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Borderlands 2 Bright Lights Flying City Mission

Updated on September 28, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defeat the Volatile Crystalisks in the Frigid Cleft

Make money by defeating volatile crystalisks in the frigid cleft area. This is part of the Bright Lights, Flying City quest.
Make money by defeating volatile crystalisks in the frigid cleft area. This is part of the Bright Lights, Flying City quest.

Borderlands 2 Bright Lights Flying City Mission

In Borderlands 2, the hero needs to head into the Frigid Cleft in the search of Sanctuary's new location in the Bright Lights, Flying City Mission. This is also the vault hunter's quest to search for his friends Roland, Lilith, Scooter and company in Sanctuary. The Frigid Cleft is a very dangerous area filled with forgotten mutant monsters and also riches and treasures if the hero knows where to get them. This will guide the hero assassin on how to use various tactics to fight his way through the Frigid Cleft and reach the Highlands Outwash.

Defeat the Rats in the Frigid Cleft

From the fridge, look for a small turning wheel to open the doors into the frigid cleft. The Rats are the main bandit monsters at the start of the Frigid Cleft. These are mutated bandits resembling rats. There are various varieties of rats -

  • field rats
  • tunnel rats
  • rat thieves
  • lab rats – these can be considered the most deadly of all the rats. They are able to shoot out laser from their eyes when unsheathed. The laser can literally wipe out a 400 shields / 400 health hero outright.

The rats (apart from the lab rat) have mostly small heads that are hard to target using the sniper rifle. But the assassin hero should try it anyway. Try to keep a distance from the rats, and take out the rats from far away. Move in one section at a time and defeat the rats one section at a time. If needed, the hero can retreat backwards towards the health and ammo vending machines area (at the Fridge) and use this as a base from which to eliminate the rats.

Once the rats are eliminated, the hero can see that the Frigid Cleft extends forwards a long way and then drops off. At the end of the Frigid Cleft and where the hero can see the next monsters (the Volatile Crystalisks) below, the hero should see a treasure chest here containing some weapons. Head back to the middle of the frigid cleft and turn right (when facing the cleft) and then look left. There is a small corridor that will take the hero down to the area with the Volatile Crystalisks. Now for one of the most exciting and most rewarding battles of Borderlands 2.

How to Defeat the Volatile Crystalisks and Make Money

The volatile crystalisks are crystalline monsters with four legs with some golden crystals at the feet area. These areas are the vulnerable spots on the volatile crystalisks. The rest of the volatile crystalisks are impenetrable to ammo and immune to damage. So the hero should only aim his weapons at the crystalline legs of the volatile cystalisks. However, the volatile crystalisks are not defenseless from range; they can shoot out spikes to damage the hero, and can also cause golden crystals to be ejected. When these land on the ground, they act like delayed grenades, exploding after a certain period of time has lapsed. Again, this is one of those attacks which will take out the hero's shields and health in large chunks (and possibly entirely in some cases). So run away from the area when these golden crystals land.

The shotgun at close range and the most damage intensive sniper rifle are the best weapons to use against the volatile crytalisks. When the volatile crystalisks are defeated, they turn into bars of gold scattered across the ground. Pick up these pieces of gold to make money quickly. The hero can come back to this area repeatedly to make more money, and then invest the money in more powerful weapons and other equipment.

Once the volatile crystalisks in the area have been defeated and all the money has been picked up, continue into the final part of this area. Here more rats have positioned themselves before an elevator. Defeat the rats, and then pull the lever and desend into the Highlands Outwash using the elevator.


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