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Borderlands 2 Defeat Boom and Bewm

Updated on September 23, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defeat Boom and Bewm

Bewm has been defeated in borderlands 2, There is only Boom and the Big Bertha left.
Bewm has been defeated in borderlands 2, There is only Boom and the Big Bertha left.

Borderlands 2 Defeat Boom and Bewm

In Borderlands 2, the hero vault hunter must defeat Boom and Bewm in order to advance in the main story of the game. Boom and Bewm are Captain Flynt's lieutenants and will attempt to stop Claptrap from reaching his ship. Claptrap the cowardly robot will shrink into stationary inactivity, allowing the hero to single handedly withstand the firepower of Boom and Bewm. This will guide the hero on how to use tactics, the correct guns or weapons and class skills to defeat Boom and Bewm.

Borderlands 2 Best Minion Ever Quest

The best Minion Ever Quest sees Claptrap leading the hero out of Liar's Berg. From the Liar's Berg exit, turn right and see some marauders and psychos in the distance in some shelter on the icy wastelands of the Southern Shelf. Arm the hero with the sniper rifle. Stand on high ground and perch behind some rocks and zoom in on the enemies. Fire off some critical head shots and defeat them. Now advance into the area just before the second compound. Defeat more enemies there using the same sniper techniques and then advance past the suicide psychos and reach Boom and Bewm.

Borderlands 2 Gunstock Iron

Borderlands 2 Gunstock Iron allows for rapid firing.
Borderlands 2 Gunstock Iron allows for rapid firing.

Borderlands 2 Tactics to Defeat Bewm

Once within the battlegrounds, Bewm will jet to within the vicinity of the vault hunter. As the assassin Zero, the vault hunter should arm himself with the gunstock iron. This weapon can be randomly dropped from defeating other enemies. The gunstock iron allows for rapid firing with relatively large amounts of damage at the early stages of the game.

The tactics here is to use deception action skill to create a decoy to distract the enemies. Then allow the deception counter to count down, and at the last second, unleash all the firepower of the gunstock iron on the enemy. The damage will be multiplied with the deception action skill. Watch as Bewm gets critically hit again and again. Finally Bewm will be defeated.

Tactics to Defeat Big Bertha

Big Bertha is a large double barrel cannon operated by Bewm's brother Boom. This cannon will be aimed and fired at the hero throughout the fight with Bewm, so take cover and crotch behind cover whenever possible. When Bewm is defeated, head out and attack the cannon. The hero may have run out gunstock iron ammo by this time, so switch to the coach filled shotgun.

The tactics here is to move from left to right and right to left whilst avoiding the cannon's massive hits. Counter the cannon fire by using the hero's shotgun. Throw a grenade at the cannon on the odd occasion. Eventually, the cannon Big Bertha will be defeated.

Tactics to Defeat Boom

With the cannon gone, there is only Boom left. Boom will climb out of the destroyed cannon and attack the enemy. Psychos will also swarm the area and attack the hero, preventing any good length of focused attack on Boom. The key to avoiding defeat here is to activate deception action skill and run away to one corner of the battlegrounds when the hero's shield is low. Then pick up insta-health along the way and return to defeat Boom. It is important for the hero assassin to wait until Deception action skill can be activated again.

Then run back to Boom, and activate the Deception action skill. Watch as Boom is pelted with multiplied damage during the Deception activated period. Add on a few critical hits, and Boom will be defeated.

It's time to follow Claptrap to his boat. However, there is the small issue of the next boss standing between Claptrap, the hero vault hunter and Claptrap's boat.


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