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Batman Arkham City Playing as Catwoman

Updated on October 23, 2011

Batman Arkham City Playing as Catwoman

Batman Arkham City Playing as Catwoman
Batman Arkham City Playing as Catwoman

Batman Arkham City Playing as Catwoman

In Batman Arkham City, the gamer is finally allowed to play as Catwoman fully in the Batman Arkham City third mission - to seek help from Poison Ivy. This will guide the cat in demonstrating the full array of her Catwoman skills and in completing the mission to infiltrate Poison Ivy's lair and seek help from Poison Ivy.

Batman Arkham City Catwoman Skills

In Batman Arkham City, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is poised to take over the game in the poison ivy mission. But to do this, first Catwoman must go home to her apartment to get her gear to max out her skills and thief repertoire.

In Batman Arkham City, Catwoman has the following skills unlocked at the start of the poison ivy mission -

  • Climb - just climb and pounce and climb and pounce to the tallest and darkest points of the Batman Arkham City buildings ready to pilfer and strike at the next victim. This climb ability when executed right outright trumps Batman's grapple ability, because it is just so fast and so stealthy that the enemies have no time to respond.
  • Whip Swing - Catwoman fans are just dying to try this out, as Catwoman swings her whip to hit, to trip, to disarm and to seduce. Ahhhh..... the multi purposes of the Catwoman whip.......
  • Ceiling Climb - Catwoman simply cannot be hit, as she can just hop up onto any meshed ceiling and hang there ready to drop attack on the next enemy or escape some otherwise horrible death on the ground floor.
  • Pounce - almost the same ability as Climb, except it can be used to pounce onto enemies and take them down before they can even register surprise.
  • More Unlockable Catwoman Skills will be discussed as they become unlocked. Also when Batman levels up, you can use the points to upgrade and level up Catwoman skills instead.
  • Ability to dress up in cool seductive catwoman costumes. Let's hope Anne Hathaway portrays an even better Catwoman in the Batman movie - the Dark Knight Rises.

Batman And Catwoman

Batman Arkham City Getting to Catwoman Apartment

In Batman Arkham City, Catwoman is allowed to demonstrate her fighting skills as she is about to get back to her apartment. Some thugs have gathered below her preferred route of entry back into her apartment - the window of course.

To eliminate these thugs, first ceiling climb on the meshed ceiling to top of the thugs. Switch to thief mode to analyse the situation. Next, identify the most dangerous thug - the one holding an armed weapon. Drop down and take him out first. Then either execute a series of moves and strikes the normal way like Batman does but more agile from Catwoman. Or do the Catwoman special thing. Ceiling Climb, and drop again onto the next thug, and then pounce onto the next thug, and then bring out the whip and trip the final thug, and finish this off with a ground attack.

And Catwoman pounces into her apartment to get her gear.

Batman Arkham City Poison Ivy Mission

In Batman Arkham City, once Catwoman obtains her equipment (which are Caltrops - more traps to trip opponents, and the Bola), she is all geared up to take on Poison Ivy. Pounce and climb to the Poison Ivy Building. It's quite obvious Poison Ivy lives in that building, as it is covered with dangerous looking ivy. Swing in through the window and have a chat with Poison Ivy, asking her for help.

Quite obviously, Poison Ivy is in no mood to help. Instead, she is ready to attack Catwoman for killing her precious flowers. There will be about three fights here, with Catwoman being allowed to show off her catwoman skills again. After each fight, Poison Ivy releases poison gas onto the floor. Ceiling hop onto the ceiling, and then climb onto the next level. At the end of the final level, Poison Ivy finally captures Catwoman and entangles her in her vines.

What will happen to Catwoman? Well, no one knows at this stage, as the attention is directed back to Batman who has been poisoned by Joker and must find the cure. However, if one misses the Catwoman missions already, then go back to the main screen and replay the teaser catwoman mission, and the full on third mission against Poison Ivy.

Batman Arkham City Playing as Catwoman vs Poison Ivy


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