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Borderlands 2 Hyperion Extraction Plant Fight

Updated on September 29, 2012

Borderlands 2 Hyperion Extraction Plant Fight

Borderlands 2 Hyperion Extraction Plant Fight with the Constructor
Borderlands 2 Hyperion Extraction Plant Fight with the Constructor

Borderlands 2 Highlands Outwash and Hyperion Extraction Plant Fight

In Borderlands 2, the hero must head to the Highlands Outwash and then to the Hyperion Extraction Plant. The vault hunter must reach these locations to get hold of the lunar supply beacon. However, lots of new monsters and old foes stand in the way of the vault hunter. This will guide the hero on how to use the appropriate weapons to defeat the monsters and pass through the Highlands Outwater to reach the inner gates of the Hyperion Extraction Plant. The hero will have to fight through lots of hyperion troops at the Hyperion Extraction Plant to succeed in this part of the mission.

Defeat the Needle Stalkers in Highlands Outwash

The hero will reach the highlands outwash through the fridge and the frigid cleft. The stalkers inhabit the highlands outwash. These creatures are able phase in and out of their current locations, meaning it is nearly impossible to target them consistently. The hero needs to arm himself with an electrical elemental weapon and take out their shields. When the stalker's shields are completely depleted they cannot phase. Switch to shotgun, go into deception mode and blast the shieldless needle stalker away.

There are lots of stalkers in the vault hunter's way from the start of the highlands outwash to the hyperion extraction plant. Defeat them in batches and then follow the map to the hyperion extraction plant.

Get Past the Hyperion Extraction Plant Waterway to Get the Lunar Beacon Supply

After passing through needle stalker territory in the highlands outwash, the vault hunter will get a hint that he has reached the hyperion extraction plant when he sights the familiar loaders. However, a new loader pattern can be seen on some of the loaders. A new breed of loaders has arrived. They are the HOT loaders. These loaders assault the hero using flame and fire attacks. The solution for the assassin hero is still the same - use deception and sniper weapons from afar against the hot loaders. Just remember not to use fire elemental weapons against them.

Approach and then cover the hyperion extraction plant sector by sector, taking out hyperion forces one batch at a time. Just as the hero is starting to cross the draw bridge to reach the other side of the hyperion extraction plant waterway, the draw bridge is drawn up. The hero must now cross the waterway by finding a stairway that leads to a container belt that is being conveyed across the waterway. This conveyor belt is found somewhere near the center of the first part of the hyperion extraction plant. Get up the stairway and into the container. The vault hunter will be ferried across the waterway.

On the other side of the waterway, the vault hunter will come to the inner gates of the hyperion extraction plant. They will open and the hero will come face to face with a W4R-D3N lookalike. This is the Constructor. Take over and defeat it and the other digital constructs it has created.

Once the constructor is defeated, head pass the inner gates and watch as a giant thresher gobbles up the lunar supply beacon. Gear up for a mighty fight with the thresher.


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