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Best Games For Android Phones

Updated on January 23, 2013

Best Games for Android Phones


The number of android apps has been on the rise and this matches the increased popularity of mobile device. Finding the best games for android phones is a not very easy when you have to sift through the vast numbers of apps. A number of factors come into play. The most prominent has to do with the android games being offered free. Google Play offers the best games for android phones that exist out there in the market. Again, sifting through to pick out the best games for android phones from the big rubble of games is never a simple task.

Reviews and the lists of some of the best games for android phones help to examine through the many free android games and come up with the best and popular apps. Have a look at our compiles list of the best games for android and see if your favorite app makes it to the list. Bias has been given to the free android games on this list of the best games for android phones.


Angry Birds

Angry Birds app has been a highly popular game owing to the fact that besides being available on android, it was also available on the devices from Apple. Being a free app, the game is perhaps the most downloaded. Definitely, it is without doubt one of the best games for android phones. The app provides a very good experience from the challenging tasks which are well thought out and put out. It is available on Google Play and continues to receive improvements.

Red Stone

Red Stone takes the winner’s podium among the square shuffling games that are made available on android. It is a very tough game where the King square four times the size of the normal square has to get through to an exist by shuffling things up. The challenge in this game helps make it a fantastic game.


It is a simple game played by tilting the phone. Drop is often confused for a game and a technology demo on the android accelerometer. This is one of the best games for android phones and involves tilting the phone to make little balls fall between gaps. Whatever way the app is used, it provides for great amusement.



The best games for android phones list would be incomplete without a Sudoku game. OpenSudoku happens to be popular because it allows android users to install new Sudoku puzzles generated elsewhere. The options are just too numerous and open meaning that you will not miss a puzzle to play.

Gem Miner

The Gem Miner game is a game of digging up things from the ground and managing these raw materials. It is a game that plays very well especially when you upgrade digging capability through better tools and use of better maps. The game is very interesting deserving mention as one of the best games for android phones.


Newton is one of the best games for android phones especially for people who love the math and physics challenges. The game involves lining up shots at a target despite the challenges of the mirrors, the benders, the traps, pushers and pullers which aim to disrupt the shot. A recent release, the game is still undergoing the development of levels.

Replica Island

A very polished game, the Replica Island is playable usingthe android trackball with great ease. It makes one of the choices for the best games for android phones. The character in the game has momentum and allows graduation through the levels at minimal problems. Jumping, collecting, bottom bouncing and all other actions make the game interesting.



ConnecToo is an android game which requires that you sign up with them. It is a color and square based puzzle played through pairing the squares. It makes ones of the best games for android phones following a basic and a brilliant concept.


Fashioned like the Doodle jump, Abduction! is a jumping game which has a hand drawn style. It is another of the best games for android phones which has very easy and accessible controls.


The android platform has futuristic games and abstract games and GalaxIR offers the best games for android phones in this category. The game offers aliens, a planet of choice and a battle front on which you play the game.

Feel free to add any of your favorite and best games for android phone through the comment sections.


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  • iguidenetwork profile image


    6 years ago from Austin, TX

    Yes, I think you've missed more games like Candy Crush (haven't played it tho, but everybody else does!) and Temple Run. But overall, a good list!

  • GeorgeCM profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Nairobi

    A good challenge there to get back and write about the popular games on android currently.

  • pinappu profile image


    6 years ago from India

    Are your sure about your list? I think you have missed many more better games.

  • nrjperera profile image

    Roshan Jerad Perera 

    6 years ago

    Impressive list of games. But you seems to have missed one cool game that I love so much, Temple Run. Have to tried it out? It's an awesome and an addictive game.


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