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8 Great travel activities for kids and adults

Updated on June 8, 2013

Fun things to do in the car and on the go

Are you looking for some fun, creative and unique travel activity for long car trips or to pass time during wait time in the airport? This article will give you inspiration and ideas on great games and fun things to do while on the go.

Going on holiday and summer vacation is always a lot of fun, but the travel there can be long and the trip can get quite boring, especially for younger children. That is why it is always a great idea to stock up on fun group and solo games and activities for travelling before leaving home.

Below you will find some of the best car and travel games available and there should be something to entertain all age groups from toddlers, teenagers and to adults.

Enjoy your Summer Holiday without being bored on the road there!

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Kaleidoscopes and Kaleidoscope kits for boring car trips

Engage the imagination of your child and turn the passing landscape into wonderful fantasy lands with this traditional toy. Kaleidoscopes can help remove boredom on long car trips and give you and your kid something to talk about as he/she describes the shapes and colors of the kaleidoscopic patterns.

Rubik's cube and puzzles to engage the brain while on the go

Rubik's cubes and puzzles are great brain teasers that helps pass the time while on the plane, boat or in the car. These puzzles has been picked as they are easy to carry around while on the go and they can be put down fast when it is time to move. They can also quickly be deployed when there is wait time for instance in an airport or at the harbor.

Travel friendly boardgames - traditional games in travel editions

Everyone loves a good boardgame. The ones below has been chosen because they are created particularly with travel in mind. That means they are easy to carry around and can be quickly packed up in case you need to move.

Some of the games can even be played solo, which makes them the perfect choice for entertaining a single child while you focus on driving.

Magnetic storyboards and sticker activity books

Storyboards and Sticker books are great because they help engage the imagination and creativity of your child. Pick one with a subject that your kid has a keen interest in and you will have the child entertained for hours while the move around the magnets or stickers in order to create the perfect story.

The storyboards and sticker books are a great activity for you and your child, but also works well if you need to keep your kid activated on its own while you focus on driving or something similar.

There are many different themes to choose from when it comes to Storyboards and Sticker books and you can find some both for boys and girls.

Drawing Tools and Pads

Drawing is always a great way to make time pass on a long road trip. It can be a bit hard to do proper drawings while on a shaky vehicle though. That is where these drawing pads, stencils and tools comes into play. From the traditional etch a sketch to the high-tech LED writing tablet, there is something to entertain every type of traveler.

Unique playing cards for road trips

The playing cards listed below are not only good for card games. Once you and your travel companions has grown tired of playing card games, you these cards double as entertainment by providing interesting facts or activities.

Origami Sets to keep you entertained while on the move

Get creative on the road with these cute and fun origami paper folding sets for both grown ups and children.

Origami is a great solo activity and with some good instructions and loads of paper sheets, you can keep your kids or yourself entertained for hours.

While precision is required to fold the paper right, origami does not demand as smooth a ride as drawing does, which makes this an ideal car activity. If you bring a big book, you can use it as a makeshift table, to get the folds sharp and nice.

Share your favorite travel activity - What entertains you or your children while on the go?

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      Traveling with kids can be extremely frustrating. When your kid starts crying and screaming all the other passengers start to become really annoyed. I am glad you shared this information. This will really keep a child busy.

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