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Borderlands 2 A Train to Catch Mission

Updated on February 8, 2014

Borderlands 2 A Train to Catch Mission

The path to hijacking the Hyperion train in Borderland 2 lies through more goliaths and bandits.
The path to hijacking the Hyperion train in Borderland 2 lies through more goliaths and bandits.

Borderlands 2 A Train to Catch Mission

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter must catch the Hyperion train that intel has suggested will contain the Vault Key. The vault key will give the Crimson Raiders access to the Vault and the alien warrior that will deliver the promise of driving Hyperion from the face of Pandora. This will guide the hero on how to complete a train to catch mission. It will provide a synopsis of how to wake the spy Mordecai within the ranks of the Hyperion by setting fire to some Varkid bugs, and then finding Tina and helping her prepare her “damsels” so that the hero can hijack the train.

Make the Varkids Screech To Wake the Spy Up

The hero travels to the Tundra Express, and encounters a Varkids bug farm. Here the hero should use a fire weapon (for example, Flynt's tinderbox) to light up the Varkids. The key here is to light up the Varkids immediately one after another. Once three Varkid bugs have been lit this way, the spy Mordecai and his pet bird Bloodwing would have woken up and provided the intel about the train.

Find Tina in the Tundra Express

The next stage of the to catch a train mission is to find Tina. Tina is a demolition expert and will help the hero sabotage the rail tracks to stop the train. Follow the rhombus sign on the map and make your way to Tina's work garage. Here Tina will ask the hero to retrieve two badonkadonks. The two badonkadonks are located in Buzzard Academy.

Get the Two Badonkadonks from Buzzard Academy

Again, follow the directions on the minimap and go find Buzzard Academy. There is a rail track running across the entrance to Buzzard Academy. Just beyond the rail track is a small rock outcropping which will allow the hero to drop down and go out of sight from most enemies in Buzzard Academy. This is needed because Buzzard Academy is full of enemies – marauders, goliaths, nomads and midgets. The assassin hero could use the sniper technique to take out the enemies one at a time, and move slowly and deeper into the Buzzard Academy (one enemy at a time). Or the hero can simply run through the ranks of the enemies and grab the two badonkadonks Choose your path, get the two badonkadonks and return to Tina.

Get the Two Badonkadonks to the Right Location

The two badonkadonks are actually rocket launchers that will take Tina's explosives to the rail track. The explosion will destroy the rail track and allow the hero to climb up onto the train. However, the difficult part is to get to the right location to set up the rocket launchers.

From Tina's camp, turn right and observe a camp in the near distance. The hero needs to enter this camp via a bridge. Whilst the buzzard academy area offers the hero two paths (defeat the enemies or run and grab the badonkadonks ), here the hero should eliminate all enemies on route to the rocket launching location. The hero can use sniper technqiues here and defeat the enemies one by one. If enemy numbers become too overwhelming, then the hero should resort to drawing the enemies out of the camp and into the open.

Once the enemies are defeated, go to the designated launch points. Launch the badonkadonks and prepare to make an assault on the train wreckage to get the vault key.


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