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Borderlands 2 Get A Vehicle from Catch-A-Ride

Updated on September 26, 2012

Borderlands 2 Get A Vehicle

Borderlands 2 Get A Vehicle to destroy the monsters in Three Horn Divide.
Borderlands 2 Get A Vehicle to destroy the monsters in Three Horn Divide.

Borderlands 2 Get Vehicle From Catch-A-Ride

In Borderlands 2, the vault hunter hero must get a vehicle from the catch-a-ride machine to get to Sanctuary. This is necessary as the road to Sanctuary has been partially destroyed and there is a gap between the bridge which can only be passed by using a vehicle or outrunner. This will guide the hero on how to get the vehicle and provide a brief demonstration of how to use the vehicle to defeat enemies and get to the outer gates of Sanctuary.

Get to the Catch-A-Ride Machine

The vault hunter hero must get to Sanctuary from Claptrap's ship. However, as he departs from the ship, he observes two vehicles in combat with each other on the high ground. One of them destroys the bridge that links the road from the harbour to Sanctuary. The hero must now catch a ride from the vehicle dispensing vending machine (catch-a-ride). However, he must first defeat some bullymongs on the way to the machine. This is an opportunity for the hero to use the recently acquired Flynt's Tinderbox pistol.

Follow the map to get to the machine. The catch-a-ride machine cannot churn out an outrunner, because the AI cannot hack into it. An additional component must be obtained from the locals at a camp in the Three Horns Divide area.

Defeat the Locals at Three Horns Divide

The hero will have a taste of local hospitality at Three Horns Divide. No warm bed at the local hostel unfortunately; just some pyro psychos with flame throwers. It's quite warm though and the hero should dodge out of the way or risk burning up or exploding in a ball of flame. The best way to defeat the locals is to use sniper approach and take out the bandits from afar. When the pyro psychos run after the hero, throw out a hologram with the deception skill to distract them. The hero can either run further away from them and reload the sniper rifle, or just use melee attacks from behind on one of them, and then run away. Be careful not to be too close to the pyro psycho when they explode if the hero uses the melee attacks. Grab the desired item from the local bandits and return to the catch-a-ride machine.

Return to the machine and allow the female AI to manipulate the machine. Now activate the catch-a-ride machine and order a vehicle. Remolecularize onto the vehicle, and the hero is ready to roll out.

There are two operating modes on the vehicle if the hero is playing solo. First is the driving mode, where the hero can drive the vehicle and then fire at bandits or mosnters. Next is the firing mode, where the hero can climb into the firing cockpit and fire some rockets at the mobs or bandits. This mode of attack will result in widespread explosive damage. If the vehicle is not moving when the hero wants to move it, then the hero is on the firing cockpit and needs to move back to the driver's seat.

Now power up the vehicle and gather speed and momemtum and drive over the broken bridge. Follow the map, and defeat lots of bullymongs on route to the gates. Outside the gates is a small bandits' camp, or otherwise known as target practice for the hero's newly acquired vehicle. Use the range of weapons on the outrunner to destroy the bandits.

Then climb down from the vehicle and attempt to pass through the gate.


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