al Ghul and his sand warriors in his domain.

Batman Arkham City Ra's al Ghul Cliff Challenges

In Batman Arkham City, the first part of the Ra's al Ghul challenges involves Ra's al Ghul wanting Batman to glide and bomb dive from cliff to cliff without touching any non-blue "obstacles" in his domain in order to move to the next stage of the Demon's Trials.

To succeed in this challenge in Batman Arkham City Demon Trials requires some skills and bravado from Batman. The path for each freefall or glide is painted in blue on the screen. What Batman must do is to approximately follow this path for each cliff to the next. When falling off or gliding off the cliff, Batman should glide and where there is a steep slope in the path, just bomb dive bravely and then press the large left button on the left for XBox 360. This will create an upward momentum which will allow Batman to glide upwards and travel past the horizontal areas of the path. Use this technique, Batman should be able to glide from cliff to cliff and to the next "teleporter" out of this domain. This does take some practice but with practice, this part of the challenge can actually turn out to be rather fun and exhilarating.

On the cliffs, Batman may be attacked by some assassins. The way to defeat these assassins or sand warriors is to stun them and then repeatedly strike them until they are down or fall off the cliff.

Batman Arkham City Defeating Ra's al Ghul

In Batman Arkham City, when the cliff glide challenge has been completed, Batman is asked to take on one last challenge - defeating Ra's al Ghul.

To defeat Ra's al Ghul, Batman should know the various aspects of the massive fight he is involved in. First Batman will be attacked by lots and lots of sand warriors, hence the quote, "We are Legion, we are too many, you cannot defeat us all." Out of the blue, Ra's al Ghul will jump out and attack Batman. So the tactics for this fight is as follows - stun and fight the sand warriors concentrating on one at a time but taking out as many as possible before Ra's al Ghul strikes. Before Ra's al Ghul can strike, counter his moves. This will be repeated many times until the number of sand warriors decrease to a minimum. Ra's al Ghul will then form a iconic large figure and attack.

To defeat this large figure of Ra's al Ghul, know the various moves of Ra's al Ghul. He will throw giant shurikens and blades at Batman. Also if Batman gets to close to him, he will strike at Batman with a giant sword. This is essentially a dodge and throw projectile fight. So dodge the shurikens and blades and then throw explosives at Ra's al Ghul. The buttons will differ depending on what console the gamer is using. Eventually the giant Ra's al Ghul will tire, and the real Ra's al Ghul will appear and strike at Batman. Counter his moves, and Batman will get a decent hit at Ra's al Ghul. This is repeated two or three times. Using these tactics Ra's al Ghul will be defeated.

Batman Arkham City Ra's al Ghul and the Lazarus Pit

In Batman Arkham City, after Ra's al Ghul is defeated, he invites Batman to end him and take his blood. Naturally, Batman refuses. This infuriates Talia who thought Batman would join her in the fight to cleanse the world.

Ra's al Ghul would not be Ra's al Ghul without the Lazarus Pit. Using the Lazarus Pit (Batman later decides to explore the secrets of the Lazarus Pit), Ra's al Ghul revitalizes himself, and then takes Talia hostage, wanting Batman to end him or watch his daughter suffer. Use the remote batarang to strike and daze Ra's al Ghul from behind. Ra's al Ghul collapses to the ground, and Batman takes just a small sample of his blood. Meanwhile, Talia leaves Batman in fury for deceiving her.

Next up, return to the old GCPD building to defeat Mr Freeze and obtain the cure for the poison.


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